Tidcombe Down, Nr Oxenwood, Wiltshire. Reported 28th June

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Updated  Tuesday 13th July 2021


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The end of the crop circle phenomenon notified in England

Tidcombe Down crop circle and the response to the challenge proposed the day before (27.06): 

Challenge! Either a new crop circle appears TODAY or does it mean that the crop circle phenomenon is really coming to an end in the world!

Yesterday, I commented on my page about it:

"We came up with five legitimate crop circles towards the end of the month of June, when normally, in the heydays, there were over 20 crop circles, almost 30... or more depending on the season. Something is off the charts here."

Well, the answer came the next day. 

A ring-shaped crop circle of circles of different sizes, but scaled, forming a PULSE or Ascending and Descending Wave, which starts and ends in series 1-11, closing at centre 12 of the image. All this means a CYCLE that ends, that is, it started slowly (1), expanded (6) and then regressed to point 11, equalling to 1.
And disappeared. 

The central circle 12 evokes the idea of a complete cycle in duodenal symbology. Twelve months of the year, twelve double hours of the day. The cycle of seasons is so important to the planet's crops and cultures, on which the crop circle phenomenon takes place. Of course, this model can also allude to some cyclical astronomical event, such as a star approaching and moving away from the Sun (comets, P 7x, Nemesis, etc).

However, I believe the answer to the challenge was given. At the same time that the crop circle shows a PULSE that starts and ends, in scale 1-11, it shows the relationship with the TWELVE (central circle), expressing a defined cycle to the phenomenon. 

The crop circle established a representation of the PHENOMENON PULSE in relation to the elapsed time, since the 1980s (1), reaching its peak (6) in the 2000s, and starting to decline in the following decade, 2010, until it became rarer in recent years ( 2020, 2021) in progress. In good times, between the 1990s and 2000s, the number of crop circles easily passed the hundred (100), not only in England, but also appearing in several other countries, such as France, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, USA, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, etc (and more recently, since 2008, they started to appear in Brazil, usually in Santa Catarina and ParanŠ).

Now, for a few years now, the quantity of objects has started to drop significantly, and it has also disappeared from other countries. It still persists in England, but in such a low amount (this year it has never been so weak in this regard) that we certainly intuit that this phenomenon is about to end, not abruptly, but gradually, as the crop circle shows in the image. Astrologically, harvests (of time, cyclic) are associated with the planet Saturn, which was also "satanized" by ancient peoples, the Angel of Death, of time, of Karma and of the harvest of time.

Everything has a purpose, and if the crop circle messages had a purpose OF CONTACT AND EDUCATION from humanity, as if recalling the ancient wisdom of the symbols they brought in the beginnings, that too is a cycle that closes. Like Ouroboros, the snake that bites its tail, like the Alpha and Omega touching each other at the ends of the closing circle. Because they promised to return at the end of the race cycle, and have been sending successive telegrams to humanity for 30 years. And whoever sends a telegram, in addition to informing you that it is coming, is suggesting that you prepare for that arrival.

The strongest symbology of crops circles are... HARVEST!

First, because they only appear in cultivated fields (rarely, in grass).

Second, because they are harvested at the end of the season (summer).

And third, because all the ancient prophecies said that THEY, the Gardeners of God and the Brothers of the Stars, would return at the end of the cycle for the great spiritual harvest. And in the same way that the grains marked by the crops circles are genetically modified, in a superior condition relative to the original condition, the souls selected for the harvest are special grains that are of great interest to the Great Gardener of the Universe. Happy for those who came here preparing themselves. You will not regret it.



Ps: the new crop circle, representing a PULSE, may also be talking about a new SOLAR CYCLE ARRIVING, as science has already determined, and also the gradual approximation of the P 7X object (crop circle stage 6), when it will align with the Sun. Some call it the 12th planet, although I believe in the theory Nemesis, the companion star of the Sun. And that is still the 12th object approaching the Sun (in relation to the astrological system of antiquity, since Sumer), approaching and moving away, cyclically!

And this astronomical phenomenon was also predicted to manifest itself at the end of the cycle of the great race, just like the crop circle phenomenon that, by the way, tries to warn us about all this from the beginning. Unfortunately, most made fun of everything. The crop circle season started timidly in England in the 1980s. And in the 1990s, it took an abrupt leap with pictogram messages (previously, they were limited to circles and other simple geometric shapes, in addition to simple planetary systems). Then, from this point on, the phenomenon began to spread to other countries (having started in England).


The beginning of alien communication crop circle 1990, England, when, suddenly, pictograms of similar styles began to appear in series. The first appeared on May 23, 1990, England. And they didn't stop anymore. Over the years, messages have evolved into increasingly complex forms, filled with codes and symbols. Currently, researchers have already noticed the drastic reduction of the phenomenon with each new season, which clearly indicates the end of the phenomenon, as the crop circle of today indicated.

Which, in terms of the spiritual harvest notified by all of them, is an excellent sign that everything they warned is about to happen, ending phase I (notice, messages) to begin phase II (harvest) There is no doubt that the crop circle phenomenon is at an end. What matters most is: What comes after him, the purpose for which he has set out to inform and prepare the world until now? 

New Moon on July 9th

This type of crop circle has already been used to represent phases of the Moon on some occasions, but I don't believe it represents this this time, at least as a central or main message. In the matter of a calendar, it may be suggesting a date ahead, the twelfth day from today, the day of its appearance, that is, the 9th of July. Some event or a new crop circle with a significant message within all these foreseen continuities. After all, on July 9th, it will be the day of the new moon. And that pulse of growth and decrease, described earlier, can also signify the lunar cycle. Let's wait

JP 28.06.2021


Another allegory between this crop circle and the system (star) Nemesis, companion of the Sun, seems to show resemblance to the "wings" of the object, as it was represented since ancient Sumer (the winged solar disk) and as seen in modern telescope images.

In addition to the approximation of the object in relation to the Sun, the circles in progression and regression ( seem to count the years or, who knows, the months that are left for this approximation to reach its apex. If they are months, counting from this month of June, almost July 2021, this will be between December 2021 and January 2022.

Anyway, the object is there, and images in SOHO and recent telescopes seem to demonstrate the same thing, namely, the object (P7X) is really approaching. And in fact, many crop circles have given this warning in the past. Just repeat the same here. 

Ps: the outer disk in the crop circle is a ring that represents an eclipse. If our count of months ( from June/July takes us to December of this year (in the larger circle, 6), it's important to know that we will have a total solar eclipse on December 4th. Perhaps this eclipse reveals something in this regard.

JP 29.06.2021



The Warning Comet travels around the Sun, at which point its major fragment (the centre circle) is generated or becomes visible, and then heads back out into outer space. At that time the major fragment is attracted by the Earth's gravity and falls into the Pacific Ocean. The outer ring is off-centre to possibly indicate an annular eclipse of the Sun near that time. The Warning Comet may be the Apophis asteroid due to return in 2029 by astronomers. The small irregularities of the successive circles suggest a probable manmade status.

Kenneth Heck

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