Allan King Way, Nr Owslebury, Hampshire. Reported 26th June

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Updated  Tuesday 4th July 2023


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This new crop-circle “puzzle” near Owslebury on June 26, 2023 comes in two parts!  

First, we need to recognize that the crop artist is “looking at” something with “wide and open eyes”: 

If we study the landscape near this crop picture, we can see that our “wide eyes” interpretation is confirmed. But what could be crop artist be “looking at”?

That is the second part of the puzzle, a tentative answer to which will be shown in the accompanying Articles page for this crop picture. 

Best wishes to all, Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



Jump over the value 2/3 that is connected to some octagonal fields. The red line relates to a side in an octagonal where the green line is a diagonal. Diagonal divided with side = 2,613 which is the proportion between the blue line and the green line. We also find this relation between the yellow line and the purple line.  

2,613 is a value in octagonal fields that can affect for example the order in water and variability in the fractal heart rhythm. If some spacecrafts show an octagonal structure a hypothesis could be that it is connected to an energy system with a fractal regulation.     


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Tixeire Luc

Geometrical defects put this circle in the man-made category. The large ring represents the Earth. Within the smaller ring are the 10 major fragments and the split nucleus of Comet B. Also shown are the numerous small fragments generated by the comet. The relative sizes of the large and smaller ring may indicate the geographical extent of the damage caused by the comet’s impact. The five triangular figures above would be five space vehicles responsible for the comet impacting at the right place at the right speed and at the right angle. These are also responsible for ensuring the right weather for the impact. They closely guide the comet from its point of origin  in the Outer Solar final impact.

Kenneth Heck




Hello again dear readers and writers, after a long time I have decided to come back here for to help you out to understand what is going on. Let’s look what we have got here with the new crop-circle: and text below: Many thanks to the drone-pilots 

It seems that there is a ‚pretty complex‘ inner circle depicted, a circle which is scaled into twelve parts, which either can be understood as ‚clock‘ or as ’12 months of a year‘, but also added with ‚spikes‘ between each of the 12 ‚signs‘ so to say. It could even been translated as a compass. But it seems that it is not. In general it means a depiction of our well known time-scale or month-scale within a year = 12 parts of either a ‚clock‘ or a ‚year‘. In another meaning it just depicts the ‚humankind and their planet‘ in a move. So far so good. But cropcircle-makers wouldn’t waste their time to tell you the already well-known base of knowledge.

So if you look closer into it, you will realize that the ‚inner circle‘ = ‚our‘ imagination of ‚time and room‘ obviously is moving OUT of the centre of the big circle = galaxies’ centre - which simply means the former ‚harmony‘ of the whole galaxy which now is DISTURBED by the influences of planet Earth, of course caused by the living beings on the surface. These beings constantly go on with destroying the atmosphere with more and more pollution, destroying the nature with more and more killing the rain forests, with ongoing robbing all what they can grab with their dirty hands - to bring the real mother down more and more.
This is just ONE of the countless criminal actions which take place at every single day!!!!

But YOU - the writers - don’t mention that in just a single word in your cheap ‚reports‘. This seems to be grounded in your general denial of everything which could be your disadvantage at all.  However, I just disclaim the explanation of all your written wild lines.

And when you go on to watch the crop circle, you see that the ‚inner‘ circle (our planet) begins to move away from the centre which so far was the ‚center‘ and the center of ‚harmony‘, it begins to move out of the centre, moving OUT, which means a serious IMBALANCE in the ‚cosmic-balance‘. This moving is depicted by five spikes which show the way of the moving off the former centre.

But YOU, the writers in whole, you ignore the facts, you write wild stories - obviously for to ‚place yourself in the centre of attention‘, but never looking for truth, which is the most precious trait a human can possess. You just ignore this, proven by your published so called ‚reports‘, added with many colorful drawings, nice to wiew, but completely missing the truth, the reality.
You can do better, must do better. Learn to see and to understand. Best wishes to you...............

Gerd Estrup

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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike