Chillandham Lane (2S), Nr Winchester, Hampshire. Reported 4th July.

Map Ref: SU5230736412

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Updated  Tuesday 11th July 2023


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Will a “spacetime wormhole” open soon in Earth’s night skies?  

Two new crop pictures appeared on July 4, 2023, slightly northeast of Winchester in the same field, at latitude 51.126o North and longitude 1.256o West. When studied together, they seem to suggest that a “spacetime wormhole” will open soon in Earth’s night skies. 

Their first crop picture shows a series of “waves” within a 90o quadrant shape. When we graphically reconstruct a full 360o circle, from four such crop-drawn images, we see the classic description of a “spacetime wormhole”: 

Their second crop picture illustrates another common description of a “spacetime wormhole”. It shows an “outer event horizon”, along with an “inward flow” of objects due to strong gravity, as well as a bright “singularity” at its very centre:  

A brief movie, provided below, explains how objects “flow into” a spacetime wormhole, due to the strong gravity there, and then may enter its central “singularity”:  

Presumably such an “artificial wormhole” would be meant to facilitate interstellar travel, between planet Earth and other distant star systems? We saw similar “messages” drawn in crops last year, during July and August of 2022 (see Tawsmead comments and  Woodborough comments). 

The landscape near these two new crop pictures shows many interesting, symbolic features (as may be seen using Google Earth). On a broad scale, we can see the schematic image of a “tall serpent”, who seems to be “looking up” toward the East. Below that large “serpent” shape, we can see a Roman numeral “V” or “5”, which could suggest some kind of date? The famous “Quetzalcoatl Headdress” appeared on July 5, 2009.  

On a small scale, their first “star-like” crop picture was drawn next to a “small white post”, which seems to be “rising” out of the ground, and just below three large, green trees. Those three trees form a triangular shape, pointing East like an “arrow”. Their second “wave-like” crop picture was drawn in a lower-right-hand corner of the same field. It shows many “waves” aligned from East to West, just as if they might be coming from a distant star to planet Earth.                                                                        

On a very-small scale, between those three large trees and that small white post, we can see the schematic “head of a grey alien”. When studied carefully, it turns into a capital letter “Q” as its mirror image. Might this choice of landscape be meant to suggest humorously: “Don’t worry! The upcoming SKY EVENT won’t due to malign grey aliens, but rather to your friend Quetzalcoatl.” 

Best wishes to you all. Our future looks very promising indeed.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



All eight comet impacts will eject matter from the impact point as indicated in the center of this circle. Outside there will be a flash of light temporarily visible for miles. On the Sun this event would be connected to the “Illumination of Conscience” described for the (23/06/007) circle. Geometric irregularities suggest a man-made status for this crop circle.

Kenneth Heck 

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The star and the energy emanation in two new crop circles on the same day and location

Unexpectedly, two crop circles appear in the same field and on the same date, July 4, 2023

Chillandham Lane, Nr Winchester, Hampshire, UK Today, 4th of July, the star and the emanation of energy (light)

Two new crop circles on the same day and in the same field, certainly with related messages within the same interpretation. Evidently, by bringing together a star and an emanation of energy (or light) in waves, we can be faced with the warning of the manifestation of a new star in the sky, for example, the star Betelgeuse, which always surprises astronomers with its sudden changes in luminosity, which could shine, for the last time, as a supernova at any time.

The starry octagon is an evolution of the ancient symbol for the stars, from Sumer and nearby regions.  The term asterisk itself (8-ray graphic sign) comes from the term ASTER, ASTAR, ISHTAR, star, which evolves into other languages, such as Star in English. 

I myself said that, on the 7th of July next, because of the annual alignment between the Sun and Sirius, and also, due to the numerical symmetry 7.7.7 of this date, we could have a related crop circle. He came before, but I still don't rule out a new formation in three days.

However, the first conception of the starry Octagon is, of course, a star signaling the world. A new star or the civilization "of the star", understood as Venus (considered as a star by the ancients) or the very house of Sirius, present in many messages of the type. The Sun itself was also represented by a starry octagon.

Even more intriguing is the second formation attached in the same field and date, and the numerical symmetries reinforce the theme.

Twice day 4: 4+4 = 8, the star. Twice the date: 4+7+2+2+3 = 18 Twice 18 (18+18 = 36)

Now, we had a crop circle composed of a Sun with two layers of petals, 18 and 18, adding up to 36, the number of the solar power squared, since the Sun is numbered in order 6 within the structure of the Cosmic Tree.

He appeared on the 7th of June at Potterne Hill, UK. An association can then be established here.
Another, with the crop circle of June 18th, at Eastleigh Court, near Bishopstrow, Wiltshire, UK, which I interpreted, among other things, as movements of energy in the Sun.

It also retains the 9-9 light-dark pattern, like the wave propagation table (9 light, 9 dark, plus center of origin in propagation) that I have associated with birds flapping their wings, and also, energy movements in the Sol, which identifies another pattern that is always repeated around here, and I have stated it several times: the ancient cosmology of the universe portrayed the Earth in the middle region between nine higher dimensions (heavens) and nine lower dimensions (hells).

They are, therefore, movements of energy connecting the two ends of the Universe, macro and microcosm, superior and inferior, with the Earth (3D plane) in the middle of the process, promoting what we call planetary transition. Thus, from the accumulated messages so far, this new star (because the Sun is also a star, also represented by eight points among the ancient symbols of humanity) and its energy emanation table can represent, firstly, fantastic solar explosions ahead , causing major impacts on Earth.

Among them, earthquakes, tsunamis and other anomalous climatic and geological activities, as we already know, thus explaining this square table that clearly shows a propagating energy pulse.

When two crop circles appear on the same day and in the same field, it is evident that their messages must be interpreted within a set. The board, laid out in the direction of a diamond (inverted square) has nine clear layers, and the first image that comes is of light waves propagating from an energy center.

Can we consider an impact event in NINE DAYS? Maybe yes (4/7 + 9 days = 7/13/2023). Around the 13th, so we have to keep track.

The author crop circle not only designed these concentric curves to give the impression of energy waves in motion, he also widened these energy waves from their center of propagation (which often happens with earthquakes and tsunamis!).

As the waves originated by the tidal wave approach the coast, the distance between them and the sea floor decreases, as well as the speed at which they propagate. From then on, the small waves that emerged at the origin of the tidal wave increase in size until they actually become giant waves, reaching 30 meters or more.

Seismic waves also vary their mode of propagation depending on the medium. So I have two possibilities: the manifestation of a new star or bright object in the sky, the manifestation of a great wave of energy coming from our Sun. The cause of all this?

Again, the existence of an object approaching Earth, the theory of the second Sun, Nemesis, the brown dwarf, whose motion interferes with the Sun's energy stability, and what scientists call an El Nińo, could be this ongoing disturbance. The activity of SHAMASH, the Sun.

Because, if you look closely at the first crop circle, the star model, there are two stars together, the outer and the inner. It is in the details that the crime can be solved. As well as crop circles. 


JP on 04.07.2023

 The hottest day of the year, the day before the announcement of two crop circles

This news is very significant, which points to July 3, 2023 as being the hottest day on Earth so far, since measurements of this type have been made. The next day, the dual message: a star and an energy source propagating (to Earth). Wait for the coming days and months before solar impact events. 

The Sirius system

Nor can we forget that the Sun is, at this time of the year, aligning itself in the sky with the Sirius star system, which is triple (which justifies the triple octagon represented in the crop circle of July 4th).

The exact alignment usually happens between the 7th and 8th of July, portraying that Light emanated in another sense, the sense of the spiritual enlightenment of the knowledge that came from the stars, in particular, from that system and people mentioned by the ancients, called Nommos, the mankind's first teachers.

For all these reasons, the Star of Bethlehem has always been a reference to Sirius, the matrix of Christianity in our spiritual universe. Still waiting for a nice crop circle sign between the 7th and 8th of July next.

Solar flare of the most violent type hits the Earth and disrupts radio communication

Another series of confirmed interpretations, and since the first crop circle of this 2023 season, I have been announcing these events.
And those who follow my work know that I've been announcing this since May and the first "solar" crop circle identified


JP on 07.05.2023

Latest pair SU5196936499 in alinement with the Bifrost GSI (Glide slope indicator) half way between grids 36 and 37 on bing OS map grid lines suggesting a pit stop by 888 Tefnut of the High Council of Nine,  Nuit and Hathor's favourite stomping grounds Crabwood 2002 Crop Formation Christopher Michael the Grey Revelation - YouTube 3 mins and 6 secs into video, it's a pause the video job.  They are honouring the ancient religions of these lands in amongst other stuff.

Jeff 999


The Solar Tone of Intention

Square formation from 4 July 2023 at Chillandham Lane, near Winchester, Hampshire, UK

According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar Tzolkin, 4 July 2023 is a day

with the Solar Seal Yellow Human with Tone 9,
in the Yellow Seed wavespell,
in the Blue Castle with the main energy Yellow Star,
in the Year of the Red Moon with Tone 4.

In my opinion, on the formation are featured the following energies:

Yellow Human – Free Will, Influence, Wisdom
The Solar Tone 9 – Intention, Pulse, Realize
Yellow Seed – Targeting, Awareness, Flowering
Yellow Star - Creativity, Elegance, Art, Beauty, Harmony

The daily affirmation for the Yellow Human with Tone 9 is:

I Pulse in order to Influence,
Realizing Wisdom.
I seal the Process of Free Will
with the Solar Tone of Intention.
I am guided by the power of Elegance.

Tone 9 teaches us: we need to clarify what our true intentions are and then communicate them to the world – thus triggering the mechanism for the realization of our intentions.

On the formation this communication is depicted in the form of waves (pulsations) – we communicate our intentions to the world by emitting them in the form of pulsations.

We Pulse our intentions by expressing them with words or by broadcasting them in the form of thoughts. Our thoughts and words spread like waves through the surrounding space. With these thoughts-waves we Influence the surrounding reality and Transform it. Of course, thoughts and words must then be followed by real actions.

The number of waves is 8. Number 8 symbolizes the energy Yellow Star - Solar Seal No. 8.

This reminds us to radiate thoughts, words, ideas, dreams for transforming the reality into a more beautiful, more harmonious new world!

The outer contour of the formation is a square with 4 sides, symbolizing the energy Yellow Seed - Solar Seal No. 4.

This means that the intentions we emit are SEEDS we sow in space, and from these seeds our new reality will grow.

What we sow, we reap!

Bunch of thanks to the creators of this wonderful formation and to all the photographers!

Maya Todorova



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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike