Thanks to my vigilant pilot who noticed this Flower formation on Clatford Down a few days ago, we flew yesterday evening (June 22) and got some shots of it before it got too old -- he was dodging rain clouds along the way! 

Itís located inside an oval gallops (thatís a first!) between Manton House and Redpost Farm, at approximately SU 155-705 on the Ordnance map. 

Because of the poor lighting conditions I boosted the contrast and colour with Photoshop.  (Iíve noticed on the Forum that some people complain about that.  But I promise you wouldnít like the very dark and dull original images.  And you wouldnít be able to see much detail if I didnít use the sharpening filter.  Itís bad enough as it is, shooting with a video camera!) 

Hereís a shot that locates the formation on the ground.  This shows you how the pictures look without any Photoshop tweaking.

Peter Sorensen



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Peter Sorensen