Updated Tuesday  10th August  2004


Unfortunately there were numerous screw-ups with the second of
the Wingmaker's formations, the 'Jellyfish'. and it actually
took four nights to finish the job -- that must be a record for
the number of stages required to finish a formation!  And on the
second night they were spotted by researchers with night vision
up above them on the hill.
And on the first night a big mistake was made in which crop was
flattened where it should have been standing to make a feather.
The artists stopped at that point, and you can see photos
showing the asymmetrical accident elsewhere on the Connector.
The next night they flattened the corresponding part to make the
design symmetrical, but that ruined the intended wing motif, and
it turned out looking like vicious alien jaws.  The last part
added were the two curved strings of bubbles, which give it the
jellyfish look. (Tramlines removed from within the formation.)


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