Brimslade Farm, nr Wootton Rivers, Wiltshire. Reported 16th April.

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A prediction from Brimslade Farm on April 16, 2014 may have come true: 35 days later on May 20, we learn that a boomerang-shaped UFO seems to have been photographed by a camera in space   

In the days after a new crop picture appeared at Brimslade Farm on April 16, 2014, some of us noticed that it seemed to encode a “triangle puzzle”. Several different triangle puzzles have been drawn in crops during the past. Each had their own specific number of overlapping triangles (see With that idea in mind, three of us (HRD, AJG and AK) studied the new triangle puzzle and found 35 overlapping triangles. We suggested that the triangle code might represent a date, for example 35 days into the future.  

We also noted that this triangle puzzle (which was drawn in the shape of a boomerang-shaped UFO) appeared in a field close to landscape symbols for a “camera” and a “space rocket”. Might the crop artists have been trying to tell us that some boomerang-shaped UFO would be photographed by a camera in space, around May 20 or 35 days later? 

Today on May 20, it was reported that an image taken by the SOHO LASCO C2 camera in space on May 12 at 14:12 UT seems to show a large, boomerang-shaped UFO (see  

Later in an edited version of the same photograph, that apparent image of a large, boomerang-shaped UFO was covered up by a large square of many different colours.  

When we look closely at the next slide, we can see the apparent shape of that boomerang-shaped UFO more clearly: 

It seems to resemble the Brimslade Farm crop picture, which has been drawn schematically on the left. It also resembles a “landed UFO” from Google Moon, which some people explained as a “row of bright pixels”. In this case, each row of large round dots is curved rather than straight. Thus it will be difficult to explain the new image as a “row of bright pixels”.  

Many kinds of “UFO” have been reported before in SOHO images (see Most of these were artefacts due to the impact of cosmic rays on the camera. The majority of such “UFOs” were seen in low-resolution “beacon” images, which are of poorer quality than high-resolution images that are downloaded later. 

Here we have seen a well-defined “boomerang UFO” in the beacon image, which was later “covered up” in a subsequent high-resolution image. I checked all 104 of the LASCO C2 images taken on May 12, 2014. No other “large squares” or “UFOs” appear in any of them.  

In summary, if this is a camera artefact, then it would seem to be of a novel kind not seen previously. There are no bright background stars of that shape in the region photographed. There was no bright “cosmic ray” at that location in the beacon image, which might cause a large square to be blacked out later. The putative UFO shows a curved shape on both left and right, whereas any cosmic rays would leave straight tracks.  

Finally, the new boomerang-shaped UFO, which was photographed by SOHO on May 12, 2014, resembles many other UFOs seen by people on Earth, especially for multiple-witness sightings in Phoenix or the Hudson Valley:  

Any report of this kind will be controversial. First, Brimslade Farm was an early-season crop picture, of such simple form that it could have been faked. Secondly, there have been a long series of unreliable reports about UFOs made on the basis of noisy SOHO or STEREO satellite images. If we see further images of this large, boomerang-shaped UFO in crops or in photographs, then we may be able to say more.


Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



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Further comments on the Brimslade Farm crop picture, and a related UFO photo taken on almost the same day over Australia   

Many thanks for helpful comments on the Brimslade crop circle made by other researchers! Our differences of opinion are probably more apparent than real.  

First, within the limits of accuracy to which this crop picture was drawn, its two pointed ends at lower left or lower right may be represented as “triangles” to a first approximation:  

There is a slight gap at each pointed end, which however is no wider than the width of a flattened line elsewhere. Perhaps this was part of the design? Or perhaps the crop artists found it difficult to create sharp ends, using a thick-stemmed crop such as oilseed rape?  

Secondly, after studying the excellent ground photographs and field report of Paul Jacobs (see  groundshots or fieldreports), as well as a subsequent field report by Charles Mallett (see, we cannot be sure whether Brimslade as a simple, early-season crop picture might be paranormal in origin, or else a human-made fake?  

Thirdly, the Brimslade crop picture seems to show a boomerang-shaped UFO. Just two days later on April 18, 2014, a real boomerang-shaped UFO of similar appearance was photographed by a pilot over Caloundra north of Brisbane (see 

Fourthly, the new crop picture at Brimslade resembles at least three other paranormal crop pictures from previous years, which appeared at Chesterton Windmill on July 9, 2009, Liddington Castle on July 1, 2012, or Avebury Trusloe on July 7, 2013:  

Finally, when we study its internal structure carefully, we find that the new Brimslade crop picture seems to encode a “triangle puzzle” similar to other examples shown here (see or drawn previously in crops (see fringe2013n). If made by local humans on the ground, this could just be a fortuitous coincidence. If made by paranormal forces from the air, it might encode some kind of numerical message.  

The “reed boat” which was drawn at Avebury Trusloe on July 7, 2013 showed a time code of “1947-2”, relating to two UFO crashes near Roswell, New Mexico as reported on July 7, 1947.  

The “windmill” crop picture from July 2009 showed 52 overlapping triangles in total, so as to suggest “52 months” until comet Ison would go around the Sun and emerge as a “large triangular UFO” during November of 2013. 

This new crop picture at Brimslade shows a geometrical code for 35 overlapping triangles, where “35” might represent some unit of time (for example days, weeks or months) before we see that “reed boat UFO” sailing amid the stars, just as we saw a boomerang-shaped UFO over Caloundra on April 18, 2014.  

Since we do not know for certain whether Brimslade was made by local humans on the ground, or by paranormal forces from the air, it seemed wisest to solve the “triangle puzzle” as shown to find a solution of “35”. That number can then be tested as 35 days, weeks or months until some large UFO might be photographed in space, of a similar boomerang-type appearance? If we had not solved this new “triangle puzzle” as drawn in crops, then we would have no way of testing whether its detailed form predicts some major UFO event in the near future.  

There are also significant symbolisms in the landscape near the new crop picture at Brimslade Farm, which suggest that its field location was carefully chosen.

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

First new Formation 16April, reported by Charlie Mallett on his Silent Circle website
foto: Joel Freeman

Charlie's a very pleasant dude, but he spends the entire page trying to convince that the stalks he shows 'had suffered massive crushing and scraping trauma during the flattening process – due to a very lumpy mechanical method being employed to vandalise this crop field.' well, in THIS observer's opinion, while I disagree with the 'massive crushing' part, it's clear there are serious 'scraping' scars (that aren't scrapes) AND SNAPPED STALKS ... those that're snapped tell the real story:

The damage done to these three stalks, for example, is definitely not from crushing, but rather from having been EXPLODED from the  inside, outward ... i have been in oilseed fields and Formations and have observed that oilseed rape/canola has a very high water content, much like celery ... - one of the mechanisms that help to lay the crop during a Transmission consists of microwave pulses from the overhead BoLs:  a very high heat estimated by some at 1600ºF or more, pulsed for nanoseconds inside the SoundBarrier (the first component of a Crop Circle that's generated to set aside what going to be Formation from the rest of the field - the SoundBarrier is a containment field or 'band' about 18" wide that prevents the Energies' being applied INside the Formation-to-be from running thru the rest of the field and down the tramlines) ...
In foreground are the stalks that the Energies of the Transmission have Acted upon to lay the stalks, here from right to left; in the background the plants are upright (well, ok, there's always one) ... why weren't the background plants ALSO laid?  it's 'cuz there's a SoundBarrier  (a vibrating EnergyBand ~18" thick)  separating the foreground plants from the upright ones ... don't just take my word for its presence, check it out for yourself: if you return to this precise spot (with farmer's permission) after the field is harvested, you'll be able to dowse these SoundBarrier Energies, and they'll register on yr eMeters of various stripes, too ... if you have a batt-optd camera, and if you were to stand within that SoundBarrier and try to shoot a picture, your shutter would likely not function - you couldn't press it down ... back up a foot (out of the SoundBarrier's domain) and try again, and you'll get yr shot
- when the high heat from the BoLs is pulsed and directed onto the bases of the crop, the moisture normally inside the stalks rapidly heats and expands, in many cases going to steam and rupturing thru a stalk's node, or joint (usually there are 4 or 5 nodes per stalk which purpose is to phototrope the seedhead (raise it off the ground and turn it toward the Sun should heavy rain, Winds, over-fertilization, or the wheels of the combine (or our CircleMakers'Energies) knock them over) - in such rupture-cases we observe 'blown nodes' ... I've noticed that in a given Formation, ALL nodes at the same height (say the second or third from the ground) will be blown in a particular area in the Formation, and all will be blown leaving an identical pattern:  there may be one single 'O'-type hole in the nodes thru which the steam escaped, or there may be two - kind of like if you try to blow up a balloon only no air could get into the balloon so yr cheeks would rupture instead - so those nodes would be blown twice, almost directly opposite each another, and will reharden in that position ...
- now, as for what have been described too many Times as 'scrapes' -


Rather than get all wordy here, if possible ask yr mum, wife, daughter, or a good friend about 'stretch marks' when she was pregnant (if you're a female, you might ask yr mum or a friend if you haven't been pregnant) ... stretch marks are much like runs in nylons (which women used to wear in olden days ...  ;)    and yes, i'm saying that what are too often labelled 'scrapes by a board' are actually akin to 'stretch marks' ... to cut this really short: these excellent fotos (credit to paul Jacobs) confirm to THIS Circle student that this field Pattern is, in fact, a genuine Transmission ... (now, while I'm 180º out from his conclusion, Charlie's entire site is very nicely done - the click-to-enlarge mechanism opens a new screen and fills it so you can almost smell the earth or pick up a piece of flint as a souvenir) - on top of wch you get a mag glass for an even tighter zoom ... check out that  protrusion to the RIGHT of his fingers with the zoomer - note the hole in it from wch the hot water/steam exited (which is what Allows the crop to lie down - it instantly 'wilts') ... you'll also see clearly that the rupture occurred from the white middle section, then outward from it - the roundness of the stalk at this area was splayed open when the pressure INSIDE the stalk built up ... it's completely localized to this area, no 'scrapes' above or below or around that white 'expansion' line ... there are no 'scrapes', just ruptures from the internal built-up pressure wch altered the stalk's integrity ....


Here it is on The Connector   VIDEO


Brimslade Farm, nr Wootton Rivers, Wiltshire. Reported 16th April. ... 
and here's a first-hand report from paulJacobs as he explored this Formation  
and there was a second Formation, Gifted to NL ... this one was presciently picked up by RobbertvandenBroeke as have been many previous and later ones:

Perhaps you'd like to tour this Roosendaal Circle on yr own?  ;) and so another Circle Season has begun - all's well with the world!

(well, if all were truly well, I don't believe our CircleMakers would be here as urgently as they have been, inputting Love/Light into our planet for 25yrs now).



Echoes of missing Flight MH370: Part 1

Although I didn't survey this formation, reference to Google earth revealed that a familiar line of latitude [ref. WGS 84] - 51.376° N, which intersected the centre of the renowned Milk Hill circle of August, 2001 [which I did survey] - passes through it or, grazes past it. I then concluded that the meridian, 1.702° W, is also at least quite close to the edifice. The point is illustrated on the adapted Google earth image below: 

For the purposes of this analysis I'll be using the following adaptation of the useful drawing by Pablo Olivares, which I thank him for: 

When I first saw an aerial picture of the formation I concluded that the structure could be a symbolic representation of some form of aircraft. I was therefore later interested to read that Pablo had thought likewise. I also agreed with his suggestion that there may even be a link to the missing Flight MH370. Indeed, I soon realised that a quantitative relationship between the crop circle and the enduring international tragedy could actually be staring us in the face. 

However, before pursuing that matter I'll show that the builders of this ostensibly innocuous-looking edifice left a clear message for us, which they were inviting us to ponder over. 

The formation can be considered to consist of three arrowhead-like structures that have been merged together. These figures comprise a total of 15 [= 9+5+1] enclosures, and are shown in the symbolic image below, where the arrowheads have been separated and numbered, 1-2-3

Although this labelling of the 3 arrowheads could hardly have been simpler, and would have been executed by many logical individuals who are seeking to understand the structures' role, from the perspective of prime numbers the labels used, 1, 2 & 3, are unique, because they are the only primes1 in existence that are consecutive integers. I concluded, then, that the circle's adept builders may have been inviting us to recognise another attribute of the labels, 1-2-3

This sequence could infer the number 123, and the 123rd prime is 673 [or: 123p = 673], which is linked to 15, the arrangement's quota of enclosures, in an exceedingly interesting way. 

The juxtaposition of 673 & 15 can infer the 5-digit decimal number, 673.15. But all analyses of crop formations are retrospective and if we look back on this expression we obtain, 51.376, which represents the exact WGS 84 latitude, in degrees N, of a line that cuts, or passes close to, the formation. This subtle but simple process of generating the 51.376 is depicted below: 

Having found this impressive link between the formation and the described WGS 84 latitude, I had every expectation that the structure would exhibit a similar intimacy with a meridian it's associated with and I was soon satisfied that that is indeed so. 

Each of the enclosures is bounded by three or four incremental lines, and the total allotment of these is the prime 37 i.e. 5+5 [the 2 sides] + 1+1 [the 2 bases] + 25 [= 5x5, the 5 spokes]. But these incremental lines also form two distinct groups: 17 external lines [another prime!] and 20, internal, as illustrated below, where the latter internal lines are marked with red dots [these help to highlight the fact that the lines are arranged in clusters of - 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1 - numbering 8 in total, where 8 happens to be the prime rank of 17 (i.e. the 8th prime is 17)]: 

If we now read from the above array of two numbers [i.e. with the 17 placed above the 20], starting at the 1 and moving in a clockwise direction, we can infer: 1702

But the 3 non-zero digits in 1702 add up to 10, and the expression 1702/103 yields 1.702, which is the exact value [in ° W] of the meridian that was depicted in Image 1. 

This subtle but simple process of generating the 1.702 is repeated in the illustration below: 

The ease with which the foregoing bonds between the formation's structural composition and the geographical coordinates of the point linked to it can be identified suggests, as implied earlier, that we were being invited to discover them. And if that is so, a question has to be raised as to whether our attention was also being drawn to additional coordinates of interest. Furthermore, as it was clear that the field creation resembles some form of aircraft, I could not dismiss the possibility that it had been intended to elucidate, arguably, the most baffling aviation incident of the modern era: the missing Malaysian Airways Flight MH370. And my consideration of one key item of readily available information certainly supported this idea. 

I knew that the date of the formation's appearance in a crop of RAPE, April 16, was the 106th day of 2014. But having identified, over the considerable period I've been interested in them, many circles where the crop they were found in embodies relevant data, I was now drawn to the fact that the value of RAPE [as per the basic cipher: A=1…Z=26] is 40 [= 18+1+16+5]. 

I realised that the described 106 exceeds this 40 by, 66, which corresponds to the day of the year [GMT] that Flight MH370 went missing i.e. Friday, March 07, was the 66th day of 2014 [the Boeing 777 left Kuala Lumpur Airport early Saturday morning, March 08, local time]: 

Having recognised this link between two of the formation's easily identifiable attributes and a key feature of the MH370 enigma, its day of occurrence, I discovered that relationships of an even more explicit nature exist between the field edifice and a spectrum of details concerning the aviation anomaly. These include definitive renderings of the following data2

  1. the number of the Flight, MH370

  2. the quota of passengers and crew, 239

  3. the name of the type of Boeing aircraft, 777-200

  4. the time of the departure [in minutes], 1001 [= 16.41 GMT]

However, as there's currently a great level of public interest in just one aspect of the affair, the location of the presumed wreckage, I decided to focus here on this specific issue. 

A thinly veiled latitude and longitude

We know that it was easy to identify the formation's coordinates [or those of a point near it]. It also wasn't hard to see how the edifice can replicate the numbers that define the respective values [in °, as per the WGS 84 datum]: 51.376 N  1.702 W. But if similar data is also being provided for a point that's located on a distant part of the globe it would have been absurd for the crop circle makers to have expected us to find it within a complex algorithm they devised. Logic dictates that if data pertaining to the aircraft's coordinates was submerged, within their creation, it should be possible for resolute individuals to find it, without too much difficulty. 

With this in mind, then, we shall now return to the formation. And as I've already shown that a relationship between its exterior and interior forms conveyed key information about one of the structure's coordinates [its longitude], I propose to undertake a hypothetical construction. I'll remove the interior grid of 20 incremental lines, and place it alongside what then remains of the original crop circle: 

The first point of interest is that by removing the 20 internal incremental lines, all of which had touched the exterior, we produce a figure with 9 sides, not one of which is subdivided. 

Furthermore, the 7 sides that comprise the latter structure's underbelly [as viewed] adjoin, on each extremity, 1 line, and these define the edifice's 2 sides. So it's possible that our attention is being drawn to a 1-7-1 arrangement of lines, which can infer a numerical palindrome, 171, which has an interesting relationship with 9, the figure's No. of sides i.e. 171 = 9 x 9p [= 19]. 

And knowing that it's common in crop circles, and similar structures, for expressions such as the described, 9 x 9p [or 3p x3p x9p], to be used as a means of inferring, 9 x 9, which equals, 81, I noted that the 171 can be expressed as the summation: 90+81. I also realised that when the larger of these numbers, 90, is placed above the 81, it's possible, when reading clockwise from the 9, to infer the number, 90.18, as illustrated below: 

It seemed barely credible - even to a veteran crop circle investigator such as myself - that this elementary analysis could provide part of the solution to a profound aviation enigma that may have already cost the international authorities in the order of £100x106. However, I could not now ignore the claims of an Australian company, GeoResonance - regarding an alleged point [or points] they identified in the Bay of Bengal, during a search they undertook for the plane's wreckage - even though their statements on the subject have not been received well by many scientists and individuals who purport to be knowledgeable in that area of investigation. 

I've been unable to obtain confirmation from GeoResonance as to what the accurate location of their area of interest is. However, certain Internet sources have inevitably published clearly defined geographical coordinates [which appear to have been leaked from the reports that the company had communicated to the various interested parties in confidence]. One such source, The Rakyat Post, provides these coordinates, 20° N   90.18° E, and the point is highlighted on the adapted Google earth map below: 

So there was a 100% correlation between the latitude & longitude that this source quoted and two linked numbers which, as I've shown, can be easily read from the formation: 20 & 90.18

And as I believed I had convincing evidence that the crop circle was alluding to the MH370 incident and had defined, accurately, one set of confirmed geographical coordinates, those of a point in or, alongside it, I now reached an inevitable conclusion. 

The accomplished architects of the strange looking structure appear to have been restating the GeoResonance case: the area in the Bay of Bengal that has been defined should be examined with the appropriate hardware without any further delay

In the final part of this presentation I'll reveal how the crop circle builders provided us with a second tier of data about the cited aquatic point, which is as extraordinary in its simplicity as it is impressive in its accuracy. And I'll explain why I believe that this additional information is conclusive. 

© Neil Hudson Newman MSc [Construction Management]; May 23, 2014 


1 Those of you who have read my preceding articles for the Crop Circle Connector will know that I've long been of the opinion that much of the numerical structure of formations can only be understood if 1 is counted as the first prime. This discovery did not surprise me because I've always considered 1 to be prime, even though, when I first taught mathematics in a UK Comprehensive School I was appalled to learn that our youngsters are told otherwise. 

The primes I refer to in the article are highlighted in the following list [which is headed by 1]: 

2 Although the links to the respective items of information are important, focussing on them here would make this first presentation longer and more difficult to read. They shall be added to the end of the next [and final] part. I would hope, however, that certain readers will want to look for them before then.


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I have decoded the date that this Crop Formation was reported and thought that maybe some of you might be interested in what was hidden within that date.

The Date Code 

Its Decoded Hidden Message

It seems to me that those in the heavens are communicating with us through the date and also the time that they know their formation will be reported as I've found that within that particular date and time (if the time has been noted) there is very  often a special message (as shown above) from those in the heavens to us humans.

Other times, those in the heavens will instead leave a message within the drawing of the formation itself as this next decoding shows.

This is the Formation

In this case just decode what you see. This means first write down as much detail as you can within that formation just as I have done below, for “The Written Word” has now become a code e.g.

The Crop Formation Code

Now go into those words that you have written down (The Crop Formation Code) and you will then find the hidden message that
those in the heavens have left us e.g.

Its Decoded Hidden Message

This decoding and also the one above it are now exact. This means that within the “Code” and “Its Decoded Hidden Message” there are the exact same letters and the exact same amount. There has not been one letter added or left over. This applies to all the decoding that I am now going to show you.

This next decoding came about because I had just watched the new film “Noah” starring Russell Crow and I noticed that within this
film not only did they admit to the “Watchers” being alien beings but they also show us another alien being known as the hissing Serpent. This being was shown to us as all anarchy was breaking out. Noah (Russell Crow) saw this being who is alas able to look like us humans crouching down and as this shape-shifter saw Noah staring  at him he then put out his tongue and in anger hissed at Noah.

The Code

Its Decoded Message

Note, Could this “Mu Titan Ship” have been a “Space ship”.

God Bless

From Helen


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike