Lay Wood, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 14th July

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A new crop picture at Lay Wood on July 14, 2022 shows the image of a “triple Ouroboros”, and seems to have been inspired by a distinctive landscape feature nearby, which suggests that a “serpent” will be coming soon out of his “hole”  

The delicately-curved, double-stranded image drawn in crops at Lay Wood near Devizes on July 14, 2022 seems to represent a “triple Ouroboros”. In other words, a “coiled snake” who is “biting its tail” twice, as a kind of mirror image seen jointly by two universes: 

This beautiful new crop picture seems to have been inspired by a distinctive landscape feature nearby. Thus just below the crop picture, we can see a set of narrow, white roads (or paths) which match in shape three curved features from the crop picture (marked by yellow dashed lines in the slide below). Those roads, when studied in their entirely, resemble a “serpent” coming out of his “hole”: 

Why would the E.T. crop artist draw such a humorous and enigmatic diagram in a field near Devizes? One might guess to suggest that he (as a “feathered serpent”) will be coming soon out of a “spacetime worm-hole”, to make contact with all humans on Earth. The Incas prophesized that he would return through a “rip in time”. 

This is essentially the same metaphor as was drawn in crops near Froxfield on July 9, 2022 (see Cakewood Comments or Cakewood Articles).  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



Two suns intertwine over the Earth, here is the message of the new crop circle

New crop circle in Lay Wood, UK Today, 7/14/2022
look at the image as he appeared in front of a city, I don't know the size, but even so, intimidating once again in its mystery.

Because if you go into town and ask anybody: Hey, who made that crop circle? They will tell you:

"We didn't see anyone there. That image, until yesterday, wasn't there, but this morning, it appeared!" It is the same with all other reports. This pattern of objects in motion format is already standard in the crop circle language. Over the seasons, he often appears relatively frequently. Models with four circles, and even a Latin cross in the same style, as we can see in the images. These models always seem to bring together two or more systems (circles) by energy waves that, in the cosmological conception of the symbol, can only represent gravitational energy, as ties connecting the worlds. 

In fact, the 2018 model repeats practically the same structure as the new crop circle model, because we see that the two outer circles are joined by an Infinity loop (eight lying down) whose center crosses the middle circle. In other words, a message that is already old, but that has never stopped being sent to the world, over and over again, by the authors of the crop circle... given its urgency.

At first glance, knowing that we are exactly between two phenomena related to Star Sirius (which is a triple system), because, on July 6th to 7th, the annual Sun-Sirius alignment takes place and, from July 25th to 26th, birth Sirius heliac, well, we can associate this new object with the Sirius A - Sirius B - Sirius C System (and according to the Dogon culture of ancient Africa, our civilization came or was instructed by the sages of a water planet that orbits Sirius B). We see that, in the center of each circle, the whirlpool of lowered plants is shaped like a small inner Sun.

A system of three objects joined by loops seems to me a satisfactory diagram for representing a triple star system unified by gravitational forces. On the other hand, as we have received repeated messages about the great possibility of a double solar system (two stars) to reveal itself soon (and Earth is already feeling the impacts of its approach) The P 7X object, Nemesis system and other more popular names such as Hercolobus, Nibiru and Wormwood. All talking about the same worrying situation every year.

Graphically, the crop circle suggests a double eight, and the number eight itself, in addition to the sign of the Infinite, represents the bond that unites all things in the Universe, and does not just speak of a gravitational bond, but a root-energy bond in the universe. own existential condition of the universe, what we can appeal to the quantum structure of all created things sharing their existence in planes of hidden reality that, interacting with each other, create these transition processes, when such systems collide or approach a mutual influence significant. In fact, the model of this crop circle seems to perfectly illustrate a double system of stars or gravitational objects that find orbital equilibrium in a common center of gravity, in this case, the central circle on which the gravitational waves of the two objects intersect, in equilibrium. .


In the Tarot, Arcanum 8 does not only speak of a Law of a moral or spiritual character (the Balance of Judgments of the Creator) but also of a universal cosmic pattern that links all things to each other. This is the power of the argument of the number eight which, when doubled, can then speak of two "infinite" systems entering into sum, into fusion. Which matches some crop circle models in alchemical codes.

And speaking of Alchemy, today's date, the 14th, has an expressly alchemical value, because Arcanum 14 of the Tarot is called Temperance, and it shows an Angel mixing a liquid in two amphoras or cups. The two approaching systems are performing planetary alchemy so this doesn't seem to leave anyone in doubt.


We just don't know yet when we will experience the apex of this mutation process on a planetary scale. What has become popular under the name "planetary transition" which is nothing more than a modern edition of all the ancient prophetic arguments of ancient cultures, and most excellently, of the book of Revelation.

And to align with the supposed month of October (month 10) according to some crop circle indicators previously seen, we have three circles united in the object, or three months until October, counting from July.

Some cosmic event about it? We are following.

"And the third angel blew his trumpet, and a great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. And the name of the star was Wormwood, and a third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died from the waters, because they became bitter." Revelation 8:10,11 

JP on 14.07.2022


Are Aliens drawing Mercury's Caduceus in crop circles? first argument

The Nervous Center of Enlightenment

The recent July 12 crop circle shows an interesting symmetry between the double arc of the ASCII binary code "Om" with the structure of the human skull and the position of the pineal gland (epiphysis) buried in the center of the brain. Some mirrorings between the images of the skull and the brain radiographed inside it, locating the pineal gland in the center of the brain, and the crop circle image of Pligrim'a Trail, prove to be surprising in their symmetry.

It is as if the crop circle showed the image of the skull from above, and makes the relationship between the pineal gland and the mantra Om, which reverberates powerfully inside the skull and, with its vibration waves, activates the pineal gland in a natural and conscious way. , without the need for any chemical substance, doing it in an unnatural and forced way, opening perceptions in a mind still without awareness and preparation for it (the shortcuts, easier and effortless paths, are enemies of Enlightenment, which is obtained by a daily, patient and solid construction towards real awareness, from the inside out).

Om is the seed mantra of mind enlightenment!

The image also shows the opening of the seventh chakra, connection with the mental Universe, and the nervous center of Enlightenment revealed, the epiphysis or pineal gland, in the brain center, being activated by OM, according to the ancient keys of yogis and meditation masters. If the extraterrestrial messengers have handed over this key, the key of the mantra OM in the view of the skull open and the crown chakra activated, it can only mean a certain urgency in awakening consciousness in the face of events that come to the world, because they certainly know much more. than us about these events. They are not sending this by accident. And I believe there will be even more messages in that direction.

* And they started to arrive, in the two coiled snakes of the recent Lay Wood, Uk crop circle, two days later (14.07.2022) 


Are Aliens drawing Mercury's Caduceus in crop circles?
second argument

Om (AUM), the Caduceus key of Mercury in the crop circle

On July 12th, a magnificent crop circle with the ASCII code that spilled two letters: "Om", which is the vocalization of the three Sanskrit letters AUM, the seed mantra of the Universe and which echoes and reverberates in all departments of Creation.

Two days later, on July 14, something like entwined serpents that, placed vertically, accurately illustrate the structure of the Caduceus of Mercury on three levels. As if these two combined crop circles identified the parts of Mercury's Caduceus, now only missing the pair of wings to complete its full meaning. Note the dates, the 12th and 14th, which together produce 26, the Name of the Lord in Kabbalah (YHWH) being 26, adding up to Eight (the structure of the entwined serpents of the Caduceus).

What if we add the total dates?

1 (1+2+7+2+2+2 = 16)
2 (1+4+7+2+2+2 = 18)

1618 (the golden number of the Fibonacci series)
It is still a subtle and surprising numerical development!

The Caduceus of Mercury is an instrument for transmuting internal energies to obtain healing for the body and mind, and if it gives health to the body, it gives enlightenment to the mind. Om (written AUM) is the master key of mantras in conducting practices aimed at awakening the mental faculties. And AUM is similar in structure to the term AUR at the top of the caduceus, which means LIGHT.
With AUM (Om) we will produce Light in the mind (AUR).

The two serpents coiled on three levels or floors signify the refining of the three energy planes of human nature, from the bottom up, so that this enlightenment is achieved on the upper, mental floor:

1. Instincts
2. Emotions
3. mind

Placed on top, the Om code crop circle becomes similar to the brain and open mental field receiving all that energy, under the guidance of the power word "Om", and the base power provided by transmutation via root energy polarization. (kundalini) in the two ascending serpents. All that is needed now is a pair of wings to complete the triad of this wonderful message.

Surprising! They are giving the basic keys of Enlightenment and awakening of consciousness to humanity. It is only in the dark and in ignorance whoever wants to. Or who can't... 


JP on 15.07.2022 

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These are my comments about the formation of July 14th

These are my comments on the formation of  July14th . For the first time, the  Crop Circle makers show us some very advanced techniques for managing wheat plants to make complex drawings. The center of the three circles show us that by bending the spikes at different heights, we can see different images, depending on the inclination of the Sunlight. With enough lighting, probably at noon, we can see the well-known Yin and Yan symbol. With the light tilted, possibly at sunset, we can see a vortex. These figures are intertwined by two infinite ribbons. This crop circle is showing us three astronomical events that mark the beginning of a new era of observation of our Universe. In a single moment we have the largest full Moon of the year 2022, we have the Sun in unusual activity sending CME solar flares everywhere and we are finally seeing the edges of the Universe thanks to the first pictures from the James Webb Telescope. In a single photograph we can observe up to a hundred previously unseen galaxies. Probably our crop circle friends live in one of them. This is the link to my YouTube video with all the information about the formation Crop Circle July 14th 2022. Three major events

These are my comments in spanish

Estos son mis comentarios sobre el dibujo de el 14 de Julio. Por primera vez los hacedores de Crop Circle nos muestran unas técnica muy avanzadas de manejo de las plantas de trigo para hacer dibujos complejos. El centro de los  tres circulos, nos muestran que haciendo doblar las espigas a diferente altura, podemos tener imagenes diferentes, dependiendo de la inclinación de la luz solar.Con bastante iluminación, probablemente al medio día,  podemos ver el conocido simbolo del Yin y Yan. Con la luz inclinada, posiblemente al atrdecer, podemos ver un vortex. Esta figuras se encuentran entrelazadas por dos cintas infinita. Este crop circle nos está mostrando tres eventos astronómicos que marcan el inicio de una nueva era de observación de nuestro Universo. En un solo momento tenemos la Luna llena más grande del año 2022, tenemos el Sol en una actividad inusual enviando explosiones solares de CME hacia todos lados y finalmente estamos viendo los límites del Universo gracias a las primeras fotografías del Telescopio James Webb. En una sola fotografía podemos observar hasta cien galaxias no observadas con anterioridad. Probablemente nuestros amigos hacedores de crop circle vivan en una de ellas.  Este es el link para mi video de Youtube con mas informacion sobre esto WATCH

Pablo C Olivares

This crop circle is an updated version of the two below; the first from GBR (09/07/31), page 40 of my free ebook, and the second from GBR (09/08/08) , page 40.

               ImageO.jpg            ImageN.jpg           ImageP.jpg

 This is Comet A with its two major fragments. These two images are about 8 days apart, basically identical, with the second depicting four small fragments. The coma of the comet, the vaporized ice surrounding the  nucleus, or solid body, is large enough to be shared with the comas of the two fragments. The coma of the comet itself is actually composed of two distinct gases. 

With the passage of about 13 years, today's crop circle indicates that the two gases in the coma of the two fragments have increased enough to be shared with the nucleus' coma. This is to be expected as the comet travels closer to the sun. It might seem odd that the two fragments are on either side of the comet, since they normally trail behind (as in the 1994 Jupiter impacts) but the fragments have been repositioned by the aliens in 1997 according to the third image above  from GBR (97/08/01), page 38.  

The small dark line existing in the middle circle is unexplained. 

Kenneth Heck




The energies of the White Castle

Crop circle at Lay Wood, near Devizes, Wiltshire, UK, reported 14 July 2022

According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar, 14 July 2022 is a day in the Red Skywalker wavespell, in the White Castle with the main energy Yellow Warrior.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Yellow Warrior – Question, Intelligence, Fearlessness
Red Skywalker - Explore, Space, Wakefulness
White Wind – Spirit, Breath, Connections, Communication
Blue Night – Dreams, Intuition, Abundance
Red Serpent Life force, Instinct, Survival
White  Worldbridger - Equalize, Death, Opportunity 

Yellow Warrior - the main energy in the White Castle

In my opinion, the crop circle depicts the eyes of an Owl – big and round, with the typical eye rings. Between the two "ordinary" eyes is depicted the Third eye – a symbol of telepathic abilities. The owl is a traditional symbol for the Yellow Warrior (CIB), the main energy of the White Castle, which began on 10 July 2022 and lasts for 52 days. The owl has night vision – it sees things hidden in the dark.

CIB is a Spiritual warrior, a warrior of the Light. He illuminates the darkness. It helps us to see and understand the hidden sides of life, the dark corners of the soul. The eye rings of the owl form a serpentine that resembles the spiral symbol on the glyph (sign) of CIB.

 This spiral symbol has different meanings.

One is that the CIB glyph depicts honeycombs from which honey is squeezed, and the spiral sign in the center shows the process of draining itself. This represents the idea: to get to the useful by removing everything needless. Cleansing is CIB's main task.

This is also one of the main tasks for us in the White Castle: to get rid of everything useless and unnecessary. The spiral symbol on the glyph looks also like a question mark. CIB teaches us to examine the phenomena of life objectively, to ask, to question everything. CIB is the brave warrior who questions the old paradigm again and again until it crumbles.

The spiral symbol also describes the overall process of life, death, and rebirth – which are also major themes in the White Castle. In this castle we have the wavespell of the White Worldbridger – the energy of death, followed by the wavespell of the Blue Storm – the energy of rebirth (Self-Generation). The Third eye depicted on the crop circle symbolizes other qualities that the Yellow Warrior helps us develop: the ability for Galactic communication, to be an open receiver for Cosmic consciousness.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

White Worldbridger - CIMI

Above the Third Eye are depicted two arcs, which represent bridges and symbolize the energy White Worldbridger - CIMI. CIMI is the Challenging power of the Yellow Warrior, and is also the main White energy in the White Castle. The crop circle is not coincidentally located very close to a bridge over a water canal. Thus, the authors of the formation give us a hint - that the formation is related to the energy White Worldbridger. CIMI is a bridge between Heaven and Earth, between the visible world and the invisible worlds. This energy helps us build bridges-connections with the spiritual world.

CIMI is a bridge between the old and the new. It helps us to let go of what no longer serves and thus open space for something new in our lives. CIMI also helps us to build bridges to each other, to unite. CIMI invites us to build a bridge to the New world we want to live in!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Red Serpent

serpentine we see on the crop circle also depicts the bodies of two snakes and symbolizes the energy Red Serpent the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Warrior. The qualities of the Red Serpent include: vitality, Kundalini, instinct, passion, movement, sensuality, wisdom of the body, creativity, union with the Spirit. The Red Serpent represents the energy of Life, the mystery of Spirit in matter. It invites you to allow yourself something that brings you joy from being in a body. Move, play, dance. Listen to your body and express your creativity.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Blue Night

On the formation are depicted 3 eyes. The number 3 symbolizes the energy Blue Night Solar Seal No. 3. Blue Night is the Supporting power of the Yellow Warrior. Blue Night invites you to journey into yourself. Allow yourself to see what your heart truly dreams for your life and start doing something that makes your soul happy.  Carry your dream with you and look for ways to express it and realize it in your life. Miracles are possible!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The wavespell of the Red Skywalker – Ben

The serpentine we see on the crop circle also depicts a path and symbolizes the energy Red Skywalker – Ben. This is the main energy of the actual wavespell, the first wavespell in the White Castle. Ben invites us to travel, explore new spaces, expand our horizons.

On the 10th position in Ben's wavespell is the White Planetary Wind, the energy of Spirit, with Tone 10 – the Planetary Tone of Manifestation. This is our Planetary goal in this wavespell.

On the crop circle, below the Third eye is depicted a smile ;-).

The smile symbolizes the energy White Wind. A smile is rendered on the glyph (sign) of the White Wind.

Besides, the serpentine on the crop circle consists of 2 paths. The number 2 additionally symbolizes the energy White wind - Solar Seal No. 2. Ben reminds us that each of us is the living connection between Heaven and Earth, that our mission is to bring Heaven on Earth. We must keep our energy channel open so that the energy of Spirit and the cosmic energies can flow through us and create peace and harmony. Cordial thanks to the authors of this magnificent crop circle, to all the photographers and to the team of the Crop Circle Connector!

Photo courtesy of Nick Bull

Maya Todorova

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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike