Ringslebenstrase, nr Gropiusstadt, Germany. Reported 18th May

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Updated Saturday 20th June 2015


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Transmutation of Knowledge of The Line 

   The image reminds us of Human geometry.

  There are 11 circles. The 3 circles on the lines denote 11 inside the circles.


  The day of the report is May 18,2015 and is the day of 11 Tijax in the 260 day calendar. 

  Tijax is the keeper of the lines and the prolific seeds. It is also the Flint and the place where the two polarities are brought into proximity of each other.

There is certainly a definitive line between the field and the populace. There are many lines. 

  The energy of Tijax is closely associated with protecting the ecosystem.

  The US National Park Service was born on 13 Tijax, Aug, 25, 1916

   The Flint is the keeper of the spark and the point where 2 energies meet.

   This is the Logo for the Park Service.

  Cesar Pelli is a famous architect who designed and built the Patronas Towers.

  Born Oct 12, 1926  is the day of 8 Tijax. He manifested his time.

  The Golden Gate Bridge was born on 1 Tijax. Opened,  May 27, 1937

  Lots of 11's and to top it off, the report on 11 Tijax is in the 13 day week of Qanil. 

 Qanil specifically states “the protection of the ecosystem”  “live in harmony with nature”.

  Only in this week does 11 Tijax ocurr. Qanil and Tijax are opposed on the calendar. Qanil is the center of the Earth quadrant, and Tijax is the center of the Water quadrant. link 


   Lots of 11's and the theme of 5 is revealed. It appears to be a simple message of humanities encroachment upon the natural splendor of nature. Preserve the Ecosystem. Keep the lines. 

 Other day calendar sources for authentic Quiche Maya count and descriptions.

 Guatemala Ministry of Culture

 Smithsonian (Carlos Barrios)

 Saq' Be'

 Artstrology date checker 

The I-Ching correlation is hexagram #8 is Tijax. Tijax is the 8th day in the Maya count.

The hexagram looks like the Patronas Towers. Full I-Ching, day count, periodic table, index Here

  This hexagram specifically references the wisdom of the leader implementing a system whereby nature is preserved by smart hunting practices.

     “The fifth NINE, undivided, affords the most illustrious instance of seeking union and attachment. (We seem to see in it) the king urging his pursuit of the game (only) in three directions, and allowing the escape of all the animals before him, while the people of his towns do not warn one another (to prevent it). There will be good fortune. “

 Sacred Text Archive I-Ching # 8

The specific reference to 3 directions is interesting in relationship to the crop formation.

        Where are the animals to live in this image of field and houses ? 

  Perhaps Verboekhoven illustrates our position.

    Learning from the Lions, means taking, Only what we need. Self examination is necessary. 

   Meanwhile, its in Germany and the following decan image of Elephant, the third decan of Taurus is taken from “Das Indische Horoskop” by Marlene Kruger 

  The 3rd decan of Taurus is Elephant. It is a four footed male decan ruled by Saturn. (May 11-20) A man with the brownish-red body of an elephant, large white teeth, and feet like a Sarabha is friendly toward the ram and the animals of the forest.  

Followup ... 

Announced 19 June, 2015 one month after formation. 

Germany To Turn 62 Military Bases Into Nature Sanctuaries 

""The German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation announced on Thursday that it will turn 62 military bases into tranquil nature reserves.

"We are seizing a historic opportunity with this conversion -- many areas that were once no-go zones are no longer needed for military purposes," Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks said, according to Agence France-Presse.

German military reforms have allowed the country to set aside 76,600 acres of forests, marshes, meadows and moors for wildlife. "We are fortunate that we can now give these places back to nature," Hendricks said. ""

"The majority of the former bases and training areas are in historic West Germany, west of the former Iron Curtain. The fortified borderlands that separated communist and capitalist Europe became accidental nature reserves during the Cold War. Many of these areas are now part of the European Green Belt , a chain of habitats that runs from Norway to Turkey. "

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