Cley Hill, Nr Warminster, Wiltshire. Reported 18th July.

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A new crop picture at Cley Hill on July 18, 2017 shows a special version of Metatron’s Cube, with 18 triangles inside and 18 circles outside, so as to match the date of July 18 when it appeared. This new crop picture and a previous one, in a nearby field on July 30, 2016, resemble “calendar wheels” of 18 months or 20 days for the Mayan Long Count calendar. They also resemble two “crowns” in the landscape for a “bird-serpent king”.  

A new crop picture which appeared at Cley Hill on July 18, 2017 was both large and spectacular, covering five sets of crop tramlines. It shows many of the usual signs within its flattened lay of a “paranormal” crop picture, for example thin lines of wheat standing intact along crop tramlines (an effect noted by Paul Jacobs). There is thus every logical, scientific reason to believe that it was “E.T. made”.  

Given such a serious communication from other advanced species to people on Earth, it would seem highly advisable to study this new crop picture from a hard factual perspective, in order to determine what its unseen designers might be trying to say.  

Right away, most people noticed that the new crop picture at Cley Hill shows some special version of “Metatron’s Cube”:  

Several other examples of Metatron’s Cube have been drawn in crops over the years, for example at Sugar Hill on August 1, 2007, at Etchilhampton on July 25, 2011, or at Nursteed Farm on August 17, 2016. Yet this new version seems unique.  

When we study its geometry in close detail, we can see 18 “triangle” shapes near the centre of the crop picture, along with 18 other “circle” shapes around the outside:  

Quite interestingly, each of those 18 “triangles” or 18 “circles” may be divided into two separate geometrical classes. In the slide below, we have coloured in “blue”, 6 large circles around the outside, and 6 right-angle triangles near the centre: 

 We have likewise coloured in “white”, 12 small circles around the outside, and 12 isosceles triangles near the centre. All of those small, white circles look like “day/night” icons, just as if the total set of 12 white circles might mean “12 days”. The half-shading of those small circles might also suggest a first-quarter, half-phase Moon on July 30, or 12 days later.  

Why are they trying to tell us “12 days”? Well, a related crop picture appeared on July 30, 2016, not far from the new crop picture on July 18 at Cley Hill. That was exactly 12 days later in the month of July (although one year earlier). When we study both of these crop pictures together, we can see that they resemble “calendar wheels” of 18 months per year, or 20 days per month, when using a Mayan Long Count calendar:  

The landscape setting for both of those crop pictures seems equally suggestive. Both of them were drawn in the landscape as metaphorical “crowns” for a large, “bird-serpent king”:  

In ancient times, the Mayans followed a legendary “bird-serpent king” by the name of “Quetzalcoatl” or “Kukulkan”. Each of those words means, in fact, “bird-serpent” since “quetzal” is a bird, while “coatl” is a serpent. At the Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl in Chichen Itza, we can still see a light-show of shadows and sunlight for a “serpent” descending from sky (or space) to Earth, close to either yearly equinox.  

A long, dark mark in the standing crop, next to where this new crop picture was drawn (please see various images on the “Aerial Photos” page), even looks like a “serpent” who is headed toward Cley Hill.  

Another “cube” crop picture appeared next to Cley Hill on July 9, 2010, but some distance away and of significantly different form.  

In summary, this new crop picture at Cley Hill on July 18, 2017 shows a special version of Metatron’s Cube as made from 18 triangles and 18 circles, and also suggests several kinds of symbolism from the Mayan Long Count calendar, or from ancient times in central America.

When we overlap the Cley Hill crop picture of July 18, 2017 with two others from July 8 or July 5, 2017, do we see another hidden code?

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) in the Lake District, headed for Wiltshire





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