Gussage St Andrews, Nr Sixpenny Handley, Dorset, United Kingdom. Reported 13th August

Map Ref: ST982143

Updated Tuesday 16th March 2016


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Three “supermoons”, the tail of an airplane and the “tail of a monkey”:
astronomy, aeronautics and good humour are all on display near a
new crop picture at Gussage St. Andrews on August 13, 2014



Evol Lanoitidnocnu posts us this powerful art work that relates to the recent crop circle reported in Dorset with this covering comment - 'This crop circle pulls like a magnet – called it fusion-fission. It was very enjoyable process to play with it.'

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Luis Delgado Salez posts us his slide on the recent crop circle in Dorset. The Google translate is - 'Ready mini explanatory video' - Perhaps he is making a video narrated in Portuguese?

Andrea Vergara posted us these 2 images which I have placed side by side that relate to the new crop circle in Dorset, UK.


An awesome crop circle has been reported from Gussage.  To me, the figure depicts the Metatron’s cube and hence the double tetrahedron, symbolizing MER KA BA. The 8 corner of the cube (double-tetrahedron - MER) indicates the very first 8-cells, which form during the initial stage of a fetus. Emanating from the center of the cube, the bio-energy field (KA - the Spirit) is confined within the surrounding hexagon, defined by these 8-cells. The concentric circles in the crop circle, illustrate probably this energy field and its center.


BA defines the whole body, hence the name MER KA BA (from Ancient Egypt).

The flower of the life is nestled within this hexagon where each leaf points one corner of the hexagon. 


The 6 curves are probably implying a half DNA molecule each, not a complete double helix DNA-strand.


Caduceus with “Winged disk”                                                            Osiris’ staff

The seven spokes in the three of the triangles may suggest that this part is the base of the downward tetrahedron. However, the number 7 is also the symbol of the Sumerian God Enki, the creator of mankind according to the Sumerian mythology. Since the crop circle might picture the beginning of the life, I would suggest that the crop circle symbolizes Lord Enki.                           

Berat Sancar

Artwork WJ


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The formation while it looks intriguing has some flaws in the execution of the design. But the geometry and maths do convey a theme (maybe "Sixpenny Handle" inspired it):

sine wave arms provide the frequency of 12.

triangles have lines of 3x7 and 3X3 = 24.

a hexagon = 6

3 raised circles = 1080

It’s all related to space, time and light.

12 x 24 = 288 or 2 x 144 Gematria for light

288 x 6 = 1728 which can also be expressed as 1.728 and the fraction 216/125 or 6^3 and 5^3.

However, 1728 x 1080 = 186624[0] base nine speed of light miles/s.

To summarise the maths: 6 x 12 x 24 x 1080 = 1866240

Trevor J Ward

Hello again dear friends, 

today on 15th August I saw  many new incoming reports here in the 'comments'.. That's really great - and I want to say big thanks to all of you! 

Same as I remember a sympathetic man with name Bernard who emailed me on 11th August. In the 'subject' field he wrote: "Thanks for keeping it simple".......... And yes, I'm always focused onto keeping the messages simple.  So I take you, Bernard, into my consideration, too, sure including my big thanks to you. 

Usually I write in a way which you can understand easily, at least I hope so. I give my best, as always, to 'translate' even the most difficult topics into a language which I think everybody can really understand, respectively 'feel' the messages.... Sometimes the things grow a bit more complex, and then I tell you to use your 'higher understanding' which simply means, that you should forget your logical understanding and instead use only your 'emotional intelligence' for to be able to 'understand' the messages with your heart.

Okay, I have spent a lot of time to create and to present you TWO images right here.

The first I will begin with, is the actual crop circle image. And yes, it is another example of 'state of the art' - drawn and delivered by high intelligent beings - crop circle makers.....ETs....... brothers and sisters...... Those beings who always are in friendship with Earth humans, unimportant the 'sad events' which took and take place here. However, CC-makers can't intervene here for some reasons.
So they did and always do their best for to support us, to show us the ways out of the mess....... Again I send my big thanks to all of our 'Galactic brothers and sisters' - yes it's a big honour for me. 

So after the short 'intro' I'll speed up now and present my 1st image to you. I have added some coloured lines into it and I hope that you will be able to follow me. So here's the image: 

As you can see I have added short explanations. In short I have drawn a 'inner Merkaba' in colours of blue and purple. The 'MerKaBa' in reality is a device with some astonishing abilities (sure I do know of what I speak about because I possess such a 'device' with all its magical abilities). However, I have drawn the blue lines which is the 'male part' of energies and have added the purple lines for to depict the 'female parts'. It's not that important 'how' you translate the two energies, more important is that you realise the two different energies - which in summary should be in 'balance' - as an ideal condition. (Sure here on Earth these two energies have gone into extreme imbalance - as everybody can see) To go on with my descriptions, it makes no difference whether you call the two parts of the MerKaBA as 'male and female' or as 'good and bad' or just as 'positive and negative'.  It's just a world of polarisation we live in - even in every sense. 

You see the green lines which describe the 'cubes' - one inner cube and one outer cube. Inside the cubes there are shapes of the 'MerKaBa'.

So you see a 'small' MerKaBa close to the centre and you see the really big MerKaBa which I have draw with bold lines in red into the outer diameter.

What is of importance here, is the bold drawn black line which I have added, which starts at the centre and goes straight left. It is a 'zero line', in other words it shows the 'influence' or 'peak' of the two opposite energies, depicted above and below of that 'zero line' - look that 'X' and the TWO different 'P' at the left..... You'll understand.  

Short note here: I wrote this report just before the new reports were been published on this site. And if I look at it now, I see the many new incoming reports like this one, written by Mr. Berat Sancar. I won't judge his whole report, but here he was right and I copy in his lines: "To me, the figure depicts the Metatron’s cube and hence the double tetrahedron, symbolizing MER KA BA." And yes, Mr. Sancar, in this you are absolutely right! So my thanks to you........ 

Another short 'reminder' here. In 2013-July-24 there was another and pretty similar crop circle:wessexridgeway 

I 'placed' that image right onto a suit of a soldier, which is a screenshot of the PC- and console game: Mass Effect 3: 

As I told before, I mentioned TWO images which I have created.

I have created both images just BEFORE all of your reports were been published.
And the 2nd image which I have created, it took me a real long time of thinking and drawing. 

And in same time it is my next MESSAGE which I send to CC-makers by telepathic transmission.

It is ME who sends out another message just for to be received by our Galactic brothers and sisters. It is a continuation of our conversation. In the concentration how to create and how to draw the next massage, I also have sent it out telepathically - and it took me a pretty big part of energy.........And this time, dear readers, I won't tell any of the meaning to you. 

However, the outcome, the result, the message is as follows: 

And with this my new sent message you are witnesses now - once again and even in real time. So let's look out together now with the ultimate question: Will 'they' send another sign, another reply as they did before so often???

And for all those ones, those never ending 'sceptical' persons, the influenced and mind restricted living humans, I present two images here, which I please you to read and TRY to understand: 

This is the end of my report now. Nothing left to say except this:

Very kind regards to all of you, including our Galactic brothers and sisters............. 

2014-08-15 - Gerd Estrup -

I suspect this is not the real deal. It is intriguing, however. And it has provoked a lot of interest. If this is manmade then the people involved did a wonderful job. They are likely unaware that every time a Human hand plays a part in the creation of a large scale pictogram such as this, they will walk away from it forever changed. This is my feeling regarding such. Participation at any level either to investigate or to create is communication through layers. Well done.

Susan Gibbens

Powerful energies for healing and transformation 

This crop circle appeared on August 13, 2014. In accordance to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin (which according to the Mayas is a Galactic Module) on August 13 began the Wavespell of the Blue Hand (MANIK) with the qualities: Knowledge, Accomplishment, Healing.

On the pictogram are depicted six snakes and the snake is a symbol for the art of Healing - this is a clear sign for the Blue Hand Wavespell. 


In three of the triangles we see 7 lines in each of them. This also points to the Solar Seal "Blue Hand" which is the 7th Solar Seal.

The Blue Hand Wavespell continues 13 days, in this case from August 13 till August 25, 2014.  This is a period of active Transformation and Healing. In these days we have the chance to use as good as possible the Healing energies of MANIK.

More about the Blue Hand Wavespell can be read here: 

I think the 3 circles in the center of the pictogram symbolize the bodies of the human. We usually generalize them to three: Physical body, Soul and Spirit. 

The blue colour means Transformation. During the Blue Hand Wavespell a Transformation of the human bodies takes place.  

Round the three bodies of the human is depicted a hexagon, which symbolizes a crystal. We could use the energies of MANIK in order to fill our bodies with Light, to transform our bodies and to build our Crystal Light body.  

Round the hexagon are depicted two triangles which symbolize Mer-Ka-Ba:

"the spirit/body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in DNA, which transports spirit/body from one dimension to another".

The creators of this crop circle probably want to draw our attention to the fact, that the energy of MANIK can help us by the building of our light field Mer-Ka-Ba. 

Driven by the energy of the Blue Hand a transformation of the Earth's bodies also takes place. And the old Crystal grid of the Earth is transforming in a New Crystal grid which corresponds to the new condition of the thoughts, wishes, intentions of the humans on Earth.

Maya Todorova





Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike