A Review by Stuart Dike

This new and informative book by Andy Thomas is the first of it's kind to be published within the Crop Circle World, because it concentrates on one particular county, this being the south eastern region of England known as Sussex. This area has seen its fair share of the phenomenon, extending back incredibly to the Forties.

The book caters obviously for people who have an armchair enthusiasm for the subject, and for the more zealous researcher working on the relationship with the landscape, whether in Sussex or other counties with Crop Circle activity.

The book portrays the mysterious events surrounding many of the Crop Circles within Sussex, as well as providing all of the formations that have adorned it's landscape since the early eighties in pictorial and diagrammatic form.

It really is not surprising that a book of this nature has arisen from this region, as this productive group of the Centre of Crop Circle Studies have produced their own Magazine, Video's and even organised Conferences, so it was only a matter of time we witnessed a publication of this quality.

The book is separated into years of progression with the Crop Circles, guiding the reader through each successive season, starting with 1990, and ending in the year of 1995. Andy's style of writing is extremely identifiable for any researcher who has followed the Crop Circles within the fields, describing their experiences and discoveries along the way. Also the reader has an interesting depiction of the Sussex group's carefully orchestrated experiments using meditation in an attempt to interact with the phenomenon. This book shows the importance of not underestimating this area of research, indeed, their results could possibly indicate a connection with the human mind, in relation with ancient monuments around Sussex.

The beautiful photographs within this publication show the diversity of designs that have appeared in this county, establishing Sussex as an area that plays a key role within Crop Circle research, and offers us an insightful discovery of the events that have taken place throughout the years.


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