Boreham Wood, Nr Lockeridge, Wiltshire. Reported 1st July.

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Summoning higher powers for the protection against evil: this seven-pointed star also resembles a “Seal of the Seven Archangels” or “Grand Pentacle” or “heptagram”, used supposedly as a magical sign in religious rituals 

It was noted on the Comments page that this crop picture resembles our “bright Sun”, as it will enter a solar eclipse in 52 days. Seven isolated, standing tufts around the centre likewise suggest (7.5 x 7) = 52 or 53 days until that eclipse from July 1 to August 21.  

Yet most authentic crop pictures have two, or even three, overlapping conceptual meanings! As its apparent second meaning, the new crop picture at Boreham Wood also resembles a “Seal of the Seven Archangels” or “Grand Pentacle” or “heptagram”, which some people use in magical or religious rituals to “summon higher powers”, who will then “entrap or defeat evil”: 

A seven-pointed heptagram is quite different in meaning from a six-pointed hexagram. It has been described on the TV series “Supernatural” as a “Devil’s Trap” (see Devil's_trap_(symbol) ). Its original meaning came from a Renaissance book called the “Keys of Solomon” (see Key_of_Solomon).  

How might such an arcane, pseudo-magical symbol be relevant to modern crop circles? When we use Google Earth to study the field location where this new crop picture was drawn, we see some very striking symbols in the landscape above.  

Far above at upper left, we can see two large, white landscape “numbers” of “1” and “7”, that suggest the year “17” or “2017”. The thin edges of a “cube” from the centre of this crop picture point at that number “7”, which makes perfect sense, because the “cube” is surrounded by a “seven-pointed star”:  

Just above this new crop picture in the landscape, we can see two large shapes made from groups of trees. One shape of the left looks like a “serpent”, who has a small white letter “L” for “love” over the back of his head. The other shape on the right could be a “person looking up” or a “dog”?  

We noticed that these two shapes in the landscape resemble a famous wall carving from Mayan times, known as “Lintel 15” from Yaxchilan, and kept at the British Museum in London (see ). In that artwork from 770 A.D., a Mayan priestess called “Lady Wak Tuun” is summoning a Mayan “Vision Serpent”, who then appears before her, springing from a bowl which contains strips of bark-paper.

This crop picture with its “magical” seven-pointed star seems to suggest that a Mayan Vision Serpent may have been summoned again, to appear in the year 2017! Another small, double-ringed circle below the main one might represent a bright star “Regulus”, which will be located close to our Sun and Moon during a solar eclipse on August 21, 2017.

Other excellent aerial videos of the Boreham Wood crop picture may be seen here ( or It is shown “spinning clockwise” at time 1:20 of the first video. Once it goes around by seven and one-half full turns, like for a “clock”, as indicated by seven “staggered” standing tufts in its outer parts, then we will go forward in time by (7.5 x 7) = 52 days to August 21.

A central “cube” from this crop picture also looks like a “peace” or “nuclear disarmament” symbol, when viewed from high above. Finally at time 2:10 of the first video, we can see that the thin edges of that “cube” point toward a large “serpent” shape made of trees, which was shown on the left in a slide above (the person who is being magically “summoned”).

Both crop pictures at Boreham Wood, the large “seven-pointed star” and a small “double-ringed circle” below (possibly representing a nearby star “Regulus” on the day of eclipse), may be seen clearly at time 0:20 of the second video.

Two “numbers” in the landscape of “1” and “7”, above the crop picture and to the upper left, match not only the current year “17”, but also the day and month when this crop picture appeared, namely “July 1” or “1-7”. 

The second small crop picture at Boreham Wood on July 1, 2017: a standard symbol for “Sun” as used in most computerized star maps 

The second small crop picture at Boreham Wood resembles a small, double-ringed symbol for “Sun”, which is used in most computerized star maps. In the slide below, we can see how our “yellow Sun” will “roll downhill” along the solar ecliptic (dark red) from July 1 when this crop picture appeared, until August 21 when it conjuncts with a bright star Regulus (labelled in light red), and enters into a total solar eclipse with our Moon (not shown):  

Other small green, red or blue-white symbols in these “star maps” show where the planets Mercury, Mars or Venus will be located in Earth’s night sky on those two dates. Two other bright stars Pollux or Procyon are shown nearby.  

Such computerized “star maps” match exactly how those two crop pictures were drawn in a field at Boreham Wood, along the side of a steep hill. Our Sun will start on July 1 from the uphill field location of a first large crop picture (a “seven-pointed star”), and then “roll downhill” until it reaches on August 21 the location of a second small crop picture (a “double-ringed circle”):  

This will take 52 days, so our “seven-pointed star” (or Sun) has to “roll downhill” (or down the solar ecliptic as a crop tramline) by 7.5 full turns, thereby giving (7.5 x 7) = 52 days in total as a kind of “calendar wheel”. Those “7.5 turns” were suggested by a staggered location of seven standing tufts in the outer parts of the large “star” crop picture. Such standing tufts, as drawn there, show an unusual 7.5-fold rotational symmetry, as compared with 7-fold symmetry for the “star” shape itself (please see another slide on the Comments page).  

In summary, all aspects of the Boreham Wood crop picture now seem to be completely understood. It was designed by unknown scientists using a “computerized star map”, just like the one (“Your Sky”) used to make the slide shown above.

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)





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