Everybody's talkin' 'bout 'em -- the totally new kind of crop
circles that appeared recently next to the Chilbolton radio
telescope, in Hampshire. They have virtually nothing in common
with crop circles as we know them, Jim, except they are made of
flattened wheat.

The formation  is somewhat similar in construction to the Face, except instead of
round dots, it is composed of square pixels of crop. These are
either up or down, black or white -- very digital, whereas the
photogram is analog. 

And, while it is a mystery who the photogram represents, the
other is clearly a reply to the famous message that was beamed
into outer space from the Arecibo radio telescope in 1974. That
message described humanity to whatever intelligent beings may be
out there; our DNA, the location of Earth, etc. The Reply is
very similar, except the details are different -- their DNA is
different, and so is their solar system (presuming you take the
message at face value).

www.psyopnews.com takes the Reply literally, and has an
extensive analysis of the message.

On the other hand, SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial
Intelligence) has a skeptical perspective at:

One thing for sure, the bottom of the Reply represents the
stunning crop formation that was in the same field last year. 
Designs in the style of that formation have been appearing in
Hampshire for several years. Compare the bottom of the Reply
with my picture of last year's beauty. See more of my pictures
of it at:


Russ Stannard pointed out that the text I wrote at the bottom of
that page is especially appropriate in light of the recent
formations: "The fabulous fractal formation next to the radio
telescope at Chilbolton, looking for all the world like
something that should have been in the movie, "Contact!""

ChilboltonFaceblurreds.jpg (12765 bytes)


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