Everybody's talkin' 'bout 'em -- the totally new kind of crop
circles that appeared recently next to the Chilbolton radio
telescope, in Hampshire. They have virtually nothing in common
with crop circles as we know them, Jim, except they are made of
flattened wheat.

The "Face" is made out of rounded tufts of crop of different
sizes, which when seen from the air create varying tones of
light and dark -- much like the dots in a newspaper photo. The
old term "pictogram" doesn't do this type of imagery justice --
it deserves to be called a "PHOTOGRAM!" 

Stealing a page out of Matt Williams' PhotoShop book, I have
blurred one of my pictures of "The Face" so the eye won't be so
distracted by the details of the crop. I also pumped up the
contrast -- which made the colors turn into flames, and I left
that for the fun of it.

ChilbLandscapePostcard1.jpg (41336 bytes)


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