Ox Drove, nr Bowerchalke, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 8th August.

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Updated Wednesday 9th  September 2015


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This is the black sun  

synchronicity coincidence; I have just  read  the book of jacques vallée forbidden science volume 2 

with René Guénon  the black sun is mentioned as a occultist link with ufology  

in French

“"René Guenon dans son livre de1927 , le roi du Monde,  savoir que les fils des "intelligences extérieures" se sont séparés en deux groupes, l'un suivant le sentier de la main droite, le soleil d'or , les autres la roue du soleil noir, la svastika"” 

page 109

"Plusieurs chefs de la société de Thulé ont quitté Berlin dès 1934 35 et se sont installés à Oxford, Hess a établi des liens avec des aristocrate anglais comme le duc d'Hamilton, le duc de Bedford et sir Ivone Kirkpatrck, un ancien diplomate britannique à Berlin"

oxdrove.. oxford drove

the indication of four sphere and perhaps four directions n-e-w-s ?

Stéphane alias anakin_nEo



An Effect of Gamma Radiation on Astronauts in Space?  

Could this elegant crop circle be a reminder to us that the CERN Hadron Collider has recently been engaged to develop a spaceship radiation deflector? 

“The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is helping to create a space vessel shield that could allow explorers to travel to the far reaches of our solar system and beyond, without suffering from exposure to harmful space radiation.” (www.rt.com

My reasons for thinking of this is because the arms of the twelve-armed swastika are made of the letter ‘gamma’ which could allude to gamma rays, the radiation coming from large cosmic events. Also the swastika generally is associated with great power (usually solar, but in this case there are many arms, so it could refer to cosmic energies). The formation also has a similar appearance to the CERN collider when it is photographed straight on. 


The announcement for the testing of the superconductive shield was made on August 7, 2015 at 20:53. 


Michelle Jennings

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"The Face of Creation" - Higgs remix - YouTube

You're probably familiar with these videos, but I thought you might enjoy it in relation to the Ox Drove, 8/8 crop circle.

Christine Bowen

Artwork WJ


Es ist historisch nicht belegt, dass das Symbol aus dem Germanentum stammt, sondern es handelt sich um ein Kunstprodukt der „SS“, auch wenn dies in der rechtsextremen Szene meist geleugnet wird.
There is no historical evidence that the icon comes from the Germanic, but is an artifact of the "SS", although this is often denied in the far-right scene.

Das Sonnenrad erscheint erstmals als Bodenornament im Obergruppenführersaal der „SS-Schule Haus Wewelsburg“. Erst nach 1945 wurde es als „Schwarze Sonne“ bezeichnet und findet in der Neonazi-Szene Verwendung.

The sun makes its debut as a floor ornament in Obergruppenfuehrer(group leader) Hall of the "SS-School House Wewelsburg". Only after 1945, it was called the "Black Hole Sun" and found in the neo-Nazi scene using.

Man kann die „Schwarze Sonne“[Black Sun] als eine Zusammensetzung von zwölf Sig-Runen oder als zwölfarmiges Hakenkreuz verstehen. Ausgedrückt werden soll die „Verbundenheit mit der eigenen Art und mit den arteigenen Wertvorstellungen“.

[The Black sun] Can be understood as a composition of twelve Sig runes or zwölfarmiges swastika [twelf armed Swastika] the "Black Sun". Is intended to express the "deep local nature and the species-specific values".

Die „Schwarze Sonne“ erhält einen immer höheren Stellenwert für Lifestyle-Produkten der neonazistischen Szene aller Art. Beobachter der Szene sehen das Symbol durch die häufige Verwendung als Ersatz für das verbotene Hakenkreuz.

The "Black Sun" is replaced by a more and more important for lifestyle products of the neo-Nazi scene of all kinds. Observers of the scene to see the symbol by the frequent use as a replacement for the banned swastika.


See also: Black_Sun_(occult_symbol) 

Es wäre naiv zu glauben, wir erhielten stets Botschaften von fremden Intelligenzen. 80-95% aller Kornkreise, die heute in England erscheinen sind Fälschungen. It would be naive to think we always received messages from alien intelligences. 80-95% of all crop circles that are now appearing in England fakes.

Viele davon schlecht gemacht, wie dieser hier. Many of them are made bad like this one. 

Ich kann es daher nur begrüßen, wenn Kornkreise sofort nach ihrem Erscheinen von den Bauern zerstört werden. Ich begrüße es, dass harte Strafen verhängt werden. Es wäre schön, wenn die allzu enthusiastischen UFO Gläubigen etwas skeptischer und kritischer mit Kornkreisen umgehen würden. I can only welcome, therefore, when crop circles are destroyed immediately after their appearance by the farmers. I welcome the fact that harsh penalties are imposed. It would be nice if the overly enthusiastic UFO believers would deal more skeptical and critical with crop circles.

Wir haben es nun mit dem Erscheinen dieses Kornkreises auch mit rechts radikalen Fälschern zutun. We now deal with the release of this crop circle with right radical counterfeiters.

I do not want to show those pictures of the following side here. But as a German I feel a deep shame and revulsion to have that symbol as crop circle:


Teil 2
Part 2

Wo finden wir das Symbol der „Schwarzen Sonne“ und warum ist dieser Kornkreis eindeutig ein Werk rechtsradikaler Fälscher.
Where do we find the symbol of the "Black Sun" and why is this crop circle clearly a work of radical right counterfeiters. 

Das Symbol das heute als “Schwarze Sonne” bekannt ist, erscheint erstmals in der durch die Nazis ausgestalteten Wewelsburg.  The symbol known as the "Black Hole Sun" today, first appears in the embodied by the Nazis Wewelsburg Siehe: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wewelsburg#Description_of_the_North_Tower

Die Wewelsburg wurde von Heinrich Himmler 1934 zur Kult und Schulungsstätte der SS umgestaltet und ausgebaut. Für diese Arbeiten ließ Himmler auch ein Konzentrationslager in unmittelbarer Nähe errichten.  The Wewelsburg in 1934 remodeled and expanded by Heinrich Himmler to worship and training center of the SS. For this work, Himmler also a concentration camp built in the immediate vicinity.

Im Juni 1941 verkündete Heinrich Himmler auf einer Tagung in der Wewelsburg, die „notwendige Dezimierung“ der slavischen Rasse um 30.000.000. In June 1941, Heinrich Himmler announced at a meeting in the Wewelsburg, the "necessary decimation" of the Slavic race to 30,000,000.

R.U. Müller

Ox Drove Bowerchalke Crop Circle 8th August 2015

Previous crop designs have demonstrated the geometry of the Great Pyramid in its height to base ratio of 7 / 11 leading to the square and the circle both having a perimeter of 44. This has been shown sometimes both in the design of the layouts and the appearance dates of the designs. Does this latest crop design have any possible messages that might suggest similar links to the GP?

Visually it is a circle design with 12 ‘paths’ going from the central circle but only 4 of these paths lead through to the outside of the design so 8 do not. The paths are not straight but make a 90 degree turn so this gives us the square. The 4 paths that go to the outside ring of the circle divide the first ring of standing crops into 4 sections but these are divided again by 4 small circles set at 90 degrees and giving  8 outer sections of standing crops. Going towards the centre of the design there are 12 sections of standing crops. Another ring of flattened crops divides the remaining standing crops within the design into two circles of 12. So from the outside of the design we have – 8 + 12 + 12 +12  = 44. This is achieved by the 4 small circles,0000, set in the form of a cross, 88.

The total of 44 groups of standing crops in the design suggests that once again the Great Pyramid is being demonstrated with the circle and the square. The number 8 is evident twice in the design which could relate to the date it appeared, 8th August 2015, 8 8 8.

NB – 8 + 12 + 12 + 12 = 44 but also 17 the next 8 8 8 date is 17th August 2015...in some esoteric circles the number 17 seems to have a particular significance for some reason... 

Michael Stewart  


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This is perhaps a Nazi symbol: Black_Sun_occult_symbol
Who has made this new crop circle ? ET pro- Jesus or ET from the opposite side ? 

I testify that the Source of the life (God) often says to me that all ET who are here are like Nazis ! The humans of the Earth are very often like Nazis too, says the Source to me ! The nuclear bombs for example are very horrible weapons ! On one side, I give my support the Mother Universe for the Earth destruction by a star if the humanity doesn't stop to be bad with the Nature on Earth and in the space. On the other side, I hope strongly that the humanity will become good with the Nature very quickly and I give her my support for this. 

The ET are very angry about me ! I am Kalki, the tenth lila-avatara of Vishnu ! Sorry for this but I must show you their bad spirit: 

Bower Chalke may suggest Bowel Kalki and bowel caca ! Caca in French is poo. I laugh because I am not in conflict with my body and the beautiful bacteria who live inside me, in my bowel !:



The authors of this crop circle near the Torino Airport in 2015 attack me when I sleep since 2008 ! These pro- Jesus invaders are particularly dangerous (read my comment on this page): Aeroporto 2015

Thank you very much for your attention !
Lille, 9th August 2015.
Jean-Charles Bourquin,
The tenth lila-avatara of Vishnu

UFO’s coming on April 4, 2016 

The formation expresses a rotating UFO. The UFO contains twelve segments on the one hand, while the outer edge contains 2 times 4 segments. They refer to the time span, reckoned from the formation creation date. In this case each segment represents a “Vinal” ( a “mayan month” of 20 days; note that each segments consists of an inner and an outer part, each representing 10 days). Twelve vinals after the formation creation date (8/8/2015) refers to 4/4/’16. The numbers of the day, the month and the last two digits of the year all relate to the 2 times 4 segments of the formation. The time span of 240 days from the formation creation date is also 8 months when a month is rounded to 30 days.

We may expect an alien intervention around that date, an intervention that is necessary to revitalize planet Earth. 

Marc Smulders

To me it's obvious. "Black Sun" and "Dark Star" is the same.

So "pure evil" is a bit of a contradiction. Seeing planet earth, obviously we should see ourselves as the evil in the sense of stupidity, and it's us to be undergoing a "purification" in the sense of more or less painful enlightenment, which now will come to its apocalyptic stage



Regarding the CC at Ox Drove, nr Bowerchalke, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, reported 8th August.

The shape of this CC and the designs within appear to be some sort of electronics.  Since this CC is circular and the design within resembles electronics it could possibly be some sort of high tech contact lens or bionic eye.  In either case two key words seem to be associated with this CC:  electronics and bionics.


Some more pictures to support this hypothesis are shown below.


Some CC-makers appear to be holding up a mirror to our world (as represented in occasional CCs) to simply give us our state of affairs or our facts, not theirs... and should not always be interpreted as warnings.  Many of us would otherwise be unaware that a bionic eye is in development or that a contact lens with a camera exists (unless you have watched the latest Tom Cruise movie).


The Queen of Bavalon

This crop circle is indeed worth a triple 8, as the jury of "Britain’s Got Talent" would surely have said! Great design, and full of highly energizing symbols, capable of making even the toughest man sweat, of excitement that is !

The landscape features surrounding this crop circle resemble a huge fish - stretching over 3.5 km from Broad Chalke, its mouth, to its tail in Bowerchalke - and jumping right out of some kind of pond. A fish that probably represents the maker of current crop circle.

Above his head hover some graffiti-like letters, reading something like "EL", or "ELO". What do you read?

And right at the top of his head you'll see three distinct regions that resemble bright shining stars. And whose rays add up to 77+7 !

And right in the centre of Bowerchalke is located a historical church from the 13th century, the Holy Trinity Church, which says the following about the early Christians: "The earliest church - the people who followed Jesus' way - shared all they had: their riches lay in Christ Jesus. They encouraged one another, spread the good news to their neighbours and friends, and lived in a community." How different from us today, isn't it!

The main purpose of current crop circle is, besides that of being a countdown-marker to some important near-future event, to serve as a reminder to the Royal families of the world, and to the Royal family of Britain in particular, that the forces of Heaven are very well aware of their abysmal immorality, and that they will no longer tolerate them.

On July 18, the British newspaper "The Sun" published a photo depicting members of the British Royal family doing the Nazi-salute, much to their dismay.

And the following illustration shows that the Royals' connection to the Nazis was not accidental (Wewelsburg is by the way the infamous German Nazi castle which harbors a 12-armed sun symbol identical to the one in Bowerchalke.):

Highgrove House is by the way the family residence of the Windsor's, Britain's not so British Royal family. Also remark the play on the number 6!

PS: Berat Sancar, I'm happy to being able to contribute something to your tiny community! It's a really great tiny community, I must say ! I follow Crop-Circle-Connector for some years now already,  and always marvelled it ! Contact me if you like, I'd like to talk to you too. Here my email: bb801@gmx.com.

Franklin Thomson, August 12 MMXV from Salon-de-Provence

I think that the doors of perception will open wider if this crop circle symbol can also be seen & referred to as the: Electric Sun.

S. Del Carlo, D.C.

A most auspicious and exciting choice for crop design, right in step with the Quantum Energy Wave coming soon! Do we see a Swastika? Yes. But not for long. Why? Because it is one and the same as the original Svastika (Sanskrit) morphing into its original shape, destroying the Swastika as it goes out in a blaze of cosmic glory. Goodness and light are returning to this planet where darkness and evil thought it could control forever.

Please enjoy reading below why I have said the above --
From James Gilliland
Pleiadian Contactee, eceti.org  Ranch, Washington State

"Due to the alignment with Galactic Plane (centre our Galaxy), Solar Cycle 24 and a grand cycle, we are undergoing incredible changes. The Sun is going ballistic."    

And from Exopolitics comes this information
...the Earth is moving into a region of the galaxy that is leading to increasing cosmic energies impacting our sun and altering human DNA. It is predicted this will lead to many changes in human society including major disclosures of advanced technologies, secret space programs and extraterrestrial life.

Dr Simon Atkens...has made startling predictions about incoming cosmic energies and their impact. Among them is… an acceleration and heightening of electromagnetic energy from the sun and other cosmic energies that will build especially from late August into late September...

... more energy is being allowed to enter into the inner Sol System and directly affect the Sun, Planets and HUMAN BEINGS that are so easily put into trigger mode by these energies. At some point... we will fully be considered a 4/5th Density Transition Civilization. There are of course quite a few other EVENTS that will be occurring before this last EVENT leaves us standing on our own finally.

All this suggests that late September may well be a time where a cosmic energy spike causes significant changes in human physiology, thereby triggering disclosure events coinciding with the Papal U.S. visit. Any disclosure events concerning secret space programs and extraterrestrial life will be revolutionary, and thrust all humanity forward to become citizens of a galactic community.
 © Michael E. Salla, Ph.D


While the above writing emphasizes September as the month for this cosmic energy spike, other sources say it is more likely that the massive peak will be reached in the time period between October and December of 2015 as critical mass is still building while September will bring first tangible signs of that. Either way the Quantum Energy Wave is destined as the tool of transformation and awakening of consciousness it's supposed to be. Though CERN is there to try to stop the awakening as well as create artificial portals, nothing can stop the forces of the Universe or stay the Hand of the Almighty.

Please note again the last sentence. "Any disclosure events concerning secret space programs and extraterrestrial life will be revolutionary, and thrust all humanity forward to become citizens of a galactic community". If we'd like to put into that statement  all the centuries-long dark deeds and evil events perpetrated against Mankind up to now and symbolize ALL OF IT as our being pinned under one gigantic Swastika (which took God/good and twisted, corrupted it), the rays of the sun in the crop circle are saying very loudly, "our jagged rays symbolize your Swastikas unravelling being twisted back into their original Sanskrit Svastikas, the symbol of auspiciousness in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, not to mention many other cultures on Earth whose similar symbols signified only things beneficial, spiritual, bringing wellbeing and good fortune. With the unravelling comes the restoration and redemption of Mankind as energies realign to manifest the "image of God" on Earth through a transformed Humanity as Creator originally designed.



The one who got into the Woodpile of Humanity is now being removed, caused to unwind and depart, hence the "jagged" appearance of the sun rays in the Crop Circle. The "ballistic" sun James talks about is part of the very energy tool of change and transformation doing the job. Change in our DNA, expansion of our consciousness so we awake to truth and retrieve sovereign rulership of our lives and planet, all this is due to the super increase in cosmic waves. The sun's reaction TO those waves and to energy from Galactic Plane is the wonderful message from this beautiful Crop Circle:  all these positive changes are happening now and more are on the way as reversal of the Swastika is quickly heading toward final and total completion. So the overall message of the Circle is one of Hope and Joy.

We are seeing magnificent celebration in this Sun crop circle, not a flat pancake, but a round ball or sphere, 12 rays emanating from one central core counted to make 13, further signifying crown chakra enlightenment (13 is Christ Consciousness) for many MANY upon the Earth, coming fast. All changes are happening simultaneously and in sync.

The "Woodpile"

Final note, below is the Sanskrit Svastika. Note the 4 small circles in the design.

Four small circles also appear in the Ox Drove Crop Circle. Coincidence?

Long before this religious symbol became a symbol of death and destruction under the rule of Hitler in Europe, the Svastika was used as the symbol of good fortune by the people of the Indian subcontinent.


More images here of the 4 circles

4 "discs" or circles

For students of exact historical truth, the date of this Crop Circle at Ox Drove being reported August 8 is interesting. The truth is, August 8, 8 BC was the actual birth date of Esu Immanuel the Christ, the Nazarene, the Master Teacher also called Jesus who today bears the name SANANDA. He said he would return "bearing a new name" and that name is Sananda. That a Crop Circle heralding the return of life and liberty to a persecuted weary planet should appear on Esu's earth birthday has got to make us exclaim like Commander Data in Star Trek Voyager: "most intriguing!" Sananda came then to liberate souls separated from Source.  His energy is returning again to liberate us from darkness and resurrect our divinity and sovereignty through transformation by LIGHT.

Barbara Tomczyk

This complex circle refers to the “Black Sun” of Germanic mysticism and neo-Nazi symbolism. The four small circles are the four chastising comets, each with a final debris trail shown.  During the Cometary Period Black Sun mysticism will decline and eventually vanish. The 12 bent lines represent the trajectories of comets and their major fragments. The inner central ring is the Earth.  The outer rim is on the fringes of the Inner Oort Cloud; inside it is the region of the Kuiper Belt. Before entering the solar system  (after exiting  the Kuiper Belt) the aliens slow down and redirect the comets to reposition them for the right trajectory  to strike the Earth. The 12 here refer specifically to Comet B with its 10 fragments and split nucleus, but fragmentation only begins when solar radiation becomes significant. The center shows a conglomerate circle representing all impacts of both comets and fragments. Oddly, there is a single circle inside the larger conglomerate circle, perhaps to indicate  comet impacts. All comets will go around the Sun, but this distance is apparently too small to indicate in this crop circle. The one seemingly geometrical defect on the outer rim argues for a changed trajectory upon entering the Kuiper Belt.

The image also seems to resemble a hubcap from an expensive sports car or limousine, implying these car types will be in decline during the Cometary Period.

Kenneth Heck

When you stop the youtube video

Zinnia Kinetic Sculpture by Clayton Boyer

You can see 16th July 2001

mike w


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike