Etchilhampton Hill, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 24th July

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Updated Monday 1st August 2022


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FINALLY SOLVED! After four days of diverse and intelligent speculations by many people, a careful study of the broad landscape, near this new crop picture at Etchilhampton, finally reveals its hidden intent.  

As shown in the slide below, the E.T. crop artists (at top centre) are currently looking down on the town of Devizes (at bottom left). They are asking the citizens of that town to LOOK UP ^ , because they will be coming down soon in their spaceplanes.  

We can see a large, upward-shaped (green) arrow” in the landscape, just to the right of where this new crop picture appeared (circled in red). It matches perfectly what was drawn there in crops. They evidently saw that landscape “arrow” from space, and drew a crop picture accordingly, as a puzzle-like but friendly message to people on the ground:  

After the crop artists land, will they go for lunch at The Bear (see in Devizes town centre?   

Red Collie (Dr. Horace Drew)

We can also see a “square and compass” in this new crop picture, as a clever double meaning (along with “Space Force”) 

This does not mean however that they are “Freemasons”.  

It means that they are the “CROP ARTISTS”:  

Thus they use a “square and compass” to draw their geometrical constructions on paper (just like Zef Damen or Bert Janssen or Karen Alexander, then they draw such geometrical constructions in a carefully-chosen field of agricultural crops.  

Are you learning anything yet? Some of the greatest art which our world has ever seen.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



It was easy to figure out, by studying the new crop picture at Etchilhampton, that the E.T. crop artists (represented by a “compass and square”) may be coming down to land on Earth. But what could other symbols in the same crop picture mean? 

Firstly, the crop artists used a “compass and square” to identify themselves in this new crop picture: not because they are “Freemasons”, but because they have architect-like skills for drawing geometry.  

Next they added three large circles in the lower part of this new crop picture, which increase in size as they go downward, to indicate that they will be “coming down”. The landscape near this crop picture likewise shows a “space plane coming in to land” (please see the Comments page, linked above).  

But what could many other symbols in the same crop picture be meant to represent? When we studied those other symbols carefully, as shown in a slide below, it became apparent that they were meant to describe some kind of metaphorical “minefield” or “explosion”.  

Thus after we remove a large “compass and square” symbol from the new crop picture, we can see an eight-pointed “circle” or “sphere” (at lower right). It looks like an “undersea mine” (upper right). It even has small “rivets”, spaced regularly around its circumference (upper left).  

Finally that “mine” seems to be “exploding”, as suggested by a two-layered “octagonal star” that has been drawn around its outer border:  


 A cryptic and enigmatic set of symbols indeed! What could the crop artists be thinking? Perhaps they are worried that “landing on Earth” will be like entering a “minefield” of danger and intrigue?   

“There’s a Starman waiting in the sky. He’d like to come and meet us, but he thinks he’d blow our minds” (see WATCH).

Red Collie (Dr. Horace Drew)

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The “explosion” drawn in outer parts of this new crop picture resembles in style a “S-D-H-K” nuclear-fusion crop picture from Italy 2013. Thus the E.T. crop artists may be telling us, once again, that their interstellar spacecraft runs on “explosive” fusion power! 

The nuclear-fusion reaction which those E.T. crop artists showed us in Italy 2013 was: 

Sulfur-32 + Deuterium-2 + Hydrogen-1 > potassium-41 after three cycles  

It was coded in 8-bit ASCII as S + D + H > K, and drawn with 8-fold symmetry in its outer parts.  

Their new crop picture at Etchilhampton on July 24, 2022 shows exactly the same style of drawing in most of its outer and central parts. One crop picture was clearly designed, with the other crop picture in mind. Please see a transparent overlap between these two crop pictures, shown in the slide below: 


Thus the E.T. crop artists may be trying to tell us that their interstellar spacecraft, which will land soon on Earth, runs on S-D-H-Kexplosive” fusion power. If true, open contact with them may be very beneficial. It would solve a “climate change crisis” that is being caused on Earth today by an over-reliance on fossil fuels. 

NASA already use nuclear fission to power some of their space probes. The Roswell UFO that crashed in 1947 supposedly ran on compact nuclear fusion. Some companies in the USA have been trying to back-engineer it with little success (see WATCH).  

In summary, such advanced nuclear-fusion technologies (which we might expect to learn from the E.T. crop artists) could power the world cheaply and safely with no pollution, and may lead to a new era of progress and learning for all of humanity.








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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike