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Updated Tuesday, 10. May 2022 12:46:31

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Sixpenny Handley, Dorset. Reported 19th April.

Approx Map


The 2022 crop-circle season begins with a “BEAR”!  

This new crop-circle season seems to have begun on April 18, 2022 with the simple, schematic image of a “teddy bear”, drawn in yellow oilseed rape near Sixpenny Handley. It appeared close to where two “star” crop pictures appeared on June 4, 2018 or June 21, 2020:

Interestingly the large, landscape image of a “bear” may be seen there, when we study where this crop picture was drawn using Google Earth (compass direction “southwest up”). Two knolls near the A354 might be its “two eyes”. An explanatory slide will follow. 

Who drew this crop picture? Might it signify the “bear” of Russia? Or more amusingly, the imagery used by certain experts in cryptocurrency, for example a “bear eating popcorn” posted on March 11 by Bearableguy123 on Twitter? (see

All in good fun, let’s see what comes next!  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace Drew)

The sign in the stars

 The crop circle may be simple, but what it points to in the current sky is tremendously important.

A rare alignment of four planets pointing to the fifth planet, the mysterious object P 7X, the invading star.
Study at the link

 JP (20.04.2022) 

Agroglifo UK 24-4-2022, interpretación cenuítica

By Fernando Ortolá

This crop circle looks suspiciously manmade. 

1. The quality doesn't meet  the standard of true circles. 

2. It is too simple - no need to repeat the circles of the 1980's for the 2022 season. Manmade circles have less probability of error error the simpler they are. 

3. It comes at the beginning of the season where manmade creations have seemed  to flourish in recent years. 

For examples of 1980's circles similar to this one go to page 35 of my free ebook at 

Interpreting, the four major chastising comets are now much closer to Earth (the ring)  compared to the corresponding circles of the 1980's. 

The central circle is the conglomerate impact area for the four comets.

Kenneth Heck