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Open your eyes and see the star in the sky –
the message of two new crop circles on the same day!

On this 30th of July 2023, two crop circles appear, in a clearly combined message. One in the field of Kit’s Lane, England, a new crop circle with a theme that I haven’t seen for a long time: the eye of enlightenment.

And the other, the pentagram, which I expected sooner or later, because every year it appears as a Venusian signature: a symbol of the synodic cycle of that orb and the morning star.

An eye and a star and the message seems pretty obvious to me: LOOK AT THE STAR IN THE SKY!

But... which star? First, let's study the formation of the Eye.

Like the "Eye of Kit's Lane", we've had similar models in the past.

One of them came in the full alien face in 2013, August 23, in the Cooks Plantation field, highlighting the two upper chakras on the alien head, as if coming into activity within the ring-portal 13, which identifies the parallel dimensions that perceptions open minds contact.


The other came the following year, in Nettle Hill, August 16, 2014, an eye with complete coding pinpointing the crown chakra and its specific activation frequencies.

Older models appeared, as in the year 2010, and an eye inside an activation vortex, also containing in its geometry the codes of its specific frequencies. In July 1995, we had the first “crop circle eye”, in a simple model. And since then, these formations have always appeared over the seasons, within their own geometries.

To reappear this Sunday, the 30.07.2023

Evidently, the eye has a direct sense of vision, and an indirect one of Illumination, in this case, directly associated with the activity of the chakras, these seven inner eyes of the soul, and in this way already portrayed in the Bible itself, when divine Omniscience is compared with a stone with seven eyes (written by the prophet Zechariah).

And the illustrious representation of the seven chakras in the form of a candelabra with seven flames nourished by two olive trees and the oil produced by them, in a clear allegory of the internal transmutation of inferior energies (instinctive) nourishing the superior mental perceptions with which we build objective consciousness.


The aliens themselves, superior beings, move with an amplified mind in their perceptions, and in these messages, they teach us to calibrate our internal powers according to the eternal values of vibrations or frequencies and their resonances with the nervous system. 

What do we have in this new object?

The symmetry starts with the date, because today adds up to 17 (3+0+7+2+2+3). Arcanum 17 is the Arcanum of Light, of illumination that comes from the heights, from the sky of the mind.

Furthermore, in Kabbalah, the value 575 is highly expressive, because it results from the sum of the names of three important stars/constellations, those mentioned in the Book of Job:

KIMH (Plêiades) 75
KSIL (Órion) 120
HISh (Sirius) 380

*(75+120+380 = 575) 


Each part of that eye, upper and lower, has a sequence of 5-7-5 highlighted quadrilaterals, and 5+7+5 = 17. Duplicated, they add up to 34 quadrilaterals, and 34 = 7, the seven inner lamps, the seven chakras, seven eyes of perception of the embodied soul that are BLIND in modern humanity, partly due to excessive technological exposure, and partly due to atrophy due to lack of use and natural involution.

Around the eye, a ring with subtle radiance displayed at the edges, showing the conscious activity of said energy center.


Let's go back to the numbers 575

In terms of frequency converted into Hertz, 575 is practically a pure RE, whose octaves are based on multiples of 9 Hz:

9, 18, 36, 72, 144, 288, 576… (Hz)

This frequency, in the planetary order, is related to the ray of Mercury, the star that governs the mind and the awakening of consciousness, according to hermetic astrology, to which we associate the caduceus of Mercury as the core of all science of the spirit, containing the transmutation keys.


Also, the value 576, if divided by 6, yields 96. This number is directly related to the frontal (forehead) chakra, AJNA, the chara of mind control and mental powers in general, the flagship of enlightenment, because its command even operates on the superior chakra, the crown, the window from the soul.

Thus, the frequency sent to the world is the one that is equivalent to the 9 Hz harmonic series and its successive “doubles! (octaves).

Any work with mantras in 144 -288 Hz tone (the human vocal range) can yield many fruits of mental activation.

I share a link with those interested.
The rest will come with practice.

Anyway, the most basic message of all contained in this new crop circle would be:

See what?
The state of the planet?
The global crisis?
The advance of the tenebrous ones and the World Order?

The arrival of the invading star in the sky?

Yes, the star represented by STAR IN MOVEMENT that appeared in today's new crop circle, same day!

Day that adds up to 17, 17 which is the arcana of the star in the sky? The star of the Apocalypse?
Wormwood, Nemesis?

The object is a pentagram with moving arms, like a swastika with five undulating arms, and in the center, the representation of its probable location: Sun and five orbits, which takes us to Mars or Jupiter (if we consider the orbit of the belt of asteroids).

This layered core may also represent the strong energetic and gravitational emanation of the approaching star, affecting the Sun so much from time to time, with successive explosions and an increase in temperature on Earth via solar radiation.

This is the object P 7X, and we did a recent update on it, which is actually approaching the Sun.
(see update link at end of article).

The crop circle image also seems to suggest that the Nemesis or second Sun system (brown dwarf) carries five stars or planets in its orbit.

And in this sense, the EYE crop circle (from today) also seems to illustrate the star's body, with its strong magnetic and energy-gravitational field shaking the structures of the fabric of local space-time, where the Sun and the stars move. 

Incidentally, the first crop circle of the 2023 season was precisely a similar model, a solar hexagram with arms, in motion. The approaching star, as I called it at the time, on May 25th. 


While, last year, season finale, a pentagram also appeared with the same style, moving disc style. He appeared on the 8th of August 2022.

Yes, the universal message that remains is this: AWAKEN!

But illustrating awakening with an eye that symbolizes a chakra goes beyond simply seeing or becoming aware of a fact, however serious it may be.

It means setting in motion the inner energies of the soul so that the awakening of consciousness is complete, from the inside out, and not just because someone is telling you to look… like the aliens themselves in yet another message to the whole world.

The urgent message of the star approaching the Sun, the red dragon and star of the bitterness of the Apocalypse, the Nemesis system or second Sun.

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The five rings around the center circle correspond to five types of gases. According to T64, December, 1990, page 36, of my ebook, the maximum number of rings would be six. Five small fragments have been thrown off the nucleus, each with a trail of gas behind it.. A circle of that ilk appeared on August 8, 2022, page 329. The uneven lay of the crop within the center circle and five outer circles points to a possible man-made origin. 

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(Combe Hill near Bratton) Sküs - The Joker - The Fool - The highest of the trump cards in a game of Trumps - The Court Jester - The travelling fool in Tarot. 

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