Atherington, Nr Middleton-on-sea, West Sussex. Reported 19th July.

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Updated Monday 18th September  2017


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This beautiful "jewel" of a crop picture, found on the beachside near Atherington in Sussex on July 19, 2017, provides many interesting aspects to be studied carefully in a factual scientific fashion: a “jewelled Celtic cross”, the “projective geometry of a solar eclipse”, or perhaps even the “crosshairs” of an “instrument landing system”  

This new crop picture near Atherington portrays an upcoming solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 as if it were both a beautiful “Celtic cross” with “inlaid jewels”, and also the “epicentre” of some major event, perhaps where different heavenly bodies or timelines will cross or overlap in a “woven” fashion.  

A third possible interpretation might be as the two “crosshairs” of an “instrument landing system”. One gets the feelings from studying this crop picture of “beauty” and “precision” and “power”.  

Its central “basket weave”, shown at time 5:10 of Matthew’s aerial drone video, is truly spectacular, and would be impossible to create manually on the ground, by any known methods whatsoever (see Please see some enlarged photos of that “basket weave” further below on this page.  

A series of current news stories from the London mainstream media, suggesting that these crop pictures are somehow made by unseen teams of men with “rope and boards”, must be either very poorly researched, or intentional disinformation (see for example surge-crop-circles-caused-drone-users-police-say or  

A beautiful “Celtic cross” with inlaid “jewels”  

The first and most obvious metaphor which might describe this crop picture would be as a “jewelled Celtic cross”:  

The projective geometry of an upcoming solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 

Yet with a little careful study, we can also see that it might describe the Sun-Moon-Earth geometry of an upcoming solar eclipse on August 21, 2017:  

 Three “thin rings” of radius 3, 2 and 2 suggest (32 + 2) = 34 days from the night of July 18, until a solar eclipse at sunset on August 21, 2017 

Why did those crop artists draw three “thin rings” as part of their “Celtic cross” shape? When we study carefully where those “rings” were drawn, we can see that they lie at relative radii of 3, 2 or 2 (labelled in black), as defined by the relative sizes and locations of three large circles of radius 3, 2 or 1 (labelled in blue) nearby:  

These three “rings” suggest a total of “3-2” plus “2” or “34 days” from the evening of July 18 when this crop picture appeared, until sunset on August 21 as a solar eclipse. Those three “circles” of decreasing radius likewise suggest a general countdown through time of “3-2-1-zero!”  

A similar “cross” shape in the landscape not far away, with 3 + 4 “circles” nearby (for 34 days)  

How did the crop artists decide on this particular shape for this specific field location? Well, when using Google Earth, we can see a similar “cross” shape in the same orientation not far away (a large car park), at latitude 50.817o N and longitude 0.590o W:  

We can even see two sets of 3 or 4 “circles” near this landscape “cross” shape, which is precisely how many “circles” were drawn along each arm of the new crop picture (3 + 4 = 7). So it seems that they decided on this particular shape and field location, by studying the Sussex landscape from the air, or by using aerial maps.  

A “bird-serpent” will be watching the upcoming solar eclipse 

Very close to where the new crop picture was drawn, we can see a large “bird-serpent” shape. The “eye” of that “serpent” seems to be “watching” the field location where a “cross” shape was drawn, symbolic of a solar eclipse on August 21, just 34 days later (see a dashed yellow line):  

One might guess that this particular feature was meant to be humorous.  

Other interesting landscape features as seen using Google Earth: a 5-12-13 right-angled triangle  

The complete field in which this crop picture was drawn, at latitude 50.796o N and longitude 0.580o W, has the approximate shape of a 5-12-13 or 7-24-25 right-angled triangle. The crop picture was drawn near its narrow end of internal angle close to 20o.  

Other interesting landscape features as seen using Google Earth: a “space shuttle” coming in to land, with its ILS crosshairs or “instrument landing system”  

This field also resembles the shape of a “space shuttle” coming in to land from space (or from the dark blue ocean), when it is studied using Google Earth, with the compass direction South “up”. The new crop picture in this context would be its intended landing site: “X” marks the spot.  

The detailed shape of this crop picture also resembles two “crosshairs” from an instrument landing system (or “ILS”), which is used by a pilot in the “cockpit” (metaphorically where the crop picture was drawn), for landing any large aircraft or spacecraft accurately (see Instrument_landing_system).  

There is even the schematic image of a “spaceman” with his “helmet visor” seen at latitude 50.800o N, longitude 0.590o W, close to the “space shuttle” shape! One is reminded of the famous David Bowie song: ”There’s a starman waiting in the sky. He’d like to come and meet us, but he thinks he’d blow our minds” (see  

Other interesting landscape features as seen using Google Earth: two possibly “Christian” metaphors  

When studied on Google Earth with East “up”, we can see the overlapping image of a “woman with a crown” and “carrying a child” (a reference to Revelation 12). We can also see the image of a “smiling man holding a cross, in order to be saved from snakebite” (a reference to John 3:14). Interested readers may wish to study all of these subtle features in greater depth for themselves, to decide whether they might be relevant.  

Red Collie (Dr, Horace R. Drew) 

P.S. Many thanks to Matthew Williams for one of his best aerial drone videos of a new, ET-made crop picture to date.


The intended orientation is vertical, like for a ‘Christian cross’, please see basket weave shapes in jpgs 3 or 4.

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