Ridge Way, Nr Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire. Reported 5th July

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Updated  Saturday 10th  July  2021


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Who was/is the legendary "horned serpent"? His target is love "L" from the "heart"!   

This new crop picture appeared close to where a “Solar Power” (“SP” or “17”) crop picture was drawn on June 15, 2021, inside of the landscape letter “L” for “love” (see RUMOURS 2021).  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace Drew)



A sequence of crop circles indicating that EARTH IS THE TARGET!

A mapping of the solar system in early crops circles

To understand this claim, we have to do an analysis of the last crops circles up to today, July 5th, when a new and predicted crop circle appeared.

Since the crop circle of June 21st and the certainty that, on this day, we would receive a message, I have assessed that the crops circles are, together, creating a mapping of the basic Solar System.

On the 21st, a beautiful octagonal Star pattern, speaking of the light of Sirius, and the starlight of the holy Anunnaki, the benevolent gods who, according to all ancient cultures, came to instruct mankind in their cradle (although Sitchin has perverted this one mystery with its stupid interpretations).

And a real sequence I could establish through dates and geometric symbols used. Look this:

The crop circle of 21.06 was an octagon (8 points).
So, I added 21.06 + 8 days = 29.06.
And he said that on June 29, another crop circle could appear.

And he appeared.
A simple solar system, it seemed to me, the central Sun and the Earth in the four seasons, positioned.

So again I did the simple math.
Day 29.06 + 5 (the 5 circles of the crop circle) = 04.07
I had said that between the 4th and 5th of July, another crop circle might appear.
And he did show up.

The magnificent double pentagram, which I requested in contact form, creating a resulting 10-pointed star, and which represents Venus and Sirius, as per previous studies.

And in that space, on June 28th, a system of circles appeared that accurately reproduced the ancient model of the Nemesis System, winged sun, 12th planet, and so on. And that currently fits the patterns of the P 7X object, disturbing our planetary neighborhood as it approaches the Sun.

So, in this crop circles meeting, we also had the SOLAR ECLIPSE crop circle of June 10th, on the 8th. And this solar eclipse crop circle showed a strange cross-shaped object next to the Solar System, which could be interpreted as both an alien UFO and object P7X, 12th planet, according to ancient symbologies (winged solar disk).

And actually, on July 5th, another crop circle came, very strange by the way, within this mapping of the Solar System.

On July 3rd I wrote

"It may come on July 5th (because this date, in addition to bearing the pentagram-5, it adds up to 5+7+2+2+1 = 17, which is the Star (Tarot).

So this is a perfect match.
The date (5), the sum of the date (17, the star) and the Sun approaching alignment with the parent star Sirius on the 7th. Awaiting."

Although, on the 4th, the crop circle of the Pentagram referred to in the invocation came, the 5th was also just covered in the invocation with this strange image in the form of SHOOTING.

What will be shot at the target, Earth?

First, before being a target, we can interpret the inner solar system here, Sun in the centre and two orbits marked by the cross, mercury, Venus... which is interesting, because in ancient cultures, VENUS WAS ALWAYS REPRESENTED BY THE CROSS

Currently, in Astrology, the pattern remains: Circle and lower cross.

But the Swastika, the Cross and its infinite modalities are Venusian symbols.
This is the new Venusian signature today.
The Cross of Christ, the Celtic Cross, the Maltese Cross, the Venus Cross, in all its variations. 

And not just the pentagram, the 5-pointed star.

So that's a point: the inner solar system marked in the shape of a target shot.
The fall of the star, the asteroid, the meteor?
The Star of Bitterness, Apocalypse? 

This is another point, because I mentioned arcane 17, the star, before.
And the second Sun, planet 12, etc., is also associated with a star, Nemesis, the twin solar system. Was it not called NIBIRU, the planet that CROSSES, and represented by a disk and a cross?
Like in Eclipse's crop circle, image above?

What is the alert for this set of crops circles?

That the Earth becomes more and more a TARGET, not only for falling objects, but also the target of increasingly powerful gravitational influences, falling into the core and stimulating a whole climatic, volcanic, seismic, magnetic and solar disorder?

We can interpret target shooting in various ways.
Objects that fall to Earth, energies that fall to Earth like arrows.
Gravitational arrows.

The Crop Circle JP (SP)

In the same region of Hackpen Hill, on June 15th, the controversial crop circle JP (or SP, an analogy with a musical band whose name - on the album - is Solar Power) appeared (then, SP).

As nothing has been demonstrated, this crop circle remains a mystery.
It appears to show two energy waves colliding.
Could they be the double Sun of our approaching binary system? Yes.

It also shows a resemblance to a double ram's horn, used by the ancient Hebrews to announce things important to the people. 

Even because the authors of this crop circle thought of the analogy with the term SOLAR POWER, Solar Power. And indeed, the Sun has been exploding unexpectedly these past few days, proving that the JP or SP crop circle really was prophetic in this sense, and that it couldn't have been done by pathetic humans.

And today, July 5th, a new crop circle returns to this same region, as if wanting to continue the previous messages.

Arrows of the sun

If the Earth is the target and the Sun has already emitted a predicted (by the crops circles) energy in an unexpected (by science) solar activity, at this beginning of cycle 25, this crop circle of EARTH IN THE TARGET of the solar and gravitational energy arrows indicate that new episodes, and stronger than the one on July 3, could follow.

And the Northern Hemisphere continues to set heat records...
Coincidence for you?

***************************************************** ****

A chain of images and dates that can be calculated in the projection of new crops circles, all of them mapping our solar system and the stars of importance such as Sirius, as well as the twin planet Venus, as per the reports of the ancients and extraterrestrial visitations.

In addition to a repeated warning about this new star that is approaching, and turns the Earth into a target for energy arrows and perhaps large objects such as impact asteroids.

As you can see, this is not guesswork,
but from a study combined with intuition that enables them to speak in THEIR LANGUAGE,
and gives me the gift not only of predicting new crop circles,
but also, interpreting them,
because it's by interpreting that I can predict them
so that the circle closes.


JP 05.07.2021

Ridge Way and Solar Power

The predicted solar event in crop circle!

On June 15, an apparently human-made crop circle promoting a group's musical album, an album called Solar Power, appeared on the Hackpen Hill field.

It was widely advertised as FAKE, or made by humans.

Days passed and, indeed, on July 3, 18 days later, a powerful SOLAR POWER of energy presented itself, leaving scientists perplexed, who had not expected it.

A day earlier, Herepath's crop circle, among other definitions, showed a model that I assessed as depicting a solar flare (explained in the link from Herepath cc). 


And now, on July 5th, a TARGET SHOOTING crop circle model appears almost to the side of that Solar Power crop circle, which appears to show two waves of energy sprouting from a larger circle (the Sun) and colliding with each other.

Appeared right next to him to try to confirm its authenticity...

And the Earth becomes the target of these energy waves.

For all that, I question the human authorship of the Solar Power crop circle.
I think aliens used these two initials to create a concept of analogy with the unforeseen solar event that was thus predicted 18 days in advance.

And it looks like the new Hackpen Hill crop circle is demonstrating that new events will come from the sky hitting the Earth.

We can only wait.
Because changing them will be impossible. 

JP 05.07.2021

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Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

Dividing crop circles in four sectors was a popular theme in the 90's and many examples can be found in Section 9, p. 101 - 105, of my free e-book.

Here we have an impact point in the centre with two rings - the inner one indicating maximum damage and the outer for total damage from the impact. The four sectors resemble the cross-hairs of weapon site, and also divide up the damage into four aspects or reasons for the strike. Any strike may have  up to four different rationales:

1) Areas that can be damaged because a comet must hit so new species can arise;

2) Areas that need to be hit as divine punishment;

3) Areas where the earth's crust needs to be stabilized;

4) Areas where damage from a hit will not make a difference to the planet;

Besides the comet itself there are always numerous large and small fragments, each with its own particular rationale.

Kenneth Heck

The Galactic Tone 8

Crop circle reported on the 5th of July, 2021, at Ridge Way, near Hackpen, Wiltshire, UK

According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar Tzolkin, 5 July 2021 is a day with the Solar Seal Blue Night with Tone 8, in the Yellow Warrior wavespell, in the Yellow Castle with major energy Yellow Sun.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Tone 8 – the Tone of the day
Blue Night – Dreams, Intuition, Abundance

Tont 8 is the 8th Tone of Creation.
It is radiated on the 8th day of each 13-day wavespell.

The Galactic Tone 8 has following qualities:

ACTION - modeling, POWER - harmonize, ESSENCE - integrity.

The Galactic Tone 8 integrates us in the greater Galactic network.
To the 4 cardinal directions on the Earth are added 4 Galactic cardinal directions.

In my opinion, the formation shows a compass. Four radial rays represent the compass arrows.

Around the central circle we see two rings.

The smaller inner ring is the compass scale, which takes into account the geographical coordinates of the Earth.

The large outer ring is the compass scale, which takes into account the coordinates in the larger Galactic coordinate network.

The formation shows a total of 3 circles: one small central circle and two larger concentric circles.

The number 3 symbolizes the energy of the Blue Night (Solar Seal No. 3) - the energy of Dreams.

The small central circle represents the Source.

The energy of the Blue Night is radiated from the Source - throughout the galaxy and on Earth. An ocean of energy is being created, and everyone has the opportunity to actively and consciously participate in this common ocean with his dreams and, thus, participate in the collective creation of a new reality through our Dreams.

Tone 8 integrates the individual Dream vibrations in the common energy ocean and performs the Harmonization of all these individual vibrations, harmonizing them with each other to obtain a Harmonious Whole.

Tone 8 integrates our Dreams into the common Galactic Creative program.

On 26 July 2021 begins the New year of the Yellow Electric Seed with  the Electric Tone 3.

Tone 8 participates together with Tone 3 in the Electric Overtone pulsar, which includes the Tones 3, 8 and 13.

Thus, in the New year, Tone 8 will be active together with Tone 3.

Here some excerpts about Tone 8 from the website www.mytzolkin.wordpress.com:

Tone 8 holds the purpose and intent for harmonizing with the galactic grid.

It is the foundation of self of Tone 5 (the 5 bar) connected with the electric activation of Tone 3 (the three dots).

It brings the foundation of the essence self, tone 5,
together with the power of the triad: thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

Tone 8 holds the purpose for bringing the power of your essential self into action, into service and dynamic creativity.

Tone 8 holds the purpose and intent for harmonic resonance.

Eight offers guidance to follow what you resonate with, like a musical harmony.

Tone 8 holds the purpose and intent for harmonic flow.

Harmony is not homogeneous.
Harmony is singing your own tune in a way that blends, supports, and beautifies the whole ensemble, making it stronger.

Tone 8 is love made visible in the form of harmony flowing in your life.

Let’s create more harmony. Let’s dance with hope and love.

I express my sincere gratitude to the authors of this amazing formation, to the photographers and to the team of the Crop Circle Connector!

Maya Todorova






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