Nun's Walk, Nr Tufton, Hampshire. Reported 20th July.

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A new crop picture which was found on July 20, 2021 at Nun’s Walk was meant to teach everyone on Earth the principles of rotational, mirror and inversion symmetries (by comparison to backgammon)  

This crop picture at Nun’s Walk seems to be mainly a “teaching exercise” for humans on Earth, drawn for us by our extra-terrestrial friends from the stars. When you first look at this new crop picture, it makes you feel somewhat agitated. “How can I fix that bad drawing to make it right?” might be your first impression:  

A black-and-white sketch of the “not-quite-right” crop picture is shown in the slide above at upper right. Then a black-and-white version of the “corrected” crop picture is shown at lower right.  

Comparison with the top of a backgammon table  

Our “corrected” version looks like the top of a backgammon table, except with 9 rather than 10 long diagonals (see vintage-backgammon-table or /Backgammon).  

How do players move their round checkers in a game of backgammon? They rotate them around the table by one-half turn of a circle, or by 180o. The “white” player rotates his pieces anti-clockwise, while the “black” player rotates his pieces clockwise (as shown in an explanatory diagram below):  


That is exactly the same principle, by which this new crop picture was designed by a mystery crop artist! He started with just part of one side of the top of a backgammon table, as shown in the slide below at upper left. Then he rotated it by 180o, in order to create a crop picture which was just drawn in the field at Nun’s Walk, as shown below, all along the right-hand side:  


Finally in order to create one complete side of a backgammon table (with its 9 long diagonals), starting from the crop picture as drawn, we need to carry out an additional mirror symmetry operation on just its lower half: by changing dark to light, as well as light to dark. Then we get the “correct” drawing, as shown above at lower left. 

Rotational, mirror and inversion symmetries in mathematical terms  

Everyone should be able to learn from this exercise, that two-dimensional “rotational” and “mirror” symmetry operations are not identical. Also that “rotational” and “mirror” symmetry operations, when combined, may produce a new kind of three-dimensional symmetry which is called “inversion”.

In mathematical language, if we start from just two coordinates +x and +y, then rotating in a plane by 180o gives -x and -y. Next suppose that we add a third coordinate +z to make our study three-dimensional? Then a “mirror” operation will change that third coordinate from +z to -z. Finally if we combine both “rotational” and “mirror” symmetries in three dimensions, we can change all of +x, +y, +z into -x, -y, -z. That is called “inversion”.  

Perhaps the mystery crop artist comes from a “mirror or inverted Universe” relative to our own?  

Why is the E.T. crop artist teaching us all of this? Maybe he comes from a “mirror or inverted Universe”, which has different x, y, z coordinates than our own. What is a “black hole” versus a “white hole”? Have you heard of Quetzal and the Plejaren?  

Just a few other notes to close. First, we can see a line of approximately 20 small trees on one side of this crop picture, which resembles its 9 + 9 “in-out” symmetry. Secondly, this crop picture appeared several days old when it was found, and may have been made earlier on July 18. Finally, its 9 + 9 “in-out” symmetry resembles a 9 + 9 “in-out” lay of fallen crop at the centre of a crop picture from Upham, which did appear on July 18. 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 

P.S. Many thanks to Stonehenge Dronescapes, The Hampshire Flyer, Crop Circles From The Air, plus Landscapes & Dronescapes for their many excellent drone videos.



Nun's Walk and Earthquakes and new impacts on Earth predicted by the new crop circle?

In Nun's Walk, Hampshire, England, this powerful crop circle was recorded.

A square panel with zigzag lines, in a rising undulation. At first glance, the similarity to measurements on seismographs (strength of earthquakes) is striking.

Seismographs measure seismic waves, and lately, since July, the Earth seems to have received a burst of great energy, as if a climate bomb had gone off in the Northern Hemisphere. We looked at this especially in the crop circle of Herepath UK, on the 2nd of July.

The explosion of a climate bomb in the world

Record heat waves, catastrophic rains, floods, massive fires... it looks like a climate bomb was detonated in the Northern Hemisphere in the middle of July this year. And the July 2 crop circle, as soon as I saw it, I interpreted it as a huge vortex of energy that awakened. The next day, we had the biggest solar flare since 2017, with strong radiation emitted. And days later, the climate bomb exploding in the Northern Hemisphere. Sun, Earth... energies in communication.

And the crop circle notices already knew about all this.

Thus, the Herepath crop circle becomes the starting point for a series of crop circles that appear to be warning of such energy impacts on Earth, and not only that, their origin, outside Earth. In cosmic space. 


On July 13, in Poland, a crop circle appeared, very similar to the structure of the P7X object, already recorded in telescopes of various astronomers in different locations around the world.

Poland's crop circle has a row of 18 circles distributed in 5 groups. Pay attention to the number 18 = 9+9. Because it's a pattern that started to appear since 2020.

And it has been repeated several times, including in this new crop circle from July 20th, the most recent. And the 9-9 pattern allows message connections to the other crops circles. Follow up.

If the Herepath crop circle, the solar vortex (awakening energies) was the first in the series, adding 9-9 (18) to its date, July 2, we have July 20, the day of this new crop circle and that it also has the 9-9 pattern embedded in it!

In fact, they are double zigzag bars that, by alternating colours, produce this effect of interpenetration of shapes. And around the square matrix, nine circular levels make up the outer edge: another reinforcement to the 9-9 argument of cosmic and microcosmic structures.

Square shape: this already begins to tell us that it is the Earth, or material element suffering the energy of the vibration thus exposed.
The layout even seems to show tectonic plates breaking! 

Something that literally cracks. 

Pattern 9-9, as we studied in previous models, refers to the cosmic edifice, as it was represented in the past in the cosmology of the ancients, with 9 upper floors (the 9 planetary heavens) and 9 underground levels on our planet, connected to each of those 9 heavens by axes of a mysterious celestial mechanics of reciprocal influences that astronomers of the past knew about. And Dante Alighieri illustrated in his poem THE DIVINE COMEDY.

Ancient Kabbalah used this definition (the nine floors of the Universe) in the structure of the Tree of Life or Sephirotic Tree (sefirah or level), with nine branches. 

These medieval cosmologies align beautifully with pre-Columbian models, for example, the nine floors pyramid of Kukulkan, Mexico, and a staircase where the feathered serpentine deity ascended and descended! 

And this crop circle resembles patterns on a staircase! 


In this cosmology, as the branches of the great Tree of Life soar to the sky, its roots sink into the Earth: the image of the macrocosm in dimensional bands connected to the quantum microcosm (lower dimensions, root of materiality).

This allows us to compose the theory of the interconnection between cosmic gravitational forces and the telluric forces moved by them from the core: this is what the crop circle of July 18th exposed (date 18 sums 9+9)!

An outer ring of twelve portals, pre-Columbian style, in the serpentine shape of a square wave. Anyway, it also appeals to the vibratory and energetic question of the integrated Universe, and all energy sources of cosmic origin falling into the Earth's core to generate further effects on the surface.

So much so that, in the centre of the zodiacal circle (the city of twelve gates) or higher dimensions of cosmic energy proceeding (the source), in the centre is placed the Earth (or the inner solar system of three orbits, and the third orbit is the Earth ), in the form of a core splitting into three pieces  (whose arcs add up to 360° = 110+230+20)

And to confirm the relationship of this crop circle with the Zodiac, a model of the Solar System of location, plus the collapsing central core, we had, on the same day 18, in Derbyshire, UK, a classic crop circle representing the Sun-Earth System -Moon, with its fields and orbits in the quadrants very well marked.

I had understood this as a clear reference to the influence of cosmic energies on Earth from our planet's activated core.

This new crop circle, 9+9 = 18 days after Herepath July 2nd and the solar vortex (which actually awakened the day after, July 3rd) seems to link this entire 9-9 gear of the previous crop circle to possible powerful seismic events .

In fact, in the centre of the three arcs in code, there is a DOUBLE SUN with 9-9 intertwined spokes.

This would be the MAIN REASON FOR THE COSMIC SOURCE OF THE ENERGY IMPACTS ON EARTH, very strong this month of July: the approach of the double Sun, the companion star, which Poland's crop circle depicted in the figure of a large comet!

The three decoded arcs, 110°, 230° and 20° can also be converted into terrestrial coordinates (latitude and longitude) indicating possible forward seismic events announced by the crop circle.


The way this zigzag alternating colours was designed detects a type of cross-influenced Yang-Yin, that is, nine higher dimensions, macrocosmic order, large planets and stars, like our Sun, generating large gravitational and radioactive energy that falls in the Earth's core and, from the microcosmic plane of influence reception, it can move large amounts of energy that propagate in the form of seismic waves, thus affecting the climate and the network of volcanoes.

The chiaroscuro of this crop circle matrix in 9-9 sectors clearly indicates that the two planes, the macro and the microcosmic, interact energetically all the time, and that, in some way that official science has not yet discovered, the energy of waves gravitational forces, alignments and stars moving towards the Sun cause impacts on the nuclei of the closest stars (in this case, our Earth), and these impacts act on the core and on the microcosmic plane of matter, developing a large amount of energy that accumulates in the interior of the planet until the moment it is discharged to the surface, in an unexpected way.

The RADIUS symbol appears in the very centre of this square matrix.Where will the next COSMIC ENERGY RAY fall this time? The whole set here is very much the basis for signalling large energy emissions from the Universe, reverberating on Earth ahead. 


It seems to me that the crop circle speaks of a big earthquake ahead. The dreaded Big One? I hope the scale of this earthquake is not the same as the crop circle, around 9.0 degrees on the Richter scale.

These crops circles are amazing!

I had barely finished interpreting the recent crop circle of the earthquake, and the news about strong earthquakes in the world started to appear. The crop circle is from yesterday. The strong earthquakes started today, a day later. After a period of lull in this regard.

A 6.8-degree earthquake detected in Panama and aftershocks, and new events may come ahead. Just like the Herepath solar vortex crop circle on the 2nd of July, and the intense solar flare the next day.


The catastrophes in the Northern Hemisphere were not the last. More things are coming, all because the SOURCE OF ENERGY that moves in the sky is still there, and it seems, getting closer. That's what these crop circles have been trying to warn us for decades.
Our solar system is binary.And the simplest image to say this has been shown for 30 years. 

It seems that there is more energy discharge on Earth, and whoever is sending these messages knows more than that: they know what the SOURCE of all this is. And how it affects us within a precise cosmology.

Jonas Passos (21.07.2021)

Nun's Wak and The Sign of the 144,000 call in the new crop circle?

Changing the referential of interpretations of this fantastic crop circle, leaving the geological domains (earthquakes and gravitational tide) and entering the spiritual domains aligned with the prophecies of the Apocalypse, of which the message crop circle is part.

Because this is the greatest attribute of communication via symbols: its elasticity of concepts found simultaneously in different layers or references of interpretation, without one annulling or contradicting the other, on the contrary, they complement each other.

Even because these impact energies falling to Earth and promoting catastrophes signal the time of spiritual harvests, do you agree?
After all, what farmer wants to lose his crops in the face of storms?

This graph within a perfect square matrix shows what a type of radio signal or frequency being picked up also looks like.
Modulated sounds within electromagnetic telecommunications.


But on what frequency signal? Let's find out. 

Look at the big matrix. It has zigzag sequences (simulating lightning, cosmic energy, any oscillating energy such as radio frequencies) propagating. They alternate colours, and in this alternation they divide the space into 36 sectors.

Each half of the square divided by the diagonal has 9+9 bands in alternating colours (light/dark) in a Yang Yin geometric style. Adding 18 on each side, we have 36 tracks.

Now they are in a square, facing the four directions. So we compose 4 x 36 = 144!

Because Matthew 24 announces that the chosen ones would be caught up by Angels in the four directions of the world!

The key number of the Apocalypse, not only the number of the elect, wheat harvested from the spiritual Earth, but also the measures of the heavenly Jerusalem, city of twelve gates (the crop circle of the twelve gates, remember? It reinforces this context). 

Why, the square base Church and city (Heavenly Jerusalem is portrayed in Revelation 21 as a great resonant crystal cube!) that Church and city and kingdom landed on Earth on the 20th of July, and left a TRACE ON THE SURFACE.

A footprint of the cosmic Jerusalem on Earth?

Yes, this new crop circle symbol is the imprint of the resonant Cubic City touching Earth, a cubic Merkabah that left its flat (square) imprint, with oscillations, frequencies and code 144 embedded therein.

Metatron's Cube, the matrix of sacred geometry, instrument of the ancient sages, has the five Platonic solids molded in its plana plant: and one of them is the Cube.
This Cube is related to the secret measures of the cosmic City, Jerusalem of resonant crystal.
City you can visit... if you resonate with your key frequency.

Until the chosen date was deliberate, because 20.07 becomes 27, inverse of 72, half of 144.
Every detail has been preserved to make the message very clear.

And the key frequency could not be different: 144 Hz.

I have been practicing my mantrans and prayers for a long time within this frequency, a pure D, aligned with the harmonic board of 432 Hz.

I assure you with full knowledge of the facts that the works with this frequency align us DIRECTLY with the transcended, ascended Church, Jerusalem 144.

Practice and see with your own eyes.
Because the Cube landed on Earth. And the Kingdom of God already calls for its wheat, the first fruits of this Earth. 

Audio (video):- WATCH 

Jonas Passos JP (22.07.2021)

Nun's Walk cc and The Grand Gathering of the 144,000 in ZION on the crops circles map

The last two crop circles, the city of twelve gates (Zodiac) and the Square with zigzag lines, in the form of rays, combine to reinforce the call of the Great Gathering of the 144,000 on Mount Zion of God, and this crop circle even confirms previous and recent studies on this topic unveiled by Kabbalah, in the vicinity of the Earth's spiritual harvest.

In the Old Testament, the statement appears in Psalm 2: "I, however, have anointed my King upon my holy Mount Zion.
I will proclaim the decree: the Lord said to me: You are my Son, I have begotten you today." Psalm 2:6,7

This leads back to Revelation 14, identifying ZION as the spiritual place (and not Israel's physical mountain) of the Great Gathering.
And the name ZION is found on this recent crop circle!

Z, the radius, which appears in the spacing of the square's inner diagonals. Z is the letter that means RAY, the divine power. ZEUS (ZION, parallel term), Hindu INDRA, etc. But here we are interested in the Roman name of Zeus, which is Jupiter, the father of the gods. From IO Pytar! Pytar, Patar, Pater, Pope, Ptah, FATHER.

In several parallel languages, the Name Father. But in Hebrew, PTach means to OPEN. Open the door of heaven (with the key of the sacred Tetragram).

In fact, Greek ZEUS has the same attributes as the Lord YHWH of the Bible, including the Tetragram in the name (Z.E.U.S. almost Latin GOD). So, we join IO (from IO-PYTAR) with Z: we have ZIO.

And the final letter N? I get it in two ways. NUN, nun or nun in English, becomes NUN, the letter N of the Hebrew alphabet.
And on the other hand, the sum of the crop circle date,

2+0+7+2+2+1 = 14, takes me to the same letter, because NUN is the 14th letter of that alphabet. Z-I-O-N, this name was inscribed on the last crop circle. The great gathering of the 144,000 (the 36 sectors of the square crop circle multiplied by 4, the 4 directions of the Earth) takes place in the ZION, spiritual mountain, and from there, it is transported to the heavenly Jerusalem (the CUBE of measures 144)!

More details here:

JP (24.07.2021)

Intense Alaskan Earthquake Confirms Message crop circle

On July 18, in Nun's Walk, England, an enigmatic crop circle appeared, and my first interpretation (among others) was to see a graph of seismic waves there, which could have been a warning of a powerful earthquake coming.

And, in fact, 11 days later, he came. And I also said that we could be entering a period of strong planetary seismicity, after a relative calm in months.

A powerful earthquake of 8.2 magnitude was recorded in Alaska, 104 km southeast of Perryville at 06:15 UTC (29/07). The violent quake had its hypocenter estimated at 32 km deep, under coordinates 55.32N and 157.84W.

Tsunami alerts have been issued!

A tsunami warning is in place, including coastal areas of Alaska from Samalga Pass, Alaska (30 miles SW of Nikolski) to Amchitka Pass, Alaska (125 miles W of Adak).


This earthquake could be the first in a period of seismic activity on the planet.

(JP (12.08.2021)

Crops circles announce planetary seismic wave

At least, that's what the recent crops circles have warned. Nun's Walk and a seismic vibration panel, and recently, on August 11, a classic 11-11 alignment model, which may be related to the P 7X approaching the Sun, in the binary (double sun) configuration of our planetary system familiar.

After the violent earthquake in Alaska of 8.1 degrees on July 28th to 29th, a seismic wave is at work, in resonance with many solar flares (the theory of reverberating nuclei by gravitational strings, Sun and Earth operating in nuclear energy resonance, as shows pictogram 11-11 of Watership Down.

And before the recent 7.2-degree earthquake that rocked Haiti, it is said that 30 minutes earlier, a massive 6.9-degree earthquake hit Alaska again. 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Haiti Affected countries: Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Turks and Caicos, United States Minor Outlying Islands, and Cuba L'Asile, Haiti - 6 km away from the epicentre · 14 Aug. 09:29

This I announced would happen: a new seismic wave arriving on Earth, and it appears to have been triggered in late July. Many violent earthquakes have been reported in various parts of the world since then. Correctly interpreted crop circles show their veracity after all.

(JP 15.08.2021)

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Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

The lay of the crop, plus inaccuracies within the circle, suggest a man-made creation. The first impression is of a large pyramid, and prior circles have had this theme. For example, GBR (01/06/17). p. 146, GBR (07/06/07), p. 151, and GBR (09/07/09), p. 183 of my free e-book. If this is a physical pyramid, then the circle predicts physical damage or destruction from a comet strike. For a symbolic pyramid, such as the one appearing on the American one-dollar bill, devaluation of the currency or other symbolic damage is also predicted due to a comet strike.

Kenneth Heck

The TRUTH will make us FREE!

This crop circle was reported on 20 July 2021 at Nun’s Walk, Tufton, Hampshire, UK.

According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar Tzolkin, 20 July 2021 was a day with the Solar Seal White Mirror with Tone 10, in the Red Moon wavespell.

In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies: Red Moon – Universal Water, Flow, Purify

White Mirror – Reflection, Infinity, Divine Order, Hall of Mirrors, Truth, Meditation, the Sword of truth and purification, Clarity, Knife, Flint, Purity of thoughts, the power of Self-knowledge

In my opinion, the formation reflects the current situation on the Earth – we are behind the bars.

On the formation we see a grid of 9 bars.
The diagonal line AB divides each bar in 2 parts, so the total number of the parts is 18.

The number 9 symbolizes the energy RED MOON, which is Solar Seal No. 9.

The number 18 symbolizes the energy WHITE MIRROR, which is Solar Seal No. 18.

The diagonal line AB divides the grid in two triangles.
The image of each triangle mirrors the image of the other triangle, rotated at 180 degrees round the central point of the grid.
This Reflection symbolizes additionally the White Mirror, which is the energy of Reflection.

Symbols for the White Mirror: Sword of Truth, Knife.

each of the 9 bars on the formation we can see a depiction of a knife.

White Mirror is the knife that cuts you free from that which binds you.

Here is a video about a mudra for the White Mirror showing how we can use the Sword of Truth:


Raise one arm above your head, then bring it down diagonally as if it is a Sword cutting through the Illusion.

Then repeat the same with the other arm.

We can see this depicted on the crop circle: the grid of 9 bars is cut diagonally with the AB line and with the CD tramline.

Each human on Earth has Free Will and has the possibility to Influence the reality.

Each of us should persistently seek the Truth and spread it.
Our Sword of Truth and our “knives” are our thoughts, words, actions, emotions, dreams, visions, goals, intentions which are aligned with the Truth, with the Divine Will and with the Divine Order.

Here is a more detailed description for the White Mirror:

I express my sincere Gratitude to the authors of this meaningful formation, to all the photographers and to the team of the Crop Circle Connector!

Photo courtesy of Nick Bull

Maya Todorova






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