Updated Wednesday 6th June 2004


Images Busty Taylor (Peter Sorensen) Copyright 2004

Although I'm not in England yet, Busty Taylor has kindly given me permission to use his photos on my page -- and to perform my infamous PhotoShop tricks on them.
So for openers, here's the first really beautiful and original crop circle of summer 2004 IMHO, the Celtic-looking Triple Spiral formation next to the Ridgeway, and not far from The Sanctuary.  Sadly the farmer destroyed it a day or two after it
appeared by cutting out the pretty spiral elements.
Starting with Busty's image of the desecrated formation, I was able to restore it using my digital tricks, and at the same time I removed the tramlines so the design would be un-cluttered. I didn't do a perfect job, but nevertheless, the image gives an accurate impression of what the formation looked like.
Busty has a "before" shot on his website
(http://www.busty-taylor.com/cropper/98busty2.htm ), but I preferred the angle of this shot -- besides, the challenge of re-creating the formation was irresistible!
I should be back in Wiltshire in July, but in the meantime I shall be posting pictures of Busty's treated in my inimitable style ;).

Peter Sorensen June 2004



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