What on earth is going on?

The worldwide occurrence of crop circles is one of the most fascinating mysteries of our time. In this documentary the history of crop circles will be discussed, along with their possible relation of ancient sites, swirl winds, hoaxers, UFO's, aliens etc.

The latest results of investigations were relayed via interview with investigators such as Colin Andrews, Busty Taylor, Ilyes, Peter Sorensen, Mark Haywood and Michael Glickman.

Furthermore this documentary contains two unique pieces of video footage of mysterious white balls of light, hovering over the cornfields in Wiltshire, South England:

The notorious Oliver's Castle footage, shot in August 1996, which shows the actual forming of the Snowflake formation;

The famous Milk Hill footage, shot by Steve Alexander in July 1990.
Nearly 60 captivating minutes of the most recent information revolving around three inquiries:

Who is making the crop circles?

How are they made?

What is their meaning and significance?

Directed and produced by Bert Janssen
Running time approx. 55 min

The price of the video is 15.00 UK and $30 America. For more information contact:

PO Box 287
9700AG Groningen

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Bert Janssen & Janet Ossebaard

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