Updated  Saturday 16th July 2005

On my way to visit a new friend near Glastonbury, as we drove over a hill south of Bath (July 10th), we saw this “Crows Foot” formation in a field below us.  We pulled off into the farm track and met a couple of croppies who were on their way out. The lay looked nice and fluffy, with a few “magical” standing stalks, and very little crop springing back up. 

The design consists of three radiating rows of circles emanating from a small triangle, starting about 8 feet in diameter, and getting progressively larger as the circles go out.  The top of the design is encircled by a ring.  The thing that struck me was that the circles in the “toes” of the crow’s foot were scaled so that when viewed from the triangular “heel,” they seemed to be all the same size, yet clearly they were ever-larger as they went off into the distance -- a trick of perspective.

Peter Sorensen



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Peter Sorensen