Roman Road, Nr Marten, Wiltshire. Reported 8th August.

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Updated  Friday 27th  August 2021


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Are all good works of art “shocking”, like for Banksy or many great artists of the past? 


The E.T. crop artist seems to have produced a very shocking work of art in his latest picture on August 8, 2021. He did this very simply, by drawing two concentric circles in a precise field location between Marten and Tidcombe in southern England. 

When studied from high in the air, using Google Earth, we can see there the image of a “tinpot dictator”, who has just “wet his pants”, because a “horned serpent” (aka Quetzalcoatl) has come after him. 

I was reluctant to show this slide, because some people might be offended. If you are not easily offended, then look closely please! I have marked the new crop picture with a red circular outline. A pointy landscape protrusion on the left is that man’s “penis”. The landscape “dictator” seems to have  “wet his pants”:  


Are you tired of being oppressed by “tinpot dictators”, just like Charlie Chaplin was in the 1930’s? (see Watch) Have faith, I do not think we will have to wait much longer.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



Until 22 August we identify our Purpose for the New Year of the Yellow Electric Seed

Crop circle at
Roman Road, near Tidcombe, Wiltshire, UK, reported on 8 August 2021

According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar, on 26 July 2021 began the New Year of the Yellow Electric Seed.

In the first lunar month of this year, from 26 July until 22 August 2021 we receive Tone 1 – the Magnetic Tone of Purpose, which has following meanings:

Tone 1 – Source, Unity, God, Memory, Source of the Creative Energy, Unconditional Love, One Heart, Essence, Vibration of the Heart, New Beginnings, the Chalice of the Infinity, All That Is.

In my opinion, the formation depicts the Source and symbolizes Tone 1 - the Magnetic Tone of Purpose.

We are reminded that during the 1st Lunar month (First Magnetic Moon) we have the possibility to identify our Purpose for the New Year.

Tone 1 helps us to feel our Unity with
All That Is.

Focus on your heart.
Feel the energy of the Source pulsing in your heart.
The energy of the Source is pulsing in every heart.
Tone 1 unites us in One Heart.

Tone 1 unites the entire Creation.

Focus on your heart. It is your connection to the Source.
Ask yourself: "What is my Purpose?”
Feel the answer in your heart.

Tone 1 helps us to
identify our Purpose. Aligning with that purpose, we become magnetic attractors of everything we need to fulfil it.

I express my sincere gratitude
to the authors of the crop circle and to all photographers!

Maya Todorova

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The outer ring represents the Earth. The inner ring the area expected to be directly affected by a comet's impact. This simple crop circle has appeared many times in the past and is listed as T0044 in the Andrews Catalogue. It is found on page 76 of my free e-book. Interestingly, the inner ring is thicker than the outer ring, perhaps suggesting it represents a tsunami or tidal wave created by the impact. The Warning Comet striking in the Pacific Ocean would be the best match in this instance.

Kenneth Heck






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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike