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To me it's obvious. "Black Sun" and "Dark Star" is the same.

So "pure evil" is a bit of a contradiction. Seeing planet earth, obviously we should see ourselves as the evil in the sense of stupidity, and it's us to be undergoing a "purification" in the sense of more or less painful enlightenment, which now will come to its apocalyptic stage.


I.e. the truth is about to be revealed to everyone, since the meaning of "apocalypse" is nothing but "obvious revelation". An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ποκάλυψις apokálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω meaning "uncovering"), translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation. In religious contexts it is usually a disclosure of something hidden.


This one is a private "vision" that I had 17 years ago and has since then been hanging on the wall. ;-)

Re: To me it's obvious. "Black Sun" and "Dark Star" is the same.

To make it a bit less "dramatic" and even more understandable, maybe these videos could also be added in the end. ;-)

Re: Black Sun / Dark Star

This character [Star-child] obviously also holds that symbolism on one eye. Maybe it's about being realistic?

It also appears in this video at 0:46.

And then there is this "psychedelic" video also kind of dealing with "shadows" that are always inside of ourselves and that we avoid to confront being focused on the shortcomings of others.

"Shadows" is a term mainly coined by. C.G. Jung, which contribution is to see humans and their psycho-logical problems not only as individual problems, since we are never alone.


He was also dealing with dreams and alchemy and there "it" also appears.

The black sun as pictured in the Putrifaction emblem of Philosophia Reformata (Johann Daniel Mylius).


Everybody knows by *experience* that such as "collective madness" exists [planet earth is blue] and there is nothing we can DO. The key lies in focusing on ones own soul salvation. If everybody would be focused just on that, there wouldn't be any problems, but even though "illumination" might occur.

Re: Illumination

As I would see it, illumination could be described by these words:
Ride the rainbow
Crack the sky
"Cracking the sky" might eventually "invoke" the "Ghost Riders". ;-)

Re: Ride the rainbow

I think it's simply going one's own way ("shining path") towards "objectivity" and truth, since it's written "the truth shall set you free".


Re: Path

It's also a spiritual thing, so maybe overcoming "dualism" is the goal in order to make "paradise on earth" come true.


Re: Dualism & Apocalypse
This is IMHO also a very realistic view/vision of Apocalypse and what's *the cause*:


Overcoming Dualism means just to stop opposing death by overcoming fear. In the end it becomes obvious, that greedy "Eros" is the holistic death, while the letting go "Thanatos" means freedom, evolution and future.


The key then is "reason" in the sense of "Gnosis", i.e. knowing instead of belief only, which of course god would have to confirm by letting apocalypse happen, i.e. make "himself" visible to everyone and from which point on we would be living in god's reality, not necessarily a "kingdom", which would again only contradict freedom.

Re: Thanatos...

...could also be seen as: ;-)

Re: Paris can wait
Hold the line LOL

Re: Crack the sky

Re: Interpretation... [15-8-2015 17:45 UTC]

Isis                         Jesus


Venus                         Penis

Re: Commenting the interpretation  [16-8-2015 08:30 UTC]

The "marriage" on the animal (666) level (Venus-Penis) has been accomplished long ago, which is not a big "achievement", although many consider it  a rocket science. Maybe that's exactly the problem. The "marriage" on higher spiritual (888) level (Isis-Jesus) is still pending. Maat~Mars represents god's reason and mature acting principle.

Re: "888"   [16-8-2015 09:00 UTC]


is for

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law."




Re: mature~fearless [16-8-2015 14:00 UTC]


Fearless - You’ll Never Walk Alone

»BERNARD : My analysis of this question is based on the work of Carl Gustav Jung because he is the only one with a theoretical framework for collective psychology, and money is fundamentally a phenomenon of collective psychology.

A key concept Jung uses is the archetype, which can be described as an emotional field that mobilizes people, individually or collectively, in a particular direction. Jung showed that whenever a particular archetype is repressed, two types of shadows emerge, which are polarities of each other.

For example, if my higher self - corresponding to the archetype of the King or the Queen - is repressed, I will behave either as a Tyrant or as a Weakling. These two shadows are connected to each other by fear. A Tyrant is tyrannical because he's afraid of appearing weak; a Weakling is afraid of being tyrannical. Only someone with no fear of either one of these shadows can embody the archetype of the King.«


»What is Moksha?

Well, the word “Moksha” (pronounced “mohk-shuh”) is Sanskrit in origin just like Bodhi. It means “emancipation, liberation, or release”. Moksha is a continuation of the Enlightenment 17 desktop. It consists of the back porting of bug fixes and features from future Enlightenment releases, as well as the removal of half finished / broken things E17 contained.

You can learn more about the inception of Moksha here.«


Re: Where are tse stones? LOL


Re: coincidence & The die is cast ?



Einstein wrote: "I, at any rate, am convinced that He [God] does not throw dice."

Re: blackness ;-) [hope that's all]


Re: Blackness
I found another interesting article that brings a whole "new" light on Catholic Christianity, (Black) Virgin Mary, celibacy etc.

At Pessinos in Phrygia, the mother goddess—identified by the Greeks as Cybele—took the form of an unshaped stone of black meteoric iron, and may have been associated with or identical to Agdistis, Pessinos' mountain deity.
The goddess arrived in Rome in the form of Pessinos' black meteoric stone. Roman legend connects this voyage, or its end, to the matron Claudia Quinta, who was accused of inchastity but proved her innocence with a miraculous feat on behalf of the goddess...Pessinos' stone was later used as the face of the goddess' statue. In due course, the famine ended and Hannibal was defeated.


A stone/rock also plays role in the Zeus-Cronus myth. IMO it's about Cronus putting his power over reason, truth and life itself, by symbolically eating his children, which could be seen as "preventing evolution".


Cronus could also be seen as the mythical "wolf" archetype.



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