Kitt's Lane, Nr West Meon, Hampshire. Reported 8th August.

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This new crop picture near West Meon on August 8, 2021 shows a “double ninja star” from origami, but with 6 points rather than the usual 8 points 

A new crop picture near Kitt’s Lane in West Meon, Hampshire on August 8, 2021 shows what is known as a “double ninja star” from origami. Please watch this video from time 5:40 onward, to see how a series of small squares or right-angled triangles, made by folding paper, may be assembled into an 8-pointed double-ninja star (see Watch or How-to-Make-a-Double-Ninja-Star-Shuriken-Origami ): 


Many such squares (24) or right-angled triangles (48) can be seen around the outside of this new crop picture. They seem to confirm its “origami” interpretation (just like for another “origami” crop picture that appeared on May 10, 2021, see Stanton comments or Stanton articles).  

Yet this new crop picture shows a double-ninja star with 6 points rather than the usual 8 points. Is that even “possible”? We expect to see “8” for the date of August 8 when it appeared, but instead see “6”.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



Is the E.T. crop artist a “ninja star warrior” from two different (or double) worlds? 

His ethos may be “fly like a bird, sting like a bee” (you can’t hit, what you can’t see)

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Kitt's Lane cc and Irregularities in Earth's Rotation, repeats message from new crop circle

It all started on August 7th, when I established that some nice crop circle should appear the next day, 8/8, because of the numerical symmetry. Because it is a landmark date within the Sirius code 888, the triple star system, and the mother star of humanity.

I used some examples, such as the magnificent crop circle of 08.08.2008, date that added 26 (8) and recreated the Sirius 888 pattern, the stellar trinity, and so many parallel concepts impossible to be described here in their entirety. 

I also used the crop circle dove model, from 08.08.2015 (2015 sums 8), also forming the 888 pattern, signalling the Sirius triple system.

Then, the mother star of humanity, star of Christendom, Sirius, the Great matrix of our physical and spiritual world (Dogons, Mayans, Egyptians, etc.) shines over a golden, ripe field of wheat near the time of harvest.

At Kitt's Lane Field, Hampshire, UK, on 08.08.2021.

A rotating six-pointed star, dynamic geometry, surrounded by a ring with 24 sectors and internal diagonal bars applying a sense of oscillation (snake, zigzag) repeating previous crop circle models.

As I evoked the Dove model, and said that divine energy descended from the Mother Star to cover humanity, we can understand this new crop circle, in spiritual analysis, as the image of the cosmic Matrix from which the higher energies of spirituality come. that touch this blue dot lost in infinity and plunging into darkness, the Earth, and a sign of spiritual help (we'll see this in another interpretation).

Now, I focus on the astronomical analysis of the crop circle. 

The hexagonal geometry of the crop circle

The way the six points of this Hexagram were highlighted in the model of the new crop circle (and there are many ways to express the Matrix Hexagram) resembles the pattern of a well-known origami called Double Ninja Star (just don't ask me the name NINJA, I can't say... but I don't care, because this resemblance is casual and not objective... because our crop circle is a hexagon, not an eight-pointed star).

However, there is a graphic artist who lives in England, his name is Dene Hine, and he has already created artistic models that resemble some crop circle patterns, like the current one. It's not the first time, however, that legitimate crop circles employ human creations in similar styles to send us messages. This happens a lot. And I always understood in this situation the existence of a real attempt of them to communicate with humans, as if to say:

"We are aware of your symbols, and we speak to you through them too, in addition to our own symbols!"

But this argument is not enough to overturn skepticism in many people.
Even though this new crop circle is very much in the style of artist Dene Hine, it goes into the stats of many other crop circles listed with similar images of human-created logos. That's all. Even because the characteristics of the crop circle itself, as well as its surroundings, make the theory of human action in place completely unfeasible, as we already know.

One of Dene Hine's recent drawings, published on his Facebook page on June 30, shows a pentagram (5 points) in the same graphic style, and with an outer ring of 20 sectors in the form of small waves. It passed very close.

Contact is open with all of humanity, and here, I have no doubt that the artist received a signal. How he takes advantage of this, or moves to the side of commercial exploitation, is all his problem.
Moving on...

This star, which can be called Macrocosmic, represents the cosmic systems of the Universe, galaxies, stars and even planets. The star of Creation, raised in Six cosmic periods by the powers of the Word, called GOD (ELOHIM).

This is the starting point of the cosmological analysis of this star, from an astronomical point of view, with new information.

New connections to the Mayan Calendar?

This seems to be related to the zigzag crop circle border style, a type of ornament that was common in pre-Columbian art style.

In addition, another detail stands out: ancient Mayan books were folded in a zigzag fashion:

The Mayans developed “paper” or “cardboard” made of cloth on which they applied a film of lime on which the scribes wrote their characters.The sides of the cloth were knotted and folded in a zigzag fashion, producing a book.

The best known of these (one of those that survived the Spanish destruction) is the famous Dresden Codex.

The Dresden Codex is found in the Sächsische Landesbibliothek, the state library of Dresden, Germany. It is the most elaborate of the Mayan codices as well as an important work of art. Many sections are ritualistic (including so-called "almanacs"), others are astrological in nature (eclipses, cycle of Venus).

The codex is written on a long sheet of paper folded in a zigzag way to produce a book of 39 sheets, written on both sides. It must have been written shortly before the Spanish conquest. It somehow arrived in Europe and was purchased by the royal library of the court of Saxony in Dresden in the year 1739.

It is on page 74 of this code that the most sinister passage in the book is found.

It shows an ancient deity pouring waters of destruction over the world.

The interpretation made by Eric Thompson about this human character, would refer to the god of darkness, the black Bacab, the lord of the Underworld, who would have participated in the destruction of the Earth by the great flood. This interpretation extends to the entire scene, which, according to this researcher, would be the representation of the flood that put an end to humans in the third age of the world, as reported in Popol Vuh.

This reading is corroborated by the background color of the scene, dark coffee, which would be the “abundant resin that came from the heavens” according to the narrative contained in this source. “Then to slay them (the men made of wood) a disaster was brought about by u Kux Kah (the Heart of Heaven), a great disaster was brought about, and it fell on the heads of those who were carved wooden puppets. (...) then there was a heavy rain of resin/lava from the sky. (...) Because of them (the tzitzimine, nocturnal monsters of darkness, which attack people, linked to the solar eclipse) the Earth became dark and then began a black rain, night”.


In any case, the parallel here seems clear to me: as if the book were being opened (on the edge of the crop circle, in zig-zag) and the energy activities in the central macrocosmic star (Sun and also Earth's core, which are in eternal gravitational and energetic connection) begin their transformation processes, in fact, a concept repeated in previous crops circles.

The great prophetic Book opening to mankind... and which can be extended to the Book of Revelation, the Apocalypse, and all that was written in it, in addition to the other prophecies being fulfilled in our time. 

Shakes in the Earth's axis? A nuclear explosion?

Is what it seems.
First, the six-pointed star, called Macrocosmic, represents, in ancient symbology, the great systems of the Cosmos, from spiral galaxies, stars or our Sun, as well as the Earth itself.

The Star's geometry shows a dynamic vortex, and once again, I'm inclined to see here an activation of the Earth's core by the forces of the Universe aligned in our end-of-cycle, big-cycle time.

By which axis of the Earth? By the relation with the 24 time zones, in the analysis of the outer ring edge of the crop circle.
In the center, the Earth's macro core in intense energetic activity, and on the edge, the representation of the 24 hour bands of our system of counting time (hours).

Time zones are each of the twenty-four spindle-shaped areas into which the Earth is conventionally divided for the purposes of chronological definition according to the apparent motion of the Sun.

Earlier crop circles showed relationship to the Earth's core and internal transformation processes upsetting the axis of rotation, which, in effect, would upset our 24-hour time counting system based solely on the regular period of Earth's rotation before the Sun, producing the days and nights.

Billingley crop circle, from the 31st of July, was the most striking model, showing the Earth's axis curved in relation to the center (heart), the origin of the magnetic field and the gravitational equilibrium point of the planetary rotation.

A sign that these patterns have already been altered for some time, and not only climate disturbances and others on our planet, but even on the Moon are being verified, demonstrating that the entire nearby Solar System is under shock from forces and agents...

The Zig-Zag on the outer edge, even, can represent these oscillations of terrestrial patterns because of shakes in the core and axis, affecting not only the rotation, but the magnetic field and everything else that depends on the terrestrial stability to maintain its patterns. ... already changed some time ago.

Furthermore, these diagonal bars can also indicate relationship with the Earth's tilted axis, oscillating because of all these cosmic impacts on the core.

Currently, accelerations of planetary rotation have been measured, but very small, imperceptible. However, nothing that can increase over the years. Because that's the big trend curve of planetary instability and the near integrated solar system.

What will come will come soon, due to the insistence of so many repeated messages.


On the same scheduled day of August 8, another crop circle appeared, simpler but not less significant.

On the Roman road, a double circle, a wider inner ring, and an outer ring.
This can be interpreted in many ways, however, when associating with the macrocosmic star's crop circle, this double ring gains other contours, and may be associated with the Sun, with some nearby annular eclipse, or even an orbital model (terrestrial orbit).

Anyway, this crop circle can receive new drawings inside it, or on top of it, in a supposed later stage, as has happened before. 

JP (09.08.2021)

The Messianic Star in the new crop circle - a sign to humanity

A great spiritual sign!

The Star of David (here stylized).

Star of David is a symbol also known as the shield of David used by followers of Judaism. It is a symbol that has different interpretations and is present in various cultural and religious manifestations. In Hebrew, the expression Star of David is "Magen David", which means shield of David. It is a symbol of royalty, and in ancient times many of the warriors of the people of Israel used this symbol on their shields during battles. The Star of David is also known by some people as the Seal of Solomon, who was the son of David and considered the richest and wisest king in Israel. The national symbol of Israel. 

It is only a parallel reference symbol. Because the star of the crop circle is not exactly the Star of David. However, it alludes to the spiritual signs of humanity in its most remote origins. I speak of the Mother Star, Sirius. And if it is the mother star, it complements itself in the sense of its "children".

Although there are other geometric signs to represent Sirius and other stars of importance in antiquity, such as the Pentagram and the Starry Octagon (8), the Hexagram has a sense of primordial Mother, as it was the original geometry that gave rise to all the others: the Matrix of the Hexagram, thus having this "maternal" sense in its composition.

The Mother Star of humanity.

I myself mentioned, yesterday, elements that related the 888 star code to the Sirian star system, which is triple. References in the ancient world, from the Dogons to the Mayans, from the Egyptians to the Indians, place this star in the sky in spiritual dignity, as it is the brightest star in our sky (in terms of visual magnitude).

Not only Sirius, but its familiar neighbouring constellations, from the zodiacal band of the constellation Taurus, are well known and evoked by the ancients in their contacts with their spiritual intelligences:


Logically, the Bible did not shirk this indication, according to two books, Job and Amos.
And also, indirectly, in the book of Micah.

"The LORD God created the stars, the Pleiades and Orion. He makes the night to day and the day to night. He calls the waters of the sea and pours them on the earth. His name is Lord."
Amos 5:8

"Or can you gather the delights of the Seven-Star or loosen the strings of Orion?
Or produce the constellations in time for him, and guide Sirius with his children?"
Job 38:31,32

"And thou, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though little among the thousands of Judah, from thee shall come forth unto me he who shall rule in Israel, and whose going forth are from ancient times, from the days of eternity"
Micah 5:2

This is the group of stars mentioned in the Bible, the same ones with a high degree of importance for many ancient peoples.

The Hebrew terms for the three star groups are:
KIMH (Kima, Pleiades)
KSIL (Kesil, Orion)
HiSh (Isha, Sirius).

The latter has conflicting translations. Some Bibles put it as Arcturus, others as Ursa. But and Sirius, from the neighboring group of the constellation Taurus, another great constellation replete with mythical associations in the past of mankind.
Seven Star is a popular name in the Pleiades.

Highlight for THE CHILDREN OF SIRIUS, in the quote from Job 38: 32

As for the prophet Micah (MIKH), highlight the quote from Bethlehem, from which the Messiah would come.

Here, a hidden correlation, because MIKH, the name of the prophet, is an anagram of KIMH, the Hebrew name of the Pleiades. And another relationship is with the Star of Bethlehem, Sirius, the star of Christendom, from where comes the Christic ray that gives birth to the children of light in the Universe. 

The Generation (and Root) of David and the Star of Jacob

"I, Jesus, sent my angel to testify of these things to you in the churches.
I am the root and generation of David, the bright morning star."
Revelation 22:16

In one respect, Venus is the morning star, and in another, it's Sirius. First, because Venus is not really a star. It's planet.And second, because Sirius was also extolled when he was born in the morning, at the time of his heliac birth just before the sun. It was so important that it started the new year in ancient Egypt.

Jesus, the CHRIST, is the root and generation of David, that is, the VERB (ELOHIM) is the source of the antecedents and, at the same time, descendants of the Sons of the lineage of David, that is, the immortal sons of the Star, the Children of God.

In Hebrew, Star of David:
KUKB - DVID (48 + 24 = 72, the arcane number of God, half of 144, the code of Jerusalem and Earth's elect in the spiritual harvest).

The crop circle has 24 sectors around a star, and DAVID has a number 24.
The Star of David in the cosmo-spiritual sense of the term is a sign of divine generation, where the Sons of God are begotten, in the birth of the Mother Star, the Cathedral of Christianity in Sirius.

Large numbers of crop circles have confirmed this message many times.

Another way to find code 144 in this crop circle is this:
6 x 24 = 144
Six is the geometry of the star, and 24 sectors in the ring around it.

Revelation 7
Revelation 14
Revelation 21
(multiples of 7, seven stars of Orion, Pleiades, deity number)

Because in Revelation 7, the Angel with the Seal of the Living God rises from the Sun with the mission to seal the 144,000 (the Seal of the Living God can be a Hexagram or a cross, or both).

In Revelation 14, the 144,000 appear gathered before the Lamb, on top of Mount Zion or Zion (not the physical mount, but a representation of spiritual elevation and ascendancy).

Finally, in Revelation 21, the Celestial (non-earthly) City of Jerusalem is measured, and values 144 are found in it, as well as in the measure of the Angel himself who made the measurements, and the human himself into an Angel transformed (children of God harvested from the earth).

In Revelation 1, the Eternal Lord appears with seven smaller stars in his right hand, which represent the Seven Archangels of the seven planetary rays in His Service.
This is also a Gnostic illustration of Arcanum 17, and in it we see seven minor stars (Orion or Pleiades) facing a large major star (Sirius).

The spiritual identities related to these stars are indisputable. Crops circles told us about them.

An enigmatic crop circle, or group of assembled symbols, appeared in the countryside of France in 2008 (the homeland of the Virgin Mary, Christian Isis, and the great cathedrals in her honour - parallels to the Stellar Temple).

Seven smaller circles in front of a large circle (Sirius) and the signature of the fish according to the ancient Christians.
Evidently, they are talking about Sirius and the Taurus star group, and their multiple meanings.

Interestingly, I decided to get the numerical coordinates of this crop circle: 6, 24.
And with them locate some more chapter and verse along these lines explored so far.
And I found this:

"This is the generation of those who seek, those who seek Your face, O God of Jacob"
Psalm 24:6

The generation of the sons of Jacob, from which the 12 tribes of Israel came, those who were divided into 12 groups in the family of the 144,000 gathered from the Earth. The connection with Jacob is important from an earlier prophecy:
The Star of Jacob.

"I will see it, but not now, I will behold it, but not close; a star shall come from Jacob, and a scepter shall come up from Israel, which shall smite the borders of Moab, and shall destroy all the children of Seth."
Numbers 24:17

Look at the numbers: chapter 24 (present in the outer ring of the crop circle) verse 17, Arcanum 17. the Great Star in front of the smaller seven, Sirius.

Star of Jacob, Star of David are analogous symbols.

The Star of Christ, the Light of Christianity, I come from the Word of Elohim who gives birth to the Children of God on the Dawn of the Universe, because... "they were not born of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God."
John 1:13

Jacob's name is linked to that of the twelve tribes of Israel, and his sons, like their father, represent every soul that rises up in strength and spiritual battle on earth (Jacob's test struggle with the Angel of God) because Jacob had its name changed to Israel after the spiritual victory conquered, which means, and has always meant, that spiritual Israel was never the earthly nation, but rather the children of God scattered throughout the world who, by Christ's strength, are being born spiritually, the which means the internal rebirth in Children of God, not by sex (flesh) or desire (ego) but by the Word of ELOHIM -God who reaches them from the vibration of the mother star, and only them can reach... 

This is a high messianic symbol. And it says that the energy of the mother star will reach its children on Earth, but it will be indifferent to all the rest of humanity living according to the flesh, not the spirit - as if its vibration passed through them without causing any effect, because the children of the flesh they vibrate at very low patterns to feel the expression of the mother star, which is spinning in the Cosmos and sending its generative energy into the world.

Because Christ is the Morning Star, and gives second birth to every child of His.

Lamb's crop circle in 2018

In 2018, inside a crop circle "Star of David", the perfect profile of a LAMB was placed in the centre of the Star, so that all claims in this matter do not come from new actions in the cultivation fields. However, older and more standardized.

The same year when the Merkabah of God appeared.

Merkabah crops circles

The very wide geometry of this crop circle allows for great thematic explorations in the spiritual part of the symbol (publication later in the afternoon). But compare this new crop circle to a memorable 2018 object, illustrating the Kabbalistic geometry of the Merkabah, the Car of God, and accenting the number 8 on the edges six times.

And yesterday, 8th of 8th (August), a stylized Merkabah, among others... knowing that the entire Universe, under the sign of the Great Macrocosmic Star, relating to the Six Cosmic Periods of ELOHIM, is the Great Car of God in eternal motion , movement that means light, life and transformation.

What turns, what moves, lights up, and what lights up transforms by completing cycles. So that new wheels appear, with new movements, lights, cycles... on the scale of infinite evolution!

If the Merkabah, Car of God, was placed within the 24-hour circle, this could additionally mean the movements of UFOs (technological vehicles) through the portals of time (time zones) and space (positioning system, meridians of Earth).

A very significant detail.

Beside the new crop circle, there was a discrete formation, like a signature, of three small circles, connected by loops, and looking like moons.

Which immediately reminded me of the fact that Sirius is a three-star system. And this lateral marking on the crop circle seems to confirm everything that has been said since yesterday about the importance of Sirius to humanity, who have already forgotten his origins and don't even remember his Mother's name, even though she continues to shine to the world every night, with the same spiritual smile as always! 

JP (09.08.2021)

Kitt's Lane and the Alchemy of the Earth's Core Completed


Interestingly, in the crop circle before this one, Spiers Lane, on August 1st, I visualized, among other lines of interpretation, the two triangles of Alchemy (fire and water) about to meet and, together, generate the six-pointed star , symbol of a generation or regeneration of energies (all taking place in the Earth's core and, by extension, in the Sun's core - represented by order 6 on the tree of life).

The top part of this slide was created on the 1st of August, and she idealized the Hexagram as the final resultant of the encounter movement of those two triangles, which actually took place a week later, in Kitt's Lane cc. And a week later, seven days later, the Alchemy period, the seven notes of an octave being completed, just on the 8th (octave of the initial note on day 1), the Hexagram or six-pointed star appears: and besides, it appears stylized in the form of an energy vortex that is exploding and spinning. The two triangles, fire (point up) and water (point down) touched and formed the six-pointed star. And the process began.

Spiers Lane, on August 1st, marked February 16, 2022 in the current timeline (and Billingley's crop circle, July 31, marked the same date graphically - the model sky map). And this crop circle from Kitt's Lane, later and complementary, seems to add more information to the set of messages. How about comparing this sign to the Sixth Seal of the Apocalypse? Eclipses of the Sun, Moons of blood, stars falling from the sky, a great earthquake, and the arrival of the Day of God, which means the beginning of the Judgment of mankind? It's very much within the general context.

JP (11.08.2021)


This peculiar crop circle seems to be making a political statement. The hexagram, the star of David, represent Jews and the state of Israel, but it is contorted into something also resembling a six-sided swastika. It is double-lined to include both Jews inside and outside of Israel. There are several true swastikas appearing in crop circles, and even a five-sided one - GBR (08/08/14), p. 127 of my free e-book. The present swastika suggests that the Israelis are oppressing the Palestinians and others in a way similar to the way the Jews were treated by the Nazis. The difference is implied by the difference between a four-sided and a six-sided swastika. This oppression will be coming to an end with one or more comet strikes. The surrounding border may depict the impacts of major and minor fragments near or in Israel - each is surrounded by a protective square to ensure they hit the intended target area.

The outer border of 24 figures is the real problem for this crop circle. There are a significant number of irregularities, and it isn't really certain what the figures represent, if anything. GBR (21/08/01), p. 340, contains another instance this year of a quizzical ring or border. Perhaps both circles were created by the same team. They both appear to be man-made, but generally well done.

Kenneth Heck


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