Blaesheim near Strasbourg, Alsace, France. Reported 18th June

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Updated Saturday 20th July  2019


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Wow! An aerial photo of a pretty large and impressive crop circle!  Markus Aurel draws our attention
 to this aerial photo of the 5th and latest crop circle to be reported in north east France.

It's now become obvious that in 2019 crop circles have fallen in love with France!
Laura Dorion post us news of the 5th and latest crop circle to be reported in north east France

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Has The French Dis-Information Campaign Begun?

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"With eleven crop formations landed in France in about two weeks one wonders if there is a shift away from the UK going on.  What messages are they trying to send us with these press articles we wonder?  Snap it in the bud maybe? The French certainly did not waste any time getting... "


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And here is the 5th crop in Alsace, you wanted an answer, it comes quietly, we love you, you see beautiful drawings, flowers of life and others ... Whether with boards or they are made by Beings of the Universe, what counts is the joy that people feel when they gather in these places, it is a little like the beginning of a silent festival, there are beautiful energies which are brought also by the connection of each person, there are the waves of the site, the waves of form and other things that the man does not measure yet. And I completely understand that we can be sceptical about "exogenous" but that's not the problem. We must take advantage of a conscience that calls for unity, for the love of Mother Earth, the love of others.


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Alsace: the enigma of a mysterious drawing in a resolute field

PUBLISHED ON 20/06/2019 AT 17:29

The "crop circles", drawings made from wheat lying in the fields, raise many questions about their origin. In Blaesheim, the mystery is lifted.

No extraterrestrials, nor even invisible minds. The enigma of the "crop circle" ("circle of culture" in French, or crop circle) was solved. It was actually a full - size exercise of mathematics, devised by a professor at the gymnasium Jean - Sturm in Strasbourg, tells the Latest News of Alsace . So there are about sixty college students who made the work, explained the mayor of the town Jacques Baur joined by RTL .

The work, made of ears of corn lying in open fields and visible from the sky, was made Monday, June 17 last. The college students were armed with ropes and pickets, authorized to work by the mayor of the town, also farmer, to invest the field. "There was a fifth class and a third class, with 3-4 teachers," said François Baur. "The drawing will remain visible until the harvest".

The Alsatian agroglyph had been spotted by an amateur aviator. "It was planned, it's not what happened in Saint-Hippolyte", amuses the Alsatian mayor. Its appearance was indeed following another crop circle, discovered near Colmar . A drawing that remains an enigma

An increasingly common phenomenon

These phenomena are multiplying everywhere in France. Coming from the United States, they appear on the eve of summer in the mature wheat fields . A particularly remarkable one had been spotted a few weeks ago in the Val-d'Oise , another was spotted recently in Menetou-Salon in the Cher .

The often unexplained origin of these perfectly proportioned drawings provokes a multiplication of theories. Specialized sites make the census, and each has his theory on the extraordinary origin of these drawings. For some, it is alien work, for others, it is rather terrestrial beings but invisible .


Blaesheim's "Crop Circle": it was a life-size exercise of geometry ...

Neither hoax nor supernatural phenomenon: the beautiful "crop circle" as inspired by a French garden, appeared in a wheat field of Blaesheim, is the work of college students of the gym Jean-Sturm of Strasbourg, on an idea of their math teacher.

Wishing to have them perform a life-size geometry exercise, the teacher made contact with the managers of GAEC Gloeckelsberg - who are none other than Jacques Baur, mayor of the town, and his brother Jean-Philippe - who gladly put the one of their fields available to the project.

On Monday 17 June, two coaches filled with schoolboys landed in Blaesheim. Using ropes and stakes, they made these geometric figures, which caught the eye of an amateur aviator who flew over the area on Wednesday (read our article here) . The discovery occurred shortly after the appearance of a first circle of culture in Saint Hippolyte early June ( read here ).

At Blaesheim, light is made on these figures, which will be visible until the harvest, around July 14th.


Matthias Schneider





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