Mud Lane, Nr Wooton Rivers, Wiltshire. Reported 9th June

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Updated  Saturday 10th  July 2021


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The new crop circle shows SOMETHING ELSE alongside tomorrow's solar eclipse!

Mud Lane, Wiltshire, the 8th (like the other crop circle, pairing up in the message)

Definitely a representation of tomorrow's solar eclipse.

But there is a detail: what strange symbol is that in the form of a cross?
A UFO that presents itself in the alignment?

In the model of a solar eclipse, it happens when the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun, casting a cone of shadow.

Looking at the crop circle model, we have the Moon approaching alignment with the solar disk, left, and right, in the same alignment, Earth, and with an orbit and its satellite, which can represent Mercury (which will also be aligning tomorrow , with the eclipse) or even the Moon itself, indicating that the MYSTERIOUS OBJECT IN CROSS SHAPE may be visible or signal from some part of that orbital region marked!

The association with a UFO came from an episode last year when an object exactly like this one, with the same appearance, appeared moving in front of the lens of NASA devices. 

NASA's STEREO observation mission saw a gigantic UFO flying beyond the Sun!

NASA's STEREO observation mission spotted what ufologists and supporters said was a gigantic UFO flying beyond the sun.

The incident took place on February 29, 2020, but the images were recently posted on the “Hidden Underbelly 2.0” channel, dedicated to mysterious events and sightings.

According to the presenter, the STEREO camera filmed the gigantic object for four seconds, after which the system was turned off and started to work only after the disappearance of the UFO.

“You can tell this thing doesn't look like our space station at all. It doesn't look like any satellite I've ever seen. To be honest, when I saw the footage, I thought: The wheel of Ezekiel! It's very similar – the circle with a cross”, said the researcher.

And he referred to a record in the Book of Ezekiel, where the prophet spoke of a flying chariot, which he described as "a wheel in the middle of a wheel." 

So, in this eclipse tomorrow, June 10th... with an eye on the skies!

Jonas Passos (09.06.2021)

A second date after the solar eclipse marked on crop circle

Looking more closely at the diagram, we have the linear (astronomical) representation of the solar eclipse: Moon on the left aligning with the Sun, and placing itself between the Sun and Earth in the same orbital plane of alignment, which means the projection of the cone of shadow over the Earth.

But the Earth, placed in the centre, received its orbit (natural satellite, Moon) and placed the same Moon in a second position, as if, after the eclipse, first position, it walked and placed itself in a second position (after about 135 degrees of arc), and this second position would also be associated with the mysterious Cross-shaped Sign in the sky (UFO or whatever).

The equivalent in days of the arc of 135 degrees, within the lunar month, lunation of about 29-30 days, equals about 11 days. Considering the day of the eclipse (today, 10, and adding 11 days ahead, we have the Solstice day of June, June 21, when the seasons change:

Winter in the South, Summer in the North.

This means a second date marked by the crop circle.
June 21 is sacred in the ancient cultures of the Northern Hemisphere, the day of light, the longest day of the year, etc.

It remains to be seen why this sign of CROSS was associated with this second date of the Moon, June 21st, the day of the Solstice.

Which is also a day or period where many crop circles appear!
Like eclipse periods.

Symbol of Christ's return in recent crops circles 

In 2020, we had two magnificent models, one in England and the other in France, the latter object being international news at the time: a perfect Templar cross inside the circle, as a symbol of the Order of Christ.

Last year's model from England linked this cross to an astronomical diagram, probably connected to the eclipses of the time, something that was repeated this year, precisely on June 8, two days from the annular eclipse of the Sun (now in progress).

It is a symbol of strong impact. In the past, the winged sun was represented in this way, a cross within a globe with two wings, implying that it was the vehicle of the gods (UFOs, as described in the Wheel of Ezekiel)

But we are also faced with a Templar symbol, a Maltese cross and its various adaptations, a symbol of Christ. And he who said he would come back over the clouds, after those other signs, eclipses of the sun, moons of blood and falling stars...

A cross flying in an eclipse configuration seems to me precisely fitted with the announcement of Christ's return after those cosmic signs, and this return would be marked precisely when the GREAT SIGN OF THE SON OF MAN appeared in the sky.
And that can be a cross.

Or a great Merkabah bringing the Son of Man above the clouds, as he said it would be:

"And every eye will see it!"

Scheduled date of June 21st, Solstice day 

We've already had two crops circles, and both on the same day (June 8th), which means complementary messages to each other. And they seem to be suggesting or even setting the date closer to June 21st.

The first CC, Barton Stacey, maps the circle of the 8 brightest nearby stars around the solar step at this time of year, which will occupy its center around the 21st.

While the crop circle Mud Lane seems to identify, in addition to the day of the eclipse, today, a second position for the Moon, a position which, in the parameter of the exposed angular displacement, also seems to locate the 21st of June ahead.

When then will this sign of the CROSS in heaven become more significant.

Let's keep up!

Jonas Passos (10.06.2021)



This looks suspiciously like a man-made crop circle due to the irregularity in the ring and the way the crop has been flattened.

Interpreting, we are looking at the night side of earth. On the right, we see the Warning Comet, with the ring representing its bright coma, and its major fragment trailing behind as the comet passes the earth after it has rounded the sun. The bottom right figure is a space station which may not have been constructed yet. It will be seriously affected by the coma of the Warning Comet.

On the left is a partial ring indicating the predicted circle of damage caused by the fragment when it strikes the Pacific Ocean. A likely candidate for the Warning Comet will be Apophis, due to reappear in 2029.

Kenneth Heck

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 Just for the record, an alien commented to a contactee in São Paulo – Brazil, that there were 3 worlds with life in the solar system, when we looked at the day and month of this agroglyph (9/06) and added 9 + 6 = 15, where in this result 1UA is represented (approximately 150,000,000 km), and in the agroglyph we have 3 large circles. And, we also have at “60” – 9 = 51 that the 51st house of the Pi ratio is zero, and the worlds in the 1UA are the starting point (0) of life in solar systems. Also in 9 we have the number of digits that make up the 1UA figure, and in 6 the sum of 1 + 5 of 1UA, and the worlds located in the orbits of 1UA are classified as schools or 6th category as they are the 3 types of still material life.








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