Cakebole Lane, Nr Rushock, Worcestershire. Reported 16th July

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Updated  Wednesday 26th July 2023


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Cakebole Lane, Nr Rushock, Worcestershire. Reported 16th July 2023

This latest crop circle looks like a facsimile of the world famous pictogram at Alton Barnes, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 12th July 1990,

Cakebole Lane, Nr Rushock, Worcestershire. Reported 16th July 2023

Alton Barnes, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 12th July 1990,

which appeared on the Led Zeppelin Remasters album cover in 15th October 1990

The location of the formation is near to the small village of Rushock in Worcestershire. Which is the burial grave of John Bonham, the late drummer of  Led Zeppelin, in St Michael’s Church, who died 25 September 1980

After glancing Through John Bonham info, I noticed that  it was his son's Jason Bonham (born 15 July 1966) birthday. Who is also a drummer. A coincidence?

'Led Zeppelin' crop circle appears near John Bonham's grave

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This crop circle below happens to be an almost exact copy of T34,on July 12, 1990  (page 42 of my ebook):

Inline image
 How likely is it the present circle below resembles the one above  after 33 years?


Inline image

The lay of the crop with the current version, plus geometrical defects in the prior version, suggest both are man-made.  

On the left we see a comet developing a coma (the outside ring) with three rotational adjustments. A small amount of matter is lost (the small bar) with the third adjustment. On the right another comet becomes larger in four steps before generating a coma. The two extra bars are velocity adjustments. Some matter (the irregular bar) is lost with each adjustment. On the extreme left the comet with two rings (two types of gas) is closer to the Sun and approaches a planet, perhaps Mars or Earth. The comets may be 
Comet A, the Warning Comet, and the Sun Comet.  

Man-made crop circles can be influenced  by the true alien circlemakers. 

Kenneth Heck

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A new pictogram in the crop circle of the date 777 and the great astronomical secret of the Name of God YHWH

My predicted crop circle 777 appeared today 07/16/2023 and it repeats the pictogram template from June 4th 2023! 


I talked about the great possibility of this day receiving a new crop circle (on my social networks) and indeed, it came, like the other times. Most of the explanations of this new pictogram (such as the relationship with the Name of God) can be found in the article on the first pictogram, dated June 4th, at the end of this article. 

Turned up at Cakebole Lane, Nr Rushock, Worcestershire, UK, repeating a 1990s pictogram on a new virtually identical model. Both this new pictogram and the old one reveal a double pictogram extremely similar to the two 1990 models, the START of the phenomenon as a coded message. It reappears, in a double pictogram style and with the same Phoenician characters as the Name YHWH (Sacred Tetragram). 


Why did this (and the previous pictogram) combine planets and stars aligned (in an astronomical diagram) with the letters of the Name of the Spirit of Life? Later, we will see other arguments directing us to the answer.
This pictogram has two cores.


On the left side, a possible connection between Venus and Earth (Earth with an orbit, ring, the Moon, and Venus without any ring, has no natural satellites). And at the far left, a circle with two orbits (the Sun and the second orbit, Venus), confirming this. On the right side, perhaps Sun and Moon in the portrayal of a solar eclipse (since the two repeated models from 1990, on July 11th, appeared exactly on the day of the great solar eclipse that occurred on the same day). 


And in the far right corner, an approaching object, three circles counting the three months (July, August, September) until the next great annular solar eclipse, which comes on October 14th, exactly three months. The lateral bars that run along the central axis of the alignment (eclipse) mean a strong transmission of energy and, parallel to the code 11-11, widely used in the initial season of 1990 (by the way, the first pictogram of that year, from 23.05.1990, brought the 11-11 key) also speak of synchronistic events on the way, the future repeating the past beneath the messages of time. 


The first Picture of 1990, May 23 (11-11) 

When the end returns to the beginning

The pictogram planned for today's "777" quite accurately repeats one of the models from 1990, England, 33 years later (the age of Christ when he was crucified). In fact, a pair of identical pictograms appeared that year on July 11, 1990, both referring to the great eclipse of that day (astronomical alignment patterns). In 1990, England began to see the crop circle phenomenon take shape in the form of pictograms, runes and astronomical models, as never before.

picture models 1990 

And also the Phoenician letters of the name YHWH (the Lord) were associated with several of them. What is the meaning of astronomical alignments, such as eclipses, and the Name of God adapted to them? Well, some biblical passages associate the arrival of the Great Day of God with eclipses. Just remember the sixth seal of the Apocalypse, which, broken (inside the sealed book) verifies signs in the sky, Black Sun, Blood Moons and stars falling from the sky.

And then, the Day of Divine Justice. That is, the Day of YHWH, IOM-YEVE, will arrive in a great eclipse.
In October, the 14th, we will have an annular eclipse.


But the code goes further.
Much has already been said about the secret of the divine Tetragrammaton, the four letters of the Name of the Spirit of God, its active force in the life and consciousness of beings. Four elements, four cardinal directions, four states of matter, four states of energy, the INRI cross that controls the cosmic wheel, etc. But these pictograms from 2023, mirroring those from 1990, are associating the four letters of the Name of the Spirit of God YHWH with the four nearby stars: Sun and Moon, Venus and Earth.


Sun has the IOD energy, the great asset, Yang. Moon has the VAV energy, the great passive, Yin. Venus and Earth breathe the same Soul and Breath contained in HE, so much so that they were considered twin planets in antiquity.

Earth and Venus are polarizations of the same wave of life coming from the Sun and the Moon, the parents of life that we share with our Venusian brothers in a kind of parallel evolution (they are the authors of crop circles). Thus, all alignments involving these four stars potentiate the strength of the NAME of the Spirit of Life on Earth and in the other stars.

The new (and repeated) pictogram of 07.16.2023 means that, in the next solar eclipse (and which will be visible in the North of Brazil!) we will have all this power reaching the Earth, in a shuddering way!

As if these stars contained the power of the Spirit gathered in the four letters, and that this power was amplified in SOLAR ECLIPSES! In ancient cultures, there are traditions associating eclipses (and other planetary alignments) with portals through which differentiated energies are sent to Earth.


There is also a mystical context associating eclipses with a power related to life, death and rebirth, so much so that Jesus Christ was crucified on 4/3/33 AD under a solar eclipse! And isn't this the 33rd year of crop circles since 1990?

Solar and lunar eclipses, which happen every year, can signify the renewal of life on Earth and the maintenance of cycles through the power of the four letters of the Name of God the Creator through the flow of these four stars in particular, and we can certainly consider the planet VENUS (not Mars) in the shared composition of this four-factor equation that sustains all Life on Earth.


Crop circles always record these phenomena, such as the record of the prophetic solar eclipse (via Nostradamus) of 11.08.1999.

The end repeating the beginning

Notice the codes, day adding up to 777, 33 years later.
What does it mean when the end repeats the beginning?

The end of messages? It is notorious that, each year, the number of crop circles has been dropping significantly in relation to the first years, with abundant formations.

Because everything that starts ends one day, especially when the purpose is achieved.

And the Spirit that moves in the power of the stars, including the participation of Earth and Venus together in the evolutionary aspect, is about to send a shot of energy to this system in the next (and next) eclipse (s)!

And another mystery associated with this new pictogram adds more information to all of this, confirming this interpretation so far.

Led Zeppelin?


The new pictogram appeared right next to the memorial of John Henry Bonham (who was the drummer of the rock band Led Zeppelin), in the cemetery around the Church called Saint Michael and all Angels. See on the left side of the Google maps antenna and the top of the Stonehenge Dronescapes photo. 

Certainly because this pictogram (not the current one, but the one from 1990, identical to the current one) served to illustrate the cover of that band's album in 1990, when it appeared). The day this Crop Circle was formed is the drummer's son's birthday (the original crop circle is from July 11, 1990). John's family owns the farm that Crop Circle is on. Many Led Zep fans were at Crop Circle that day in 1990.


Many are already interpreting all this as a tribute to the fans of Led Zeppelin, who then made the pictogram (human origin). But is that the answer? Or is there another? What's the mystery? 

The answer lies in the mysterious spiritual power of eclipses (especially solar) involving the four stars of the Name of God (IHVH) linked to the pyramids, these mysterious temples not of death, but of resurrection, within the very mythical symbology associated with them in the post mortem of the pharaohs.

The conception of the pyramids, with four faces facing the four directions, and aligned with certain stars and positions of the Sun and Moon, had this purpose of creating in their space such a large environment of combined vital and mystical energy that they were capable of giving new life to the elect of the gods, pharaohs and other leaders.


Then, under the hidden mechanisms of planetary alignments, such as eclipses, the pyramids would work as true resurrection machines, as this was the target of the pharaohs ordered to eternal life by the priests of ancient Egypt. Various crop circles have already alluded to pyramids and eclipses, and I mention two examples: 


England, June 21, 2001.

A pyramid with the Sun shining behind, with 14 rays, seven on each side.

The number 14, in addition to representing the material and organic transmutation in the tarot (arcanum 14), evokes the mythology of the god Osiris, who was murdered by his brother and rival, the god Seth (Satan) and his body cut into 14 pieces, pieces that were brought together by his wife and sister, Isis, so that he could become the father of Horus, the savior (of that culture).

Incidentally, on June 21, 2001, the day of the powerful crop circle, we had a large solar eclipse visible in England, which undeniably associates the power of the pyramids with the trigger of eclipses and cosmic alignments triggered by them. 


This second crop circle shows a radiant pyramid, with 11-11-11 = 33 rays and the divine Eye at the top.

He appeared on July 21, 2002, the following year. Pyramid, 33 years old, resurrection, age of Christ.

Now, if these pyramids later became one of the best-known symbols of the ILLUMINATI, it is necessary to have the discernment that they were not their creators. They only imported these and other symbols, like Freemasonry, from ancient cultures, because they knew that such images contained divine power.

If they diverted this sacred power to materialistic ends, the symbols remain intact in their original conception.
In this case, resurrection machines, the bridge between life, death and immortality, so desired by yesterday's leaders, as well as today's leaders.

This explains the relationship with the cemetery near the pictogram, where one of the members of the band Led Zeppelin is buried. A suggestion of life and spiritual energy that prevails over death (but let no one interpret that said musician is going to resurrect, please… at least, NOT HIM).


So, the great mystery of these crop circle pictograms completing 33 years in this 2023 season is that they represent the four letters of the Name of the Spirit of God linked to the mystical purpose of the ancient pyramids, which were activated by eclipses and cosmic alignments, accumulating great telluric energy in its internal spaces capable of producing LIFE.

On a small scale, many studies and practical uses of miniature pyramids, made of crystal or metal, already point out that they actually produce vital energy in their internal field. Imagine on an architectural scale and even, under eclipses, like the great Pyramid? The four-sided pyramids converging towards the sky are the very NAME OF GOD YHVH IN SACRED GEOMETRY FORM.

I already advance that, on July 25, 2023, we will have, for the third time, the date reduced to the numbers 777, which have been part of the mystery since the first crop circle associated with an incomplete Flower of Life (on 07.07.2023).

And now, this pictogram on the second day "777". I believe there may be a third puzzle completing the set.
Incomplete Flower of Life plus Name of God firing vital power in the next solar eclipse of October 14, 2023, completing the LIFE of that symbol of the 7th.

Especially because between the 25th and 26th of July of the year, in the middle latitudes of the Earth, the heliacal birth of Sirius takes place, when the star leaves the occultation zone and shines, like Venus, before sunrise. It also happens to be the green day or day out of time in the Mayan calendar. These are dates that also usually receive crop circles with special messages for humanity. So, let's take a look at it in advance. The story about the first 2023 pictogram: o-nome-de-deus-escrito-no-pictograma-crop-circle-2023 

JP on 07.17.2023 


Latest crop circle predictions 2023

I predicted several crop circles this season, and I have been doing this since 2016, for the sake of correctly interpreting patterns, which allows me to have a very precise dialogue within the phenomenon with its intelligences. However, here I will make one last prediction.

Another very special moment of the year, between the 25th and 26th of July, when Sirius reappears in the celestial scene (after a long period of occultation in the sky due to the transit of the Sun in the region of the constellation of Canis Major).

Well, in middle latitudes, Sirius usually "reborn" at dawn, just before the Sun, as a morning Venus, around that date, what we know as the heliac birth of Sirius, a special moment that, for the ancient Egyptians, marked the beginning of their year, which coincided with the period of flooding of the Nile, the sacred river.

These dates, between July 25th and 26th, also coincide with the green day or day out of time in the Mayan calendar, also starting a new cycle. Maybe that's why we didn't have any crop circles on Sol's Day, July 23rd. And because the reduction of objects is also confirmed every year. Last year, we had 16 objects registered on the official website, with the last crop circle (from England) registered on the 8th of August.

On the 24th of July, the day before the Sirius uprising, we had the most impressive crop circle of that 2022 season, and from it I made numerous parallel interpretations (contained on our website). I think we can receive one more spectacular message these days. And maybe something in August.

THE CHANNEL IS CLOSING... as they themselves announced it would be, this in the encrypted crop circle of 2002, 21 years ago. The harvest is approaching, and the end of humanity, too. 

JP on 07.25.2023





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