Solution to 'Stanton St. Bernard' 29.05.2005

I contributed some material a few weeks ago and a forerunner to this, some days ago to Mark, with no reply so far. Perhaps his email address has changed. I know that weather  and global finance is weighing heavily on conditions in Europe right now, and perhaps the explanation lies there.

This follows the first email, where I indicated to Mark that I saw no purpose in the design other than a puzzle challenge for Photoshop devotees. However after some thought, I changed the arrangement slightly and offered an interesting (I hope you agree) interpretation.
The archive address for 'Stanton St. Bernard 29.05.2005' is: Milk Hill 2005
Michael Glickman contributed a solution to the puzzle along with explanatory drawings, but I think you will agree that this was one occasion when idealising the proportions and shapes may not have been the intention of the maker. Michael acknowledged the idealised process in his notes. In my opinion, it is clear from the attached that the departure from perfect symmetry was deliberate and had to be absolutely precise in it's execution.

I looked the formation up because a contact through CCC said she dreamed about it and another one I called The Haunted Hall (West Kennett Longbarrow 28.06 2007) BEFORE they were made. She wrote as follows:

"Looking at the images you have sent in your e-mail, I have remembered a curious event: years ago I have dreamed, in two different periods, two crop circles BEFORE they were made (one of them is the Haunted Hall Fig. 11). Then, time after, I have found them casually looking the web site of This has no reason to be...I didn't know the meaning before and I didn't know the meaning after. It just happen...and it has never happened again."

I have added another comment to the previous file. I just realised that the formation's 'self-confirmation' is a master stroke. The maker could have made it look more like a jig-saw piece by changing the smooth curve to the familiar jig-saw 'lock' shape. But the undulating 'wave' pattern would not have appeared, which suggests that the 'wave' pattern is an important element in the design for some reason.


I have some further development to report on the 'underpants' jig-saw piece. It's a bit astonishing for me.

The correspondent I mentioned who dreamed about this formation before it was reported, had a feeling that the Y shape dividing the formation was significant. In the photo that I worked with, the 'leg' of the Y is not as prominent as the V fork at the top (because it doesn't throw a shadow, due to it's angle to the sun) but looking at a shot from another angle, I can see that it is standing crop, not a division in the lay direction, and just as prominent as the V. My correspondent thought the bend in the leg of the Y was significant.
So I traced only the Ys on a layer above a tight composite of 8 abutting jig-saw pieces, then deleted the jig-saw pieces, leaving only the 8 Y's. A pattern of Ys remained. I made duplicates of the pattern and abutted them together to make a netting pattern as attached.
At first I thought 'it's just netting... so what?'
Then it dawned on me. Perhaps his represents the internet. The medium whereby crop circle images and research is  shared and discussed.
Here's how I see it at the moment. The jig-saw piece was designed to be assembled in the only possible way (because of  that 'freehand' curve). The Y shape is the essential element. It makes the net when duplicates of the jig-saw piece are assembled together in the manner as 'dictated' by the jig-saw pieces. The jig-saw piece is the 'carrier' of the Y shape. 


The bend in the Y leg (I suggest) is because of the 'freehand' nature of the Y. It is a bit 'skewed', wonky... not symmetrical, and not standing 'square' with the jig-saw rectangle. This appears to have been done purposely, so as not to convey a strict and regular 'mechanical' looking net, which it would have done if everything was straight and square. It's more 'organic', so to speak. 
So why give us a picture of a 'wonky' and 'growing' net? 
It is sometimes expressed by researchers, that crop circles give us pictures and symbols reflecting back to us our collective life experience including past and present cultures. The internet is very much current culture. You and I, my correspondent, the CCC site, photographers, pilots, technology experts, have all contributed to this report.
My hypothesis at the moment is that an unknown, but suspected 'aspect' of ourselves (sometimes sensed via hunches, feelings or dreams) is attempting to convey to our 'everyday' aspect that it does indeed exist, is very much alive and enjoying the crop circle game. The variety of formations attests to the variety of interests within our unknown aspect. We/they are not a boring, common bucket of conforming 'souls'. We/they do it because our everyday aspect can access technology that makes it possible. Our unknown aspect actually requires our everyday aspect to assist.  I am heartened by what I call the 'innocence' of the formations to date. Not a hint of violence or nasty stuff.
The black and white tracings I sent recently showed the wavy edge while eliminating the straight edges. If we say the jig-saw piece only functions as a carrier for the Y segment, then every edge should be eliminated. It's a shame in a way. I like the wave pattern, but I'm guessing this is the maker's intention.

Meanwhile, the underpants 'jigsaw' formation, yielded a further development when black and white tracings were logically interlocked.

Best wishes, and thanks for the opportunity to share these findings with others.
Jack Newnham


Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike

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