Brimslade Farm, nr Wootton Rivers, Wiltshire. Reported 16th April.

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A new “triangle puzzle” was drawn in crops at Brimslade Farm on April 16, 2014: who can solve it?


Please see fringe2013n for other “triangle puzzles” which were drawn in crops before.  

The “triangle puzzle” from Brimslade Farm on April 16, 2014 is now solved: it shows 15 individual shapes or 35 overlapping triangles 

Following private discussions among three of us (HRD, AJG and AK), the “triangle puzzle” from Brimslade Farm is now solved as shown in two illustrations below:  

This simple crop picture in oilseed rape contains 15 individual shapes (5-4-3-2-1) or 35 overlapping triangles. It could perhaps signify “35 days” from April 15 to May 20, which is a famous Mayan calendar date, when the Sun and Pleiades conjunct at noon over Chichen Itza? Or it might have no significance at all, as a purely mathematical puzzle resembling Liddington Castle of July 2012? As further crop pictures appear in the summer of 2014, we may be able to say more.

Nearby landscape symbolisms: the surrounding landscape looks like the Brimslade crop picture in two different places

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)




This simple design is related with some type of aircraft: Triangle UFO, Stealth Bomber or may be Malysia Airlines Flight 370. For more details check my website at Is2012TheDateAUS

UPDATE 23/04/2014

This is an update of my information of April 16 formation. There are not 34 triangles at the design. First 10 triangles suggested by Red Collie are wrong, as lower corners are four side figures.

Pablo Olivares

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Very large events regarding the whole Crop-Formation "Field" grids, now beginning. Our Light groups are deeply involved already... as of 2 months ago, Planetary grids being recalibrated to handle the surging load. My job will be to plot the new grids and try to figure them out, the group processing links under innerplanes oversight. I'll info you on reports unless you tell me not to. If you want any of it explained its easier on Skype, the reports are using technical stuff related to group dynamics, incomprehensible I know.

Bill Buehler

Tixeire Luc


Hello dear souls, nice to see you alive, to be well......... 

This report is regarding at: 

As we see, this 'crop circle' is a bit too soon, so to say. 

--- >Please put in here the image:


But Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) anyway asked:

 A new “triangle puzzle” was drawn in crops at Brimslade Farm on April 16, 2014: who can solve it?

THIS, dear Dr. Horace Drew, is absolutely NOT the question - for some simple reasons. 

May you feel strong enough for to answer the not asked question .- a bit too quickly.

You even showed some of your 'explanation', which I do not see any reason for to go deeper into it.

Sure, I never underestimate you, but the question here is, why you answered so quickly and obviously wrong to an even obviously wrong and faked image???? 

We have got an image from a 'crop circle' which, from my view is a lousy and cheap FAKE. 

 So, why YOU felt so be able to send just that so overhasty given reply???? 

You do see the geometrical deviations from the real and former sent images (crop circles)???

And if so why you ask such an unimportant question, which is only grounded in YOUR OWN and poor question??? 

Too not more going deeper into it,  I please you to be more clearly, more personally and more OBJECTIVELY, I tell you!!!!! 

There is NO any sense inside your lines for to HELP ordinary people to UNDERSTAND your special lines.

You therefore should be more specific and tell the people and readers here how all that 'fits' together, in the sense to get the 'bigger picture' - I recommend to you. 

If you like to play a 'special' role here, to show the ordinary people 'your' view, but without your clearly explanations, then you will go down here, have you heard me?

IF you work for TRUTH, then I invite you and call for your truth.

Otherwise - I recommend you to be in silence. 

Maybe you feel a bit 'upset' due to my real and honest reply here, however I CALL for your truth, your honesty. And I speak IN the sense here for all the seeking people, souls, who search for truth.   

If not inside these topics, where could searching people, souls, find any truth then????

So - WE are in the role of telling truth - for the sake of truth, you have got it? 

If we see any crop circle like this one, then it is in OUR responsibility to tell the listening people our 'view'. Maybe just for to enlighten the scenario or to make it more confusing.

In any way we are intended to tell the people the most probably truth, as we do see it inside the special crop circle. 

So - from one soul to another, I invite you to always be in truth, and not pointing out your 'most believable' truth as the ultimate truth, I please you here. 

I do know my personal role here to present the truth as most possible truth, which can not be the 'ultimate' and finally truth at its end - because it all is in a 'changing' process - always!

We are connected for to find truth - same as you and me.

So we should be able to see the truth, even when it may be so clever be hidden.

It's our task to help the people - they are just same souls as you and me.

We no longer should spread out a 'model' of our view if we are not convinced.

Therefore we must work together and try to 'solve' the riddles which were been and will be send from 'crop-circle-makers' whoever THEY may be.

WE are the souls to must learn but never THEY - due to their own and very far extended knowledge and realisation of 'truth'. 

Even scientists do admit to NOT know about 95 % of the whole and so far 'known' universe.

And yes, I DO bow my head and I do agree with 'their' view, even when I have experienced some deeper inside views of cosmos, of universe, which is especially connected with something, which the scientists do commonly call 'quantum physics' - you do know?

So, IF you do then I simply assume that you have that special knowledge.

For all the searching souls of that strange topic I would like to invite you to go to:  its also available in English lang.

Inside that experiment it was found that particles have some very strange behaviour.

Unimportant whether those particles are material particles or waves, they showed a very strange behaviour when ONLY be watched by own eyes.

But this so special topic is too strange for you, dear honourable Dr. Horace Drew??? 

You even can SEE that particles can show a behaviour of whether to be a mass- particle - so far if YOU are witnessing that actions - or - to show a behaviour of 'Light particles' = waves , so far IF you do NOT watch the situation.

In other words: PARTICLES (made of mass or made of waves, can show very different behaviour, depending only onto YOUR view!!!!!

Therefore, as a result, particles can show a behaviour like a 'material particle of mass' OR a behaviour of a particle of 'WAVE' - such as light = photons.

AND - for to explain: Particles, whether they are 'made' of material or of light (waves) they show a behaviour of CONNECTION - even over distance of millions of light years !!!!

So you see the meaning, don't you????

This means, wherever a 'particle' may be, the ARE connected, even over LIGHTYEARS of geometrical distance.

To ask you, Dr. Drew, have YOU ever found any of such connections in YOUR Life????

For sure you HAVE NOT - and it is in very drastic difference to ME! 

I can tell you from my experience that there IS Such a connection of 'particles' - have you HEARD ME???

Even I can use THOSE particles to connect with ANY living beings in cosmos.

So far you want to agree with that so strange scientifically statements, you are in the dilemma now, because you want to explain some crop circle images with some very strange and primitive statements - sorry to say.

I would like to invite you to look beyond your so called 'perception' - which is like an image of a small plate and its outer rims. 

It is a bit above your former 'learned' image of perception - which is nothing more than a trained 'knowledge' which you do not have because it was not been taught to you, because there is NO existent 'school' for to teach you those 'supernatural' stuff, as you know.

SO - let us see the possible result of all that wild 'views' - I invite you truly. 

Be more open and not more so close to 'your' trained and so called 'knowledge' - which from now is no longer important.

Everybody knows the result of one added to one which in summary is two.

But almost everybody is unable to see the summary of and one in higher physics, which can have a result of 'three' or even 'four' even when the former digits were only 'one'  

WE NEED to take the next step of 'understanding' - call it a 'higher physics', call it any way you like.

At least it is BEYOND our actual understanding, and I see your quiet agreement inside this. 

Compare only the time of existence in cosmos:

It appears that our solar system is in age of approx. 4 billion years, meanwhile the whole cosmos exists since 14.x billion years. 

Next: Hold in mind that our galaxy (milky way) contains about 100 billions of STARS (not considering the many planets of each sun=star), meanwhile we have spotted more than 100 Billion of galaxies in our so far 'know' universe.

You only must multiply 100 billion with another 100 billion - and tell me the summary.

And with this you have not yet considered the number of PLANETS circling around their suns in all those galaxies........

No life there, you think so? Dream on - so to say.

Truth is a bit different...... 

But in same time you show such an primitive imagination that YOU know the meaning of a probably sent 'image' = crop circle - so far it was been sent from an extraterrestrial intelligence? Too silly to distinguish a cheap fake from reality????

You talk about a 'triangle' and you really ask the readers for to 'count' those triangles???

Ehhhm, are you okay????

Even if you are simply unable to distinguish a simple FAKE from TRUTH????

 Is it THIS you want to tell here???

sorry Doctor, you failed here absolutely..........

And I have my true doubts here that you can tell any news to the honourable readers here, simply when reading your 'strange' questions............ 

I please you to use your given view instead to tell bullshit here, because we have the duty to speak about TRUTH, have you forgotten????

And IF you have possibly forgotten, be sure that I will be by your side always to help the innocent people for to get the view of TRUTH. 

Any other way you like to play, I WILL interrupt you for THE SAKE OF TRUTH. 

SO - we will work in the same sense of TRUTH or I will show YOU the difference of telling 'bullshit' or 'Truth'.

I see my task here in sense of TRUTH.

What I do see in YOUR sent report - it has NOTHING to do with Truth. 

I want to be with you - as a combined knowledge, seeing, for to find the BEST truth, which sometimes is very intelligently hidden inside crop circles.

YOU - so far - have proved to be UNABLE to even distinguish lies (fakes) from truth. 

A shown 'image' which in your view is a special 'message' - in the result it is nothing more than a very lousy fake.

You do see the primitive lines and the deviations from a geometrical image?

Are you blind, I ask you? 

And your obviously intelligence is unable to show you the 'connection' of this so lousy fake image to the many crop circles of that special topic, of course in a very different meaning??? 

What must I do here??? To show you images like to show children the sides of a painting book???

Like this one: 

Are you unable to simply count one on to one???? 

So you CAN SEE the efforts of some self nominated 'artists' = fakers who found themselves competent enough to fabricate such lousy fake images???? 

About so called 'triangle ships' you can find many videos on special websites - most of them are true evidence of real video taped films. 

So - what is YOUR conclusion regarding these videos?

I can tell you MY conclusions - but do not have any proof, evidence. 

Be real, Dr. Drew. So I ask you too much???? 

I will be real always. And if I have no exactly knowledge regarding a special topic I always WILL note that, have you got this?

If yes, then we can be in unison efforts in telling the truth ti humankind, so far we are able to do this.

Otherwise we will be different - and this is absolutely no accepted way of telling truth.

Think once, think twice, your choice.

The outcome will be truth - anyway. 

I am an open minded soul, which YOU must prove because you have not proved in any time before.

You understood? Fine then, I am with you, we can be united souls in the duty to tell truth. 

I see myself as such a soul, I only need your agreement in taking part of this. Otherwise I will be the soul who is in honest efforts to bring truth to humans - so far I CAN do this. This is my promise.

And YOU can not run away from this duty. 

Have a good time, dear souls, and thanks for reading all this long statement.

Shall you be protected on all your ways......... 


Brimslade Farm, nr Wootton Rivers, Wiltshire. Reported 16th April.
On April 29th there will be a Solar Eclipse. One of four very special Eclipses said to herald a new beginning.
As there are 15 shapes could this be 15 days from the inception to Eclipse? It's easy to see, folks in the area of viewing have been instructed to watch for this miracle.
Joseph Lake Research

Donna Trousdale

I am inclined to believe Mr. Pablo Olivares. I am also of the opinion that the crop circle pattern may be related to the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Boeing 8. March 2014. 

This crop circle logo reminds Freescale Semiconductor. On board mysteriously vanished Boeing 777-2H6ER Malaysian Airlines has 20 top experts of the company. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370/MAS370) was a scheduled international passenger flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing that lost contact with air traffic control on 8 March 2014 at 01:20 MYT, less than an hour after took off. The aircraft, a Boeing 777-200ER, was carrying 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers from 14 nations. Of the total, 20 were employees of Freescale Semiconductor, a company based in Austin, Texas. Do a search for the missing Boeing joined 26 countries. To date, however, failed to find any trace.

Interesting numerological context:
The disappearance of a Boeing 777:   March 8, 2014 = 8 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9
Finding the crop circle:    April 16, 2014 = 1 + 6 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9
Pávková Z.

4 videos of the Crop Circle Wiltshire 16 April 2104:

1 - Crop circle 1 UK 2014 (1)

2 - Crop circle 1 UK 2014 (2) 

3 - Crop circle 1 UK 2014 (3)

4- Crop circle 1 UK 2014 (4)

Fernando Ortolá


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Space-time Distortion - Artwork by WJ


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike