Cley Hill, Nr Warminster, Wiltshire. Reported 18th July.

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We are preparing to welcome the New Year of the Yellow Crystal Seed

Crop circle from 18 July 2017 at Cley Hill, nr Warminster, Wiltshire, UK

According to the Mayan calendar, 18 July 2017 is a day of the Blue Spectral Storm Year (26 July 2016 - 24 July 2017) and on 26 July 2017 begins the Year of the Yellow Crystal Seed with Tone 12 - the Crystal Tone of Cooperation.

The whole formation looks like a flower, symbolizing the energy YELLOW SEED - the energy of Flowering.

The 12 circles “S” on the periphery depict “seeds” and symbolize the New Year of the Yellow Seed with Tone 12.

The figure in the center depicts Merkaba. During the current Year of the Blue Spectral Storm we have received the Blue energy of Transformation, which transforms our cells in crystalline ones and helps us to build our Crystal Light body Merkaba.

The Yellow Crystal Seed Year begins on 26 July 2017 and according to the Tzolkin calendar this is a day of the White Castle, which began on 15 July 2017. So the Yellow Seed Year caries also the energies of the White Castle, in which we purify ourselves and learn to build Bridges to each other, to live in Unity.

Each of the 6 petals of the Flower on the periphery of the formation depicts a Bridge (B). Besides, each of the 12 “Seeds” S consists of 2 arcs, which also depict Bridges.

Each “Seed” has one dark and one bright arc, and it’s core consists of one bright and one dark half. On this way is depicted the process of Purifying, which is typical for the White Castle. One of our main tasks in the Yellow Crystal Seed Year will be to purify our “dark” (negative) sides - in physical and spiritual aspect, on personal and on social plane.

In the Yellow Crystal Seed Year we shall receive Tone 12 - the Crystal Tone of Cooperation. We can use the energy of Tone 12 and can strive to live in Peace and Cooperation. So each human could bloom, i.e. could reveal his full creative potential. And so we could achieve Flourishing of the whole Humanity!

I express my deepest gratitude to the authors of this fascinating formation and to the photographers of

Maya Todorova



All things are connected...All of the Universe is connected to itself. 

"That which is above is from that which is below, and that which is below is from that which is above, working the miracles of one."  

Its father is the Sun, its mother is the Moon

"Emerald Tablet of Hermes" 

Inside the Flower of Life which encompasses the Universe we have the five Platonic Solids.


One of these is the Star Tetrahedron.    The Star Tetradedron is made up of interlocking Tetrahedrons.  Each face is an identical triangle, each side is equal, and all angels are the same.  Two interlocking Tetrahedrons form a three-dimensional Star of David or Three-Dimensional Pyramids. 

The Star Tetrahedron forms the Metron Cube.    


The Star Tetrahedron is also called Merkaba.  That is Spirit and Body.

This is your inner energy, you are made of Energy.   "Mer" is translated into the word “Light”. “Ka” would refer to the spirit “Ba” Spirit Body.  your front side is the Male facing the Sun, your backside is the female side facing the moon.  This is where the phrase Mooning comes from. 

Merkaba is a way for us to reach our higher self, our divine self, and the highest vibration of Light.

The Star of David is called the Star Tetrahedron because it is the Above (material) and Below (Spiritual) together.  As Above So Below, The Male and Female, Sun and Moon. 

When you sit in the Lotus Position you form the Merkaba, you are the Merkaba.  When you stand with your arms out you are the Merkaba.    

The Star Tetradedron is also powerful in Alchemy.

One part of the Spirit Body is the Spirit and Soul of Gold, or called the Gold Body. In ancient times referred to as the Divine Bread or Bread of the Gods.(The Bread of Life)   This Alchemic Substance is generally known as Manna.   It is another substance for use to reach our Divine State. It creates and makes our energy much more stronger and harmonic with Merkaba, enhancing our DNA and higher level of Spirit. Remember they could turn Lead to Gold.   The Harmonic Vibration of Thought and the Universal Laws in the Ether. Star Tetradedron is what makes up our Spirit Dimension.  It transcends the Macro and the Micro. 

Amazing that that these Crop Circles Keep on Reminding us of the Old World and the Real Truths of the Universe and our Place in them. 

"If you only knew the magnificence of 3,6, and 9, then you would have a key to the universe

“Nikola Tesla” 

Therefore I am called Hermes, because I have three parts of the wisdom of the whole world.



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Artwork WJ


This crop circle is evidently man made due to the discontinuities at the six points of the hexagram. 

We have six comets around the perimeter with two fragments each, but much hotter than the comets themselves (this is highly unlikely). The six half rings may represent circles of damage or destruction caused by the six comet strikes. 

The three triangular figures with three lines intersecting at the centre of the triangles may be three slices taken from the corners of a cube. Additionally, there is a central figure plus a large one formed by the three lines intersecting at the centre of the crop circle and the three points of the hexagram. These five figures imply that our current "box” (or cube) of understanding comets and asteroid impacts will be chipped away at the corners in future years as the comets strike until it becomes obsolete. A new box will replace the old one for astronomers. 

As a general symbol, this hexagram where one triangle overlays the other, has never been observed in crop circles before this one. I don't know what it could possibly mean. 

Ken Heck

This is certainly authentic: the Merkabah in the center with its turn in the fire a small pyramid pointing upwards. The pyramids forming the Merkabah represent the two Male and Female equilibrium forces expressing the Child (the small pyramid) pointing upward overtaking dualism and generating ascending force in the space - time cube where the small pyramid Is inscribed.
The Merkabah is in turn inscribed in a perceptible circle that gives a splendid fading effect crowned by six semicircles delimiting the solar symbol (the six circles embedded in Merkabah's tips) and lunar (the small circles with double alternation in a game In darkness and light).
All this means that the balance of opposites generates the ability to transcend in greater dimensions. 



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It is questionable what it should be 

3DAnsicht (left is a possible body, mid also possible, right is not possible)

3DAnsicht von oben (is the sight from above of all three body)


I got the message about that crop circle this morning and built a little gadget, that is really fascinating (also easy to build as you see in

plan.jpg). The toy makes it easier to understand (holy) geometry ;-) Maybe it's helpful.

Lisa Reisch

Hi Everyone!

(The Decoding is exact)

The Crop Formation Date and Place Code

On the eighteenth of July two thousand and seventeen at Cley Hill, Near Warminster Wiltshire.

Its Decoded Message

We sent you earthly sign!

Title “The Wonderful Mandala”

Now see in it Jehovah, Christ.

Then relent!

Love to you all from Helen

 Metatron's Cube 

Dear readers and writers, 

At first of all I want to say after reading your published reports, that I'm really impressed by the reports, in which 'some' (very few) of you came pretty close to the real meaning of this 'work of art', handmade by our good Galactic brothers and sisters. 

Before going deeper into it, I want to make you a bit more sensitive when looking this so wonderful 'image'. Take some moments and look at this so meticulous drawn image: This crop circle is a true GEM, a JEWEL in any kind.......

Look at every line, at any circle, it's just perfectly drawn.

For me it is (at least) the 'crop circle of the year' - a true 'state of the art' - and not only for its outstanding beauty, but for its 'perfection' in entirety.

And I will print it out and will pin it to the wall so that I can look at it at any time, and for sure I will hold it close in my mind and in my heart. 

Some days ago I went outdoors for to look at the starry skies, then to perform the special 'Cosmic Greeting' which looks a bit special. And in this special movement I have sent my so deep honour and gratitude to our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters ...... 

This time brothers and sisters did not simply send 'another' crop circle, which usually follows within two, three or four days after the last sent image, NO. 

            This time they really took their time, which lasted over ten days, to think about and to decide what could be sent as next image, which should express their JOY - regarding the received 'answers' to their last sent circles.

They were in deep deliberation due to the humanly incoming reports, impressed at least by the very few reports which were right or close to being right in the understanding of the sent crop circles.

And this fact made our brothers and sisters feel so happy, so that as a 'reply' they decided to

- send an image in perfect harmony,

- give all their best for to show YOU the absolutely best possible precision in the sent image.

- to even add some 'hidden' messages into the already perfect image. 

They did it in the sense of a true REPLY - at least to my last reports, so there is a TRUE conversation (by transmitting symbolic images) instead the never ending monologue in which they send images to all the (Earth) recipients who, as almost always, are unable to understand their symbolic images. 

Often enough I reminded you the 'higher understanding'

But you - for what reason ever - you constantly ignore those so important facts and instead you try to 'fill the gap - the missing link' with your wild speculation - which only shows your miss of Love, of Truth and miss of Knowledge........ 

Okay, as next some words about the depicted 'parts':

- The Cube, aka star-tetrahedron, Mer-Ka-Ba, which - as one writer noted - is the so called 'chariots of the Gods'. I want to add: And not only of the Gods but also of the living humans! I know that you did not know that. And the real purpose of this 'device' - I cannot tell here in public - because it is a Cosmic Secret. But you can search for it - and possibly find (forget cheap 'Google').

- The six pairs of two smaller circles each, with added circle in the centre, they usually represent a 'cell with a brain' - including humans. But this special depiction shows an 'expanded brain inside the cell' - which means an expanded consciousness including capability of 'higher understanding' and capability of 'telepathic conversation'.  And it means even more than that......but as I said before, this is another Cosmic Secret' which you can only discover (probably) if you work pretty hard on that. It is not permitted here to tell more details in public. And I know that this sounds also strange for you, but nevertheless it is truth and real - it was even proven to me.  

- The cube in the centre means the 3-D Universe we live in (time as 4th dimension is added into the cube, but it cannot be shown like a 'line'). And in summary it means the 'Room-Space-Continuum'.

- The Mer-Ka-Ba is bigger than the cube = to symbolizing the possibility to leave the 'Room-Space-Continuum' and to enter 'other worlds' incl. 'higher dimensions - higher realms'.

- The mentioned six pairs, which are placed around the outer diameter of the Mer-Ka-Ba do show the astonishing abilities and borderless possibilities of a 'cell with an expanded brain'.

I'm sorry but I can't tell you more here - however, some information you have got already. 

Some images here regarding 'Sacred Geometry' in which you can see the 'roots of everything': 

Text below the image:    Mer-Ka-Ba in motion 

Text below the image:    Metatrons Cube in motion 

Before finishing I want to remind you to not forget: Nothing is at it seems to be - Nichts ist so wie es scheint.........

I send my hearty greetings to you - and have a good time....... 

2017-07-21 - Gerd Estrup -

And Aaron said onto them, BREAK OFF THE GOLDEN EARRINGS! (Exodus 32.2) The pair of the distinct formations ‚2017-07-18 Cley Hill‘ and ‚-07-05 Battlesbury Hill‘, being coherent with ‚-06-26 Thorn Hill‘, (1) ‚-06-16 Target Wood‘ (2) and ‚-06-21 West Kennett‘ (3), finds its respiring fruition on 24 July. 

The Aaronic blessing for the whole of Mother Earth’s Merkavah through the galactic acupunct of Mainz Cathedral (New Moon, 1 Av 5777) and the Baden Belchen portal (Sun). 

„Moon cycle closing on the edge.“ 

See astronomic-geodesic analysis, documention and testimonies: (p. 70-71/Appendix D/7-8). 

Ea-Enki: „(A-) MoON CYcLE closing on the edge. CY-(ON)-EL (-ILU). EU-RO-PA (-TER) is mOTher (EARth’s) gold (OR) and sun (SAN/HAIL) and eTERnAL (ALTAR/ALL-TERRA) star fire. Now ERA (EAR) Terra SANcTA. MER-KA-VAH stable. Your OwN YO-D of l-OVE is yOUR ARM-OR. (Ave Turris Velum Maria.) NO (ON) MORE (MERO/MERU) need for bloOD pilINg (up/PILLAR). NO apocalypse for the Temple. Your chURch (CH/Suisse/Iesus) is (the) YOL (wheel/circle/crop circle), Your gOLDen LAND (Atlantis/Tuadhe D’ANu/DNA), my everlASting DE-N-mark. The bEAR(R)ing Lamb (LAMP) is alreadY rESUrrected. MESsiaH (SHEM) coming ONly in the name (AMEN) of HARM-ON-Y. YOKH-AN-AN. MERY-T-AT-EN. A.T.V.M.“ 

(transmitted 17-07-17) faithfully through anshar 







Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike