Capriano del Colle, Nr Giulietta. Italy, Reported 30th May

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Updated Friday 9th June 2023


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There will be an annular solar eclipse on October 14, 2023 as seen across north and central America 

Planet “Earth” in this new Italian crop picture has been drawn as an open-circular “white ring”, because that is how the Sun will be seen from Earth during an October 14, 2023 solar eclipse, which will be of the “annular” variety (shown in the slide above at lower right).  

Their symbol for “Moon” is mostly dark, so as to match a real eclipse-simulation, in which our “Sun” appears as a bright crescent (shown above at upper left).  

A small “white circle”, drawn in crops at the outer edge of our “Sun”, may be meant to represent “Baily beads”, often seen during a solar eclipse (see eclipse observee ).  

The shadow of “totality” for a solar eclipse over central America, the heartland of ancient Mayan culture, seems VERY RARE. Thus the appearance of this new crop picture may be a portent of important events to come.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



At the top of this frugally created crop circle we see the Van Allen Belts of Jupiter. Near the bottom is a comet with a developing coma. A comet, (perhaps A or B) has travelled close to the Jupiter Belts, perhaps to gain a gravity boost. Later it develops a coma in the part of the solar system warm enough for comas near the Asteroid Belt and closer to the sun.This crop circle may be saying that the people of Cascina San Michele will be able to see this comet  with a telescope or binoculars after it passes Jupiter  

Kenneth Heck

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Something Approaches (The First Two Crop Circles 2023)

The first crop circle came on Sunday, May 28th, and it shows a model that usually represents solar activity (hexagonal models in circular motion shapes) in other seasons.

And indeed, a few days after the crop circle, some huge coronal holes appear on the Sun, some even looking like the triangular blade shape of the 6 arms of the crop circle. And on the same May 30th when holes in the Sun appear, this crop circle appears in Italy. It suggests some sort of alignment or approximation of an object with respect to a farther ring. I've noticed that no major alignments are happening this month (the next eclipse won't come until October). So, the image can really represent an object approaching another. 

The object P 7X getting closer and closer to the Sun (the ring) or A UFO approaching in the sky.

Of two, one. Or both.

Let's follow the other objects of the crop circle 33 season.

JP on 06.02.2023

The first original formation of 2023. May 30th. Cascina San Michele, Italy. A simple design that remind us not to forget Silbury Hill piramid and Avebury Stone Circle in Wiltshire, England. This is a 3D design that shows an Energy Orb on top of The Vortex at Silbury Hill piramid. For those of you that do not know a thing about these two places, Crop Circle makers has been advising about the reactivation of The Vortex at Silbury Hill piramid for years. On July 02nd 2021 the formation confirmed that the Vortex was active. They are letting known that we don't have to forget those two sites. They will be very important for the coming events.

Find more video information abot the formation at Crop Circle May 30th 2023 Italy - Circulo del grano Italia Mayo 30 

 La primera formación original de 2023. 30 de mayo. Cascina San Michele, Italia. Un diseño simple que nos recuerda que no debemos olvidar la pirámide de Silbury Hill y el círculo de piedra de Avebury en Wiltshire, Inglaterra. Este es un diseño en 3D que muestra un orbe de energía en la parte superior de la pirámide de The Vortex en Silbury Hill. Para aquellos de ustedes que no saben nada sobre estos dos lugares, los creadores de Crop Circle han estado aconsejando sobre la reactivación de The Vortex en la pirámide de Silbury Hill durante años. El 2 de julio de 2021, la formación confirmó que Vortex estaba activo. Están dejando saber que no tenemos que olvidar esos dos sitios. Serán muy importantes para los próximos eventos. Puede conseguir mas informacion de este dibujo en el video de:- WATCH 

Pablo Olivares 



A Red Rose Sunflower

Alessandra N



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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike