Boreham Wood, Nr Lockeridge, Wiltshire. Reported 1st July.

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Continuing a “countdown in days” until a total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017?  

Many crop pictures from the summer of 2017 have suggested a “countdown in days” until a total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, beginning with an example at Woolstone Hill on June 4 as “78 days” (see woolstone articles).  

This new crop picture at Boreham Wood on July 1 seems to continue in the same process, since it shows two combined geometrical symbols which might suggest “7” weeks and “3” days, to give (49 + 3) = 52 days in total from July 1 until August 21:  

Its large “seven-pointed star” seems to be turning clockwise in order to “count time”. Once it rotates clockwise seven times, then it will mark off 7 x 7 = 49 days.  

A small “cube” shape in the centre, also drawn at Waden Hill on April 22 (see   wadenhill 2017), might be interpreted as adding another 6 days. Yet there is no seven-pointed geometrical shape in three dimensions! So we should probably interpret it as adding 3 days, to give (49 + 3) = 52 days in total.  

This does not exclude the possibility that something else might happen 3 days from now on July 4, or 3 days after the solar eclipse on August 24. The general appearance of this crop picture suggests a “cube” emerging from a “spacetime wormhole”, just like at Waden Hill on April 22 (see wadenhill articles).  

Finally, a small “double ringed circle” was seen a slight distance downhill from this new crop picture at Boreham Wood. It may represent the bright star “Regulus”, which will be located close to that solar eclipse in Earth’s sky on August 21:  


This was almost the same field symbolism which they used at  Summers Lane on May 28 (see summers 1 articles), and is a “dead giveaway” as to what the new crop picture is trying to tell us. We do not know whether that small double-ringed circle was present in the field before July 1, or whether it was added as an extra feature by the crop artists.

Appendix 1. Seven isolated, standing tufts in the outer parts of this crop picture have been drawn “staggered”, so as to suggest an intended counting of time by (7.5 x 7) = 52.5 days  

When we study this new crop picture from the air, by watching a wonderful video prepared by Matthew Williams (see, we can see a remarkable feature. Each broad region of flattened wheat, between the outer perimeter of this crop picture and seven “curved triangles”, shows a discrete, isolated standing tuft of undamaged green wheat. One might naively expect those seven, isolated standing tufts to be located in the same places relative to each of seven “curved triangles” nearby, if they were drawn with perfect seven-fold symmetry? This is not however the case.  

When we study Matthew’s video carefully, especially from times 0:40 to 1:05, or 2:00 to 2:20, we can see that those seven standing tufts were drawn slightly out of alignment with each “curved triangle” nearby. By the time we reach “tuft 7”, it lies out of alignment with (or behind) perfect seven-fold symmetry by approximately 26o, or by one-half of the expected 51o for perfect seven-fold symmetry.  

Such details support the idea that this crop picture is a kind of “clock”, which rotates seven times in 7 x 7 = 49 days, then needs another one-half turn or (0.5 x 7) = 3.5 days to complete its intended counting of time. The full length of time as suggested by these misaligned, staggered tufts would be (49 + 3.5) = 52.5 days, in good agreement with another estimate made above.

These seven outer standing tufts, marked in red, suggest that we should rotate the "seven-pointed star" by seven and one-half full turns, so as to give (49 + 3.5) = 52.5 days in total. The precise locations of each standing tuft were marked carefully based on Matthew's video:  

There is zip (zero) chance that this crop picture could have been made by local people using “rope and boards”.

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



Artwork WJ

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We plant our Seeds-ideas for Flowering of Humanity!

Crop circle from 1 July 2017 at Boreham Wood, nr Lockeridge, Wiltshire, UK

According to the Mayan calendar, 1st July 2017 is a day with the Solar Seal Blue Storm and with Tone 13, in the Blue Hand Wavespell, in the Red Castle with major energy Yellow Seed, in the Blue Spectral Storm Year (26 July 2016 - 25 July 2017).

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Yellow Seed
Blue Hand
Blue Storm
Red Moon - the Challenging energy of the Blue Storm
Blue Night - the Guiding energy of the Blue Storm with Tone 13
Yellow Human
White Worldbridger

These energies have following qualities:

Yellow Seed - Flowering, Targets, Awareness
Blue Hand - Knowledge, Accomplishment, Healing
Blue Storm - Acitvation, Energy, Self-Generation
Red Moon - Universal Water, Purify, Flow
Blue Night - Dreams, Intuition, Abundance
Yellow Human - Free Will, Influence, Wisdom
White Worldbridger - Equalize, Death, Opportunity

The main figure on the formation depicts a Flower, symbolizing the energy YELLOW SEED - the Energy of Flowering.

The Flower has 7 petals. The number 7 symbolizes the energy BLUE HAND - Solar Seal No. 7.

The main figure on the formation resembles also a rotating wheel, which creates the impression for activation, for transformation. On this way are symbolized:
- the energy BlUE STORM
- the Blue Energy of Transformation

On 1st July 2017 the Blue energy of Transformation is tripled: this is a day with the Solar Seal Blue Storm, in the Blue Hand wavespell, in the Blue Spectral Storm Year.

Each petal of the flower consists of 3 arcs. The number 3 symbolizes the energy BLUE NIGHT - Solar Seal No. 3.

In the center of the formation there is a hexagon with 6 outer sides. Here the number 6 symbolizes the energy White Worldbridger - Solar Seal No. 6.

The hexagon has 6 outer and 3 inner sides, or these are 9 sides in total. Here the number 9 symbolizes the energy RED MOON - Solar Seal No. 9.

In the hexagon there are 3 rhombs and each rhomb has 4 sides. Or these are 12 sides in total.
The number 4 symbolizes the energy YELLOW SEED - Solar Seal No. 4.
The number 12 symbolizes the energy YELLOW HUMAN - Solar Seal No. 12.
The three rhombs with their 12 sides symbolize the Humanity on the Earth.

So, each rhomb depicts a Yellow Seed. The Yellow Seeds are we, the people. In the first castle of the new Tzolkin Module we begin to develop our consciousness as new Yellow Seeds. I
n the Blue Storm Year we receive the Blue energy of Transformation, which transforms our cells in crystalline ones, which can retain more light. Besides, it helps us to build our Crystal Light bodies Merkaba.
So each of the three rhombs depicts a crystal and on this way is shown how the Blue energy of Transformation impacts us.

We are again reminded to use most active the remaining days of the Blue Storm Year and especially the days with a Blue Solar Seal, in order to achieve better results for our personal Transformation.

So let us summarize:

- each rhomb depicts a Yellow Seed
- the three rhombs with their 12 sides symbolize the Humanity
- the hexagon symbolizes the energy White Worldbridger
- the main figure on the formation depicts a Flower and the petals of the Flower symbolize the Energy of the Dreams
- besides, the inner 3 sides of the hexagon together with the circle round the hexagon depict the Sign of Peace

In the Red Castle, when we plant Seeds-ideas about what we want to achieve until the end of the new Tzolkin Module, the authors of the formation propose us to transmit to the Universe our Dreams and to “plant” the idea, that the people on the Earth unite themselves, live in Peace and so achieve Flowering!

Heartfelt thanks to the authors of this fascinating formation and to the photographers of !!

Maya Todorova

My simple interpretation consider, starting from the centre, the cube, "psychic prison" of three spatial dimensions,  surrounded by fourth dimension of time (seven days, seven chakras) harmoniously whirling  (Golden section like) and awakening human kind, trapped in the cube, to fifth dimension:  just the circle that contains the full crop.



The numerous  flower of life crop circles contain 6, 8,  or even 12 petals. This flower is unique with 7 petals. The only prior circle perhaps resembling it would be the one in Poirino, Italy on June 20, 2011. (The diagram can be found on page 162 of my free ebook.) In the center is a cube, or box, which represents the current scientific  consensus concerning comets and their impacts. It derives from the phrase to "think outside of the box."  (See Section 13 of my ebook.) The seven petals represent the seven comets Earth will experience during the coming cometary period of about 250+ years.The outer rim represents the Earth, and the next inner circle is the conglomerate circle of damage/destruction for the seven comets. Human knowledge about comets will be greatly expanding, leading to revolutionary theories and ideas going beyond the random processes currently presumed in cometology, as each impact occurs in the series.  As a result, the present box will be a victim of the impacts, as the crop circle depicts.

Inline image 2

This simple circle was found in the same field as the one just above. It represents a comet, and its presence corroborates the explanation of the flower of life circle. The two-ringed coma indicates two different gases within the coma. There would normally be a heat indication in the center, but the crop circle itself was rather obscure, so the central ring appears anomalous, if it really exists. 

Ken Heck

I would like to suggest another perspective. Evaluate them, when possible, as if they were solid elements/symbols, suspended in the air.


Mirante Maat São Paulo - Brazil


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Heptagon and Square (Cube)

A dialogue between  7 and 4, is emphasized in the biblical story about Jacob and his sons - 12 tribes of Israel, who left Canaan and went to Egypt to explore exactly that very riddle, by then, Joseph already solved Pharaoh dreams regarding 7 cows and 7 shifts.... It is written that there was hunger "Raab" (4) in Canaan and abundance "Soba" (7) in Egypt - this is the biblical official reason. the word "Hunger" in Hebrew "Raab" in gimatria 272,  is the root word of number 4     "Arba" = 4  while the word "Abundance" in hebrew "Shoba" Sheba (372) is number 7 hunger - 4   (square) abundance - 7 (heptagon)

The Decimal system is connected (via Gimatria) to the Hebrew Alpha-Beth. the first letter - Aleph - presents numbers 1, 1000, 111 and in so doing proves the validity of the decimal system since Hebrew transcends to mathematics and geometry, we can read numbers as words and vice versa.

enclosed Heptagon in a circle with Diameter 1000 (Aleph) reveals cardinal dimensions which (in Gimatria) translate into words such as   Tora (611)     Israel (541)      Shalom - peace (376)  as well as  the scene of the burning bush .... "burning" Baar (272) with "fire" Ash (301) and above it "Shalom" 376.

enclosed square in the same circle (Diameter 1000) reveals "The Shabbat" (707) the 7th day .  supper impose 4 on 7 (square on heptagon) and find words such as Moses (345)   Pharaoh (355)  and so we can see (glimpses of biblical truths ) Hebrew Geometry seems to illustrate biblical scenes.

Next week I will upload a video called "ISIGHT TO THE SACRED" (with English over-voice) regarding the heptagon - the pyramids of Giza - and the hidden Hebrew text,   in the meanwhile, here's is a link to the same video explained in Hebrew:-

Varda D. Sarnat

Boreham Wood, Near Lockeridge, Wiltshire.  Reported 1st July 2017

(The decoding is exact)

The Crop Circle Date and Place Code:- On Saturday the first of July two thousand and seventeen at Boreham Wood, near Lockeridge, Wiltshire.

Its Decoded Message:- Two rings, a flower and Jehovah cube. Satan destroyed earth. Let your soul (Ka) drift to the new dimension.


I believe this decoded formation reveals the "Rapture". I believe my decoding of the "Mother Ship" crop formation in 2016 revealed the return of Christ and the final battle of Armageddon.

Love to you all from Helen

Dear readers and writers,

Here to show you the crop circle as diagram:

Again many thanks to Bert Janssen for his wonderful art work.


Some speak about a 'total solar eclipse' which is depicted here obviously - fine, but let me ask: Why then there is no planet Earth depicted in the centre but a cube instead of Earth???? Which then leads to another question: Is mother Earth now the same as a cube? For sure it is not - and this for several reasons. By the way: Would be nice to read your explanation why there is a cube depicted instead of Earth and why you ignore that fact........wait.......wait......wait.......and so on.

Before going on it is the time again to tell you some important points.

So at first: 'CC-makers' = ET-beings. And here in majority the 'good ones', those ones who are benevolent, which means they are our true brothers and sisters since a very long time. Second: There are other ET-beings who are not that benevolent, instead they are malevolent. But same as on Earth - all kinds of beings have the same right to live in the really big cosmos. The noted malevolent beings are Greys - for example. Everybody knows at least the images of these beings with big skulls and even bigger almond-shaped eyes. Why they are connected with Earth humans, it is a big and long story. But to note here that some world governments have had their dirty fingers into a lousy game which was called: Getting extraterrestrial and far advanced technology in exchange of living humans (for purposes of so called 'medical investigation). Do your research and you'll find out. However, this is one reason why especially Greys can't be my friends, to note that they are in clear knowledge of this fact. Third: Coming back to the brothers and sisters. All over the years they have sent so beautiful images - crop circles to us. Why have they done and even keep on doing until today? Because they are so deeply connected with us, therefore are in deep concern about humankind. On the other hand they can't send more detailed messages because the important cosmic law of 'non-interference'. And they follow this law. Otherwise they easily could send images with depicted letters (words) and numbers, which they don't do except some very rare incidents in the past. So if wanting to sending information to us, how could they do it nonetheless and by not breaking this so fundamental law?

Easy to answer:
By sending messages as symbolic images.  So it must be YOU to 'translate' their message.

But an important point to note here: They are very advanced beings because their so long existence. So - if they wanted to send a message anyway, they need to 'convert down' their thinking and drawing into a language which is more 'obvious' for an ordinary Earth human so that he / she can be able to understand. But against their expectations: it is not the case. Even when they 'simplified' their message most humans failed to even understand their 'symbolic message'. As likewise some people (here) try to 'measure' the crop circles in meters, in centimetres and even in millimetres......  You can re-measure in most fine scales and whatever else, what is it worth if you don't understand the whole message, the image itself? Then your work is really vainly. And it is vainly.

To go on and to shorten up the topic, you really need something which I (since years) call the 'higher understanding' or call it 'higher intelligence' respectively 'emotional intelligence'. Because you won't be able to 'solve' the depicted image, the crop circle by only using your 'rational mind' so to say.

I present some images now for illustrate of what I speak about. To note that CC-makers like very much to 'challenge' you by sending some 'similar' images which appear different - although they have the same meaning! Look first:

Now we go on with 2nd image:

As next we see this one:

The next image reminds you all the earlier images and to not forget 'the source':

The next image is very disturbing and does not fit into the series of 'Sacred Geometry'. It is very strange - telling about brutal violence or similar?

Despite of that so disturbing image, brothers and sisters are back again to tell you:

See all the images in a row. Then you will notice the similarities.
Try to understand as ONE message, to see it right.

Soon I will go on so that you will really be able to see the 'line'.
It will be about:

I have to finish here but I please you to stay tuned for next reports.
As always I am with you and I invite you to send me your own views - comments.

Greetings, 2017-07-06 - Gerd Estrup -



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike