Oliverís Castle crop circle

Updated Sunday 20th May 2007

Itís been over a month since the formation appeared in oilseed rape (canola) on top of Beacon Hill at Oliverís Castle (hill fort) North of Devizes, so with the yellow flowers mostly disappeared from other rape fields you might think that the crop
circle wouldnít be much to look at now.  

But I remembered how the 1999 Eclipse circle was spectacular after the flowers had disappeared from the surrounding field, but were still in the flattened part of that formation -- because downed plants keep blooming longer in an effort to overcome their disadvantage.

 So when I flew yesterday to shoot the Star on Morganís Hill, I figured it was worth a side trip over to Oliverís castle to see if that crop circle was in the same magical stage.  And sure enough, the design was boldly standing out in yellow against the dull green of the rest of the field whose plants had gone to seed.
 This simple but stunning design appeared when I was still in The States, on May 15th -- the first circle event of the 2007. At 333 feet in diameter, I pretty sure itís the largest formation ever in rape.



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