Iíve just PhotoShopped one of my ten year old pictures from 2000 which I hadnít ever gotten around to polishing up for my webpage before.
This fat ring formation which appeared near Old Shaw Village (atop the hill overlooking the Alton Barnes farm) a decade ago had a shiny, basket-like lay and several randomly placed little circles.  I got my shot late in the season when the crop was so spoiled by visitors tromping all over that I was put me off from posting it, so I never bothered to PhotoShop it.  But looking closely now I noticed a curious rippley pattern just below the circle, which was probably caused by children playing.
The lines were much thinner than most walklines thru crop Iíve seen, and they suddenly inspired me to think that they look as though they have been caused by PIXIES dancing!  So I erased all the other schmutz from the crop, and here is the result -- better late than never!

Peter Sorensen

Image Peter Sorensen Copyright 2010



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Peter Sorensen