Updated Tuesday  10th August  2004


A classical, 60 foot diameter simple circle near to the 'ghost'
of a ring barrow.  Ring barrows are Neolithic or Bronze Age
circular ditches similar to round barrows, only not raised up in
the middle.  When the farmer ploughs them flat the crop that grows
over them often grows differently.  In this case it is darker
and slightly taller than the surrounding wheat.
I visited this same ghost several years ago with Ulrich Kox,
when the crop in the ghost had actually fallen flat, creating
what looked almost exactly like a crop circle ring.
The little grapeshot next to the circle is in precise alignment
with the ring barrow.  It would necessary to know where the
centre of the ring was in order to make that alignment.  And in
the dark it would impossible to see the barrow from where the
circle is -- let alone determine the location of its centre.
Perhaps it was just a coincidence.
This circle appeared on August 6th below Furze Knoll, in the
field adjacent to the one with the Blacklands Golf Course
formation.  The OS map grid reference is SU 662-025.


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