On the 25th of July I held a circle-making class with a dozen college students for an American TV company, Tentacles in the South Field at Alton Priors.  I made stomping boards for the students and showed them how to make a simple circle.  The original idea was that they could help me make a huge formation for the company’s program about the crop circles.  But at the last moment the TV director changed his mind, and the students were not put to work (much to my disappointment and theirs).

Here is a shot of my friend Gerry Wilson, the only other experienced circle-maker there, handing out the blue boards to the students.  And another of me leading the students down the tramline to the place in the field where the instruction and practice was done.
And this is the amusing mess that was left in the field afterward.  There was no attempt whatsoever at making a design -- it just is the result of everyone playing.  (All photos by Russell Stannard.)
Then The TV company, Gerry and I went back to the field on August 2nd, and I made a small circle with a Morse code message flattened onto a clockwise spiral.  I had never made this kind of spiral before but I knew the trick of construction.  Unfortunately the spiral itself does not show hardly at all because the dots and dashes of the code act like camouflage, completely obscuring the spiral itself.  I have indicated where the spiral originates in the centre with an a, and where it ends with an Ω.  The one place it is clear to see is at the end, where there was no code on it.

Peter Sorensen

All Images Russell Stannard Copyright 2009



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Peter Sorensen