by Peter Sorensen

The 2001 circle season was Peter's tenth year documenting the
formations in England, and many say it's his best video ever.

It opens with a breathtaking LOW level flight over the
tremendous Milk Hill "Galaxy" formation. There's a full hour of
circle footage including extensive aerial and pole shots of "The
Face" and "ET Message." The video ends with the only aerial
imagery of the Wabi Farm formation, which was the latest
formation ever to appear in history.

There is music and narration throughout.

A ten minute bonus program added after the ending credits shows
how a formation was made by Matt Williams & Co. for The News of
the World. (Of course you needn't watch that bit if you don't
want to see how a sophisticated design can be produced in

For USA and other NTSC video standard countries send USD $33 to
Peter Sorensen, C/O Janet Carmichael, 1115 E. Cordova #219.
Pasadena, CA 91106, USA. Or email Peter at:

A few videos from some of the earlier years are still available.
Contact Peter via email stating the year and type of video
(NTSC or PAL) that you want.


For UK/European ("PAL") type videos, send your address and 25 Pounds with your postal address to:

The Crop Circle Connector
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Make the cheque payable to:- The Crop Circle Connector.

Or email Mark at:
"Mark Fussell" mjfussell@blueyonder.co.uk

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Peter is having difficulty keeping up with his email. He does read them all and, is very grateful for all comments and criticism.

Peter Sorensen

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