Atherington, Nr Middleton-on-sea, West Sussex. Reported 19th July.

Map Ref: TQ0016000605

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Updated Thursday 27th July  2017


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A fourth possible “Christian” interpretation of the Atherington crop picture, based on some striking landscape imageries as seen over a distance using Google Earth


On the Articles page for this crop picture (see atherington articles), we described three possible interpretations of this beautiful and enigmatic field image as: (i) a jewelled Celtic cross, (ii) a schematic diagram of the upcoming solar eclipse, or (iii) two crosshairs from the instrument landing system of a landscape “space shuttle”.  

We also mentioned there a fourth possible “Christian” interpretation, but did not show any details explicitly. Here we will present the “Christian” interpretation with a new slide and in greater detail.  

In the broad landscape near Atherington, as viewed using Google Earth, we can see the striking image of a “smiling man” who is “holding up a cross” with his left arm, while a “snake” tries to “bite him” on his left hand:



The crop picture as drawn is shown in an inset just below that landscape “Christian cross”, and seems possibly to have been based on it.


Meanwhile at far right, near the blue ocean and sandy beach, we can see exactly where the new crop picture was drawn, out of all other possible fields in the area. It was drawn below the “foot” of that large “smiling man” in the landscape, and just below the “head” of another “snake”, whom he seems to be “stepping down upon”.


The detailed shape of this crop picture implies a certain outward motion, just as if someone were stepping on a snake (or squishing a cockroach):



Everything in this crop-landscape image seems to have parallels in Christian theology. The broad landscape nearby refers to a passage from John 3:14:


“Just as Moses lifted up a snake on a pole in the wilderness (to protect the Hebrews from death by snakebite), so the

Son of Man must be lifted up (on a cross), that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life.”


Likewise the narrow landscape near that crop picture, and its apparent “outward squishing” motion, refers to a passage from Romans 16:20:


“The God of peace will crush Satan under his feet.”


One might choose to regard such parallels as possibly coincidental. Yet we just saw another large “smiling man” in the landscape next to a crop picture at Cley Hill, one day earlier on July 18 (see cley hill  Articles).


So such striking landscape imageries are no accident, but deserve to be considered further. The fortuitous appearance of such a “Christian” image in aerial maps of Sussex may have been why the new Atherington crop picture was drawn in that particular field, and with that specific shape.



Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



Apart from the geometrical defects, we see four comets with one additional ring each. We see them from a point in space viewing the Earth for three hours or possibly minutes (the three connected rings). The comets are so close to the Earth that they are as hot as they will get before final impact. These additional rings are spurious and violate established depictions for hot comets as they travel  around the Sun to strike Earth. Man made status is clear. The four  represent the four chastising comets coming from four different directions – B up from the south, E down from the north, C from the west, and D from the east (all approximately). The three centered rings are the different circles of damage or destruction; the two inner are for C and D since they are only about half as large as B and E, the largest. The outer one pertains to B and E. The central circle is an exaggerated conglomerate point of impact for all four comets. The only possible new piece of new information here would be the relative sizes of the circles of damage/destruction.

Ken Heck

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In the Yellow Crystal Seed Year our thoughts and words shall have a special prophetic power!

Crop circle from 19 July 2017 at Atherington, near Middleton-on-sea, West Sussex, UK

According to the Mayan calendar, 19 July 2017 is a day with the Solar Seal Red Earth and with Tone 5, in the Red Skywalker Wavespell, in the White Castle.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Red Earth
Yellow Seed - the Occult Teacher of the Red Earth
Red Skywalker
Yellow Human
Tone 5
Tone 12

These energies have following qualities:

Red Earth - Evolution, Navigation, Synchronization
Yellow Seed - Awareness, Targets, Flowering
Red Skywalker - Explore, Space, Awakening, Prophecy
Yellow Human - Free Will, Influence, Wisdom
Tone 5 - the Tone of Radiance
Tone 12 - the Crystal Tone of Cooperation

Снимка на Maya Todorova.

The big circle represents the Earth, symbolizing the energy RED EARTH.

On the formation we see 12 smaller circles: these are 4 groups of 3 circles each. These 12 circles depict “Seeds” and symbolize the energy YELLOW SEED. They symbolize also the New Year of the Yellow Crystal Seed with Tone 12, which begins on 26 July 2017.

The 12 circles depict also the energy YELLOW HUMAN - Solar Seal No. 12. Each of the 4 figures depict a Human body, which consists of 3 circles.

Even mathematically is so:
the Yellow Seed is Solar Seal No. 4,
the Yellow Human is Solar Seal No. 12.
3 х 4 = 12,

i.e., one Yellow Human consists of 3 Yellow Seeds ;-).

The people have stretched arms to each other and their arms look like Bridges (B), which connect the people! In the White Castle we learn to build bridges to each other, to live in Unity. On this way is depicted also the idea of Tone 12 - the Crystal Tone of Cooperation.

Round each of the 12 circle we see an “aureole”. On this way is depicted Tone 5 - the Tone of Radiance. By Tone 5 we search answers to the question: How can I empower myself? And here we see an answer: the Unity gives us power! When we live in Unity, each human feels strong and begins to radiate his Inner Light ;-).

Снимка на Maya Todorova.

The circle in the center of the formation. Image from the video of Matthew Williams

In the center of the formation we see another circle, together with it the total number of the circles is 13. The number 13 symbolizes the energy Red Skywalker - Solar Seal No. 13. The lay of the wheat ears in this circle looks like woven. On this way is depicted one of the qualities of the Red Skywalker - the energy of Prophecy: through our thoughts and words we “weave” our reality! What we prophesy, i.e. what we say and think, is gradually materialized.

The Yellow Crystal Seed Year begins on 26 July 2017, this is a day of the Red Skywalker Wavespel, so in the New Year our thoughts and words shall have a special prophetic power. May we use this power to radiate to the Universe our thoughts, words and wishes for a life in Peace, Love and Harmony for all people on the Earth!

Cordial thanks to the authors of this inspiring crop circle and to the photographers of

Maya Todorova

Dear readers and writers, 

You obviously are unable to distinguish reality from fiction. When I have read your published reports it immediately raised my hairs........ Yeah I see a 'cross' is depicted, at least due to your claims, even you call it a 'Celtic Cross'. To add here that the Galactic brothers and sisters have only 'forgotten' to depict the 'handle' of that cross. As they seem to be stupid.......... Are you SURE? They have created a crop circle depicting a 'Celtic Cross' without the handle? They have just depicted the 'cross' itself instead the whole image - to TELL you WHAT? "Think about the broken handle" or "You see the wonderful criss-cross-diamonds"? Come on, you can do better!!! Or are you unable to see the forest even when surrounded by numerous trees?   And again I see only wild speculations - without any sense and without any connection to 'anything' nor to any 'meaning'. You are just LAME. However, in contrary to the published and adventurous reports I do my best to help you to determine truth from fiction. I show you a simple one image only, in which I have drawn some lines and circles, so that you will be possibly able to see the 'real base' of the 'creators', who you are too blind to see....... I show only ONE image but with the 'important' facts / deviations as to see: 


Many thanks here to the photographers of 

You even could have seen the continuation in the row of the last crop circles topics, easy to realise that it was been sent by benevolent brothers and sisters, because they simply followed a special 'topic' - expressed by their outstanding and artful 'paintings'. But THIS image is a clear (and lousy) exception, which you could easily realise by simply watching the former images. Obviously you did not realise, although it was so simple to see., or just ignored it........  I only wonder.............

The fact is: This crop circle is just a lousy fake, a cheap 'attempt' in copying the real images with the lousy manmade ones. And if YOU seem to be unable to clearly determine 'reality' from obvious 'cheap fiction' then I must think about whether I can see you any longer as real intelligent people or just as stupid sheep - a role which you (sorry to say) tend to show - but never me. Sorry for you - but it was only your choice and never mine. So, therefore from now I will always speak in a very clear language, so that every sheep will understand.  YOUR ignorance is just and only a sign of denial. To make it more clear: And if I would take only one look back just into times of medieval, then I would see that there was no any difference......  But YOU feel proud of that anyway, for some strange reasons.........  In Light - I presume that you know the meaning of Light = Love, Truth and Knowledge  -
I send my strong Love and Greetings to YOU............... 

2017-07-27 - Gerd Estrup -







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