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Updated Monday, 12. October 2015 11:30:58

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Jordan Valley (2), Paraná, Southern Brazil. Reported 9th October.

Formation Created by Photoshop

Jordan Valley (1), Paraná, Southern Brazil. Reported 9th October.

Formation Created by Photoshop

This is a photo of a crop circle made in Brookshire Texas at Dewberry Farms to thank our first responders
 after the brutal murder of a Harris county deputy. I just wanted to share it with your page.

Kristi Kelly

Ralf Am See posts news of this new crop circle in upper Bavaria and comments -
'Once again in Raisting, (see the radio telescopes), but it seems to be a man made one,
for a TV production (murder in a crop circle).'

Soko 5113

Cley Hill, Nr Warminster, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 26th July

Map Ref: ST841446

Location: I have seen two crop circles near Totnes, at least I think so, one may be storm damage. One is near the hilltop trees at a Berry Pomeroy, visible from the Torquay to Totnes road, and the other is to the left of the Newton Abbot road.
Discovery: 24th July?
Name: Rupert C
Status: Waiting for confirmation with pictures.

Słupno, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland - 21 July 2015


Виталий Симонов posts us news of this crop formation of a cat in Poland reported on the 21st of July, 2015 with this short video and this covering text - 'Cat since ancient times symbolizes flexibility, wisdom and ability to survive, get out of any trouble.

In ancient Rome, the cat was a symbol of freedom (of mind) and independence, she was portrayed next to the goddess of liberty Libertas.' (Freeze frame from the video by Video link:…/10,88282,18407726,ogromny-kot-na-p…

Comment about the extraterrestrial crop circle reported 21st July 2015 in Poland: 

The giant cat drawn in a field at Słupno, Masovian Voivodeship, in Poland reported 21st July 2015 is a new crop circle made by the extraterrestrial group who defends the Earth against the very dangerous invader pro-Jesus ET group :,88282,18407726,ogromny-kot-na-polu-pod-plockiem.html 

I  was informed and alerted about this aliens ET war since 2008 with numerous proofs : 

Both ET belligerants spy on me. The first group remembers an E-mail I have send professor Stephen Hawking in 2009. I have invited him to contact this group of ET aliens : 

De: Jean-Charles Bourquin
Objet: Message from Jean-Charles Bourquin about crop circles
Date: Vendredi 3 juillet 2009, 19h11 Lille, France, 4th July 2009

Dear Mr Hawking,

Do you agree to contact the beeings that the Earth
Gaïa says "Welcome !" ? please read my blog for more very important
informations before to try a contact.

How to communicate with these extraterrestrial human beings :

1- write or say clearly your intention to communicate;

2- draw something personnal without symbol of the
christianism, without esoteric symbol of egypt, without
hebraic symbol. The moon is very good bot not as islamic
symbol. An insect, an animal like an elephant, a fly, an
owl, a vampire (the animal) would be very good.

3- wait a few days for an answer.

Receive please, Mr Hawking, my best regards
Jean-Charles Bourquin

This week, Monday 20TH July 2015, Yuri Milner and Stephen Hawking have announced the Breakthrough Initiatives : 

This is the reason why the ET group who defends the Earth has drawn a giant cat in Poland after this announce. Furthermore, my first name is Jean-Charles. The beginning may suggest géant chat, in French, (giant cat, in English) : Je/an-/cha/... . The contour of the next field is like a hawk head :

This crop circle is an ET message for Stephen Hawking too ! 

I have written this article exceptionnaly to help. I refuse all ET aliens who are in the solar system of the Earth. 

Post scriptum 1st August, 2015:
I think that the extraterrestrial communication in Poland refers to an English video published on Youtube 7th April, 2015, in which Stephen Hawking has a big white pet cat ! Furthermore, some letters of the link of this video may suggest Vishnu (WIKn or vYQNO if sh is replaced by K or Q):

Jean-Charles Bourquin, Vishnu, Kalki, the tenth lila-avatara

Giant emoji created overnight to cheer up passengers flying from and to Bristol...

HERE'S something that should cheer up people flying in and out of Bristol - the world's biggest emoji. Early this morning this spectacular giant emoji crop circle - that can bee seen from 10,000ft - appeared in a field near Chippenham. A team of artists worked through the night to create the giant emoji on behalf of Tesco Mobile. The mobile network has done the stunt after a survey of 2,000 Brits found that a smile from a stranger and a stress-free commute is the perfect way to lift commuters' spirits in the morning.


Stanton Lane, Stanton St Quinton, Wiltshire


A Commissioned Circle by Team Satan.

Close up and personal! The Mr Gyro team investigated and filmed the promotional smile created for Tesco mobile (see article 6 postings below this one) to cheer us all up. This crop circle was created by a team of crop circle artists in a field near junction 17 on the M4 motorway near Chippenham. Wiltshire, UK. Could this be the worlds biggest Emoji? Check out MrGyro's short video:

Image & Video  Copyright 2015 

 Zierikzee, Zeeland, Netherlands. Reported 9th July

Video FlycamNL Copyright 2015

World Record Biggest Crop Circle made by Children, the crop circle is made in Zierikzee, Zeeland, Netherlands. It is made by 140 schoolchildren.The video shows a group of people as rather pathetic way, treading the grain and  the video ends butterfly appear. This has to convince someone? Video here:

A video that presents the butterfly in 2015 says nothing about the origin of the shape. Dimensions butterfly here are also not mentioned, but when comparing the two butterflies I believe that the 2009 is bigger.

Other Links:
Pávková Z.

Bettewaardsedijk, Zierikzee, Zeeland, Netherlands - 9 June

Map Ref:- HERE

Video FlycamNL Copyright 2015

Caterpillar right, is presented as a creation of children. It is hard to believe. It's too perfect than to the formation trampled flock of children with breadboard. The proof is the only photographs of children - but there does not appear to tread really a caterpillar.  Moreover, there is some similarity with caterpillar from 2012 - Boreham Woods.


Notice the shadows of trees lining the field. They fit exactly into the recesses on the body of caterpillars. At first glance, it is obvious that the shape of the caterpillars array was chosen very carefully. Caterpillars and a tree. Overpopulated caterpillars destroy it and coniferous trees.

I think that guilt is an imbalance in nature. For some reason, once again Overpopulated magpie decimates the population of smaller bird species. And this in turn leads to an overgrowth of caterpillars and other pests.
Pávková Z.

Crop Circle at VMware Headquarters, Palo Alto, California, USA, on the 20th of June, 2015. Check out the short video if you so wish to do so. (Freeze frame from the video):

Crop circle Chua posts us news and images of this crop circle in China with this covering comment and link - 'Meanwhile in China.':


Land art at Kagoshima urban agriculture centre in Japan, around April , 2015 - Translated text - 'We were allowed to shoot the rape fields this year. This year, it has become quite elaborate maze.'
Like crop circle when viewed from the sky!' Photo Link:

Fangshan district, Beijing, China.  Reported 8th May

Update 13/06/2015

Pineto, (Teramo), Italy. Reported Sunday 10th May 2015

An Update 18/05/2015 on Article page.

Crop circle on grass, 30 hours after formation, picture taken today Tuesday at 6:50 am. First time I saw it was yesterday, Monday 20 April at 6:50 am too, going for work. The first day it call my attention for the perfection of the edges, but there was no grass cutting, no rest of plant, no steeps, no nothing,… they seems to be grow in this way, but just in one night ( I pass everyday by this place) but if it is seeded is no possible such perfection of the edges. The location is in the middle of the town between Alcudia and Puerto Alcudia, Mallorca Island, Spain.

Içara, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Reported 18th March

Guadalajara airport, Mexico. Reported 4th January

Updated 09/02/2015

NB Hopefully some one on the ground can confirm this is actual crop circle event. MJF




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