This overly-complex and rather sloppy design next to the West Kennett Longbarrow underwent a slight change between when the first pictures were posted of it on April 19th, and when I took mine, three days later.  In my shot there you can see a couple of small circles at the 10:30 position, which were originally mirrored by two more at the 4:30 position, but someone flattened the crop there, ruining what symmetry there was.  I suspect a “Killroy Was Here” tourist gleefully leaving his mark to see in subsequent photographs.
I thought about restoring the details with PhotoShop, which would have been easy, but I decided it was more interesting to document the stupid prank.  Besides, there were many bothersome irregularities in the construction, so it’s not like a great work of art was begging for restoration!  I have left everything as it was (only removing a small walk line).

Peter Sorensen

All Images Peter Sorensen Copyright 2009



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Peter Sorensen