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Six penneys, Six Ajpu, and Six points 

  Reported Aug 13, 2014 is the day of 6 Ajpu.   

   The primary essence of the crop image is Balance of the Polarities. Straight lines and circles, curves and points, magneticss pulling in and out. 

   Ajpu is the 10th day, the 10th image of the major arcana of the tarot, the # 10 hexagram of the I-Ching.


   The order and placement of the symbols on this image are incorrect, but presence is suitable. The name of Wheel of Fortune is ok kindof, but perhaps there are more appropriate names for this energy.

                              The center of the crop reminds one of a target.

Ajpu in the context of the Maya, is the true essence of the energy, but being a bit polite. The reasons for this politic is embedded in their culture. The Elders speak highly of this energy, but in the context of their culture. For other cultures, it is not thought of as completely auspicious.

 Maya are spiritually based in the communal knowledge sense.

  Image by Pablo Yaminik on Saq'Be and the description of Ajpu Here

 For the Maya it is the blow gun and the hunter.

Another Image and description from Quiche Maya... Here



Most famously, the day of DEC 21, 2012 was thought to be the end of this or that.

 Ajpu is the day of the gun and Dec 21, 2012 was 4 Ajpu. 4 being stability, It was the day of the stability of the gun. One event from that day, is the Press Conference given  by The National Rifle Association in the US. Posted on Youtube Dec 21, 2012.

Quote from the speech, “"The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."

So, the deeper understanding of Ajpu energy is that of understanding the protectors and hunters. This activity is not always pleasant, but is absolutely necessary. All life needs protection.

                                           Where to find the Balance ?

  LOOK , It's a bird, no wait its a plane, whoops,. No it's SUPERMAN, no wait it is AJPU !!!

             Jerry Siegel , the artist who created Superman was born on 11 Ajpu.


He did not create alone, but is a co-creator with Joe Shuster who was born on 3 Imox, the other Twin.

Factoid from Wiki,..”Siegel and Shuster created a bald telepathic villain referred to as "the Superman", bent on dominating the entire world.

                                   But then... superman changed

 The twin elements of  Ajpu and Imox are Praseodymium and Neodymium respectively. Going from Ajpu to Imox is the bridge between water and fire. The place of the water snake and crocodile.  This requires knowledge of Good and Evil. Male-female, right-wrong, dark-light, visible-invisible. This is not to indicate that people born of this time have wisdom about this.

   This is important information , what do the ancient Chinese have to say,  from Hexagram # 10

                               Hexagram # 10,  looks kinda like the Ajpu glyphs

Main descriptor of the Hexagram: ( read entire desc here )

 “(Lî suggests the idea of) one treading on the tail of a tiger, which does not bite him. There will be progress and success “

  and below in line 3

    “ 3. The third SIX, divided, shows a one-eyed man (who thinks he) can see; a lame man (who thinks he) can walk well; one who treads on the tail of a tiger and is bitten. (All this indicates) ill fortune. We have a (mere) bravo acting the part of a great ruler. “ 

   Like Superman, this energy has a dual personality because it rides the scales of balance between the polarities and encorporates both. There is deception afoot, espionage, and the day of the turncoat spies.

     Just a few examples of people born on Ajpu:

                 Kim Philby – worked as a double agent as a high ranking member of British intelligence before defecting to the Soviet Union in 1963.  Image below ( looks like kent} USSR stamp

                 Mary Shelley – creator of Frankenstein ( like superman, beats death )

  John Anthony Walker –  US Navy Officer convicted of spying for the Soviets from '68 – '85.

   13 Ajpu....         Truman Bethurum (August 21, 1898 – May 21, 1969) was the second of the well known 1950s contactees; individuals who claimed to have spoken with people from other inhabited planets and entered or ridden in their space craft. His experiences led him to visit and discuss the issue with George Adamski. 

  The 13 day week of Ajpu is described in chapters 3, 23, and 43 in Genesis. This of course is highly controversial because chapter 3 is the snake in the garden and the most misunderstood text in the world at this time. The knowledge of good and evil is basically the lesson of Fear being overcome. Ajpu energy will at times, be easily frightened and use fear mongering on the women as a tactic to encite others to defend. The tigers tail is striped, the blue lions headdress is striped for a reason.

   The headdress which is striped is the indication that the wearer has the knowledge of both polarities.

                  The Vulture is from Jackal and the Snake is from Ajpu.

   Vulture can see far and the snake is cunning. Not predators of man.  

“”"All religions are equally sublime to the ignorant, useful to the politician, and ridiculous to the philosopher.”"”

- Lucretius 

 The 6's.  6 Ajpu only occurs in the week of Tzikin. These two have a couple things in common. One is the eyes, and the other is the balance of physical and spiritual.  A few phrases “double the money”

 “ seraphim complex”,... “dual personality “ , “fear based punishment “ “snake in grass or tree “

               “ you will not die “

   If you are receiving spiritual council from someone born on Ajpu, Hang onto your wallet and your self worth. Stay off your knees, … it will be a ride for sure,  there are many cults viciously run by this energy. They may well see things, but this does not mean they have discernment....

  But certainly the skill to make people think so. Is cunning. 

  The true nature of the energy is to protect and defend life.  Be wise like a serpent, is to be cautious when forming opinion before all facts are known, do not walk heavily through the grass unaware. Examine product only. ... evil is live spelled backwards.

David Odell

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