Ringslebenstrase, nr Gropiusstadt, Germany. Reported 18th May

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I know someone in Berlin who went to check the crop circle! see pictures below. she found it after one hour of searching! The plants are about 1m20 high , and one cannot see the crop circle from a distance. she doesn't know well the subject, but said " it was not very well made, but looks like it's made by a machine" and to my question, (I spoke to her on the phone when she was inside) answered that " the all plants seem bent, at their beginning on the ground, and not broken" also that there are two ways the plants are laid down, in the big circle, a change of direction at the outside, as seen in some aerial views and just after leaving, she suffered with a pain at the left eye, maybe allergy...

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Examination of a crop circle near the southern border of Berlin in the county Dahme-Spree (522505.77N, 132724.69E). Date of Exam.: May 22nd, 2015 at 4:30 pm. Weather: dry and cloudy with sunshine. Examiner: Joachim Koch and Heike Rohde. 

The crop circle is located right at the southern town border (borough of Buckow) inside a green rye field with a height of the plants of about 1 m (Pic No. 1).

The aerial photograph of the Crop Circle Connector shows the field as seen from east to west (Pic No. 2).

At the time of the examination there was no one else inside the field, two people were standing and talking on a way in the distance.

From atop of the small sand hills on the building site in the west of the field one could overlook the site very well. If you look closely at the field in the distance you can see the dart dots of the crop circle. If you dont know what you are looking for you easily can miss it (Pic No. 3).

You can reach the formation very easy along the broad tramlines. We entered it at the middle circle in the west (Pic No. 4).

The plants already came up again in parts, others were still on the ground and lay there in different directions. Especially at the edges they mixed with the standing stems (Pics No. 5-7).

In the centre of the circles some plants were standing, there was no construction hole in the ground.

From this middle circle we turned left (east) and reached the centre circle (Pic No. 8).

Again the plants laid in a mess. The diameter of the centre circle was approx. 9.40 m. From the irregular edges inwards we saw the plants pressed down for approx.70 cm  clockwise, then approx. 70 cm counter clockwise and then again clockwise with approx. 6.60 m in diameter. Right in the centre again some plants where standing surrounded by a ring of badly trampled plants on the ground. There was also no hole and no construction lines. Everywhere you could see broken stems near the ground (Pics No. 9-13).

Then we went into the middle circle to the south just to see the same aspect (Pic No. 14).

As something a bit different we found a circular trace near the edge comparable to the well-known construction lines (Pic No. 15).

 The crop laid clockwise without a counter-clockwise ring as in the centre circle. The diameter was approx. 6 m. A look inside the smallest southern circle (approx. 1 m) revealed circular plants with a messy lay around some standing stems (Pic No. 16).

The crop circle in the whole gave the impression as if it was made in a great hurry and it might have taken no longer than half an hour to create this mess. The sand hills at the building site are ideal for looking out and warning for approaching people during the construction phase. You cant see the crop circle from the way going through the field and that is why nobody has announced its existence. That must have been so annoying for the creator team that they finally announced it by themselves and provided the photographs taken with the drone to the Crop Circle Connector.

Near the end of the one hour examination two younger men appeared on the scene playing around with a drone and steered it towards us and the field. We refrained from talking and paying attention to them and left the field.

Joachim Koch

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