Hunt's Down, Nr Wilton, Wiltshire. Reported 17th June

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The Sign of the Cross of NIBIRU

The most amazing thing about this crop circle on the 17th of June, in Hunt's Down, UK, is the combination with an astronomical model of a mystical symbol, a variation of the Templar Cross (there are many models).

The solar eclipse of the 21st of June, however, does not show any planetary configuration in Cross in the sky, so the date of any event to such a combination may be a few months from now, and not immediately.

Is there a future astronomical scenario for the "Planet of the Cross" or Planet that crosses, the translation of the Sumerian name NIBIRU? Yes, in October this year.

The Sumerian symbol of Nibiru on the winged solar disk is identical. So, this crop circle is really a reference to the star that crosses the Sun's orbits!

This scenario of cross planets will really form later this year ... September to October ... maybe this crop circle is a sign referring to the approach of the object P 7X (Nemesis, commonly called Nibiru) already crossing the internal orbits of the Sun.

The directions of the cross are at an inclination angle of approximately 25 ° in relation to the four objects in the cross position in the outer orbit, with the largest circular object, with a ring around it, being the Earth, or even the Sun, highlighted in this scenario.

We are receiving position coordinates from Nemesis or Nibiru P 7X! 

Coordinates of Nibiru (Nemesis) in the crop circle of Cruz

The invading star, the Crossing Planet, the Cross Planet. A Templar symbol that tells us about prophetic, biblical, apocalyptic times, and that also points to the ancient Sumerian symbol of NIBIRU, the planet of the cross (because it crosses the Sun's internal orbits).

Currently, astronomers studying the P 7X object know that it is in Jupiter's orbit, and getting closer and closer to the orbit of Mars and asteroids, which would already be causing an abnormal incidence of meteors and fireballs in the sky .

I found two astronomical coordinates within this crop circle. The first shows the combination of four groups of stars in exact cross on October 10, 2020. Sun, Moon, Mars and the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto group, and this group is where the P 7X object is currently found in the Capricorn stars.

The second coordinate is related to this angle of about 25 ° between the central cross-shaped object and the four stars arranged in a cross. There is an angle of about 25 °, and seeing the estimated position of the object P 7X in these days of June (bottom map) the angular difference between Sun and Earth, from Nibiru's own observation point, is about 25 °, the which makes this larger circle, separate and detached from the formation, with a ring, the second Sun itself, represented in the center by its symbol.

There are many symbols similar to them, all of them associated with the Sun or the stars represented with wings, and this ancient symbolism gave rise to several interpretations, from Anunnaki in their ships to the second Sun, winged Sun, planet of the Cross, Nibiru, etc.

So there are a total of three coordinates:

1. The symbol of the cross object, Templar style, identical to the Sumerian symbol of the winged solar disk, 2. The arrangement of four stars in the cross, verified in October, 3. The angular opening between the Sun and the Earth of the P 7X reference in this month of June, and perhaps remaining at this angle until approximately October, when the cross in the sky is formed.

The winds will get stronger and stronger as Nemesis' wings approach the Sun ...

Signs in the sky

In addition to the astronomical concept, we have to remember two other fundamental concepts implicit in this remarkable symbol in the center of a moving astronomical scenario ... the mystical symbol and the UFO symbol.

The mystical symbol tells us of a Templar cross, and there are several models, all derived from the same primordial symbol, the Cross, and which, long before Christ, appeared in all parts of the Earth, heritage of the Anunnaki or, more specifically, a pure Venusian symbol, recognized even as such in many pre-Columbian cultures.

The cross in the middle of the sky can be a symbol of Christian prophetic expression, because, according to the sacred records, Christ would return to the world on the clouds, supposedly, on a Merkabah, according to the UFO interpretation of the concept.

"And then the Sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven, and all the tribes of the Earth will mourn"
Matthew 24: 30

This is the sign of Christ's return.

And this interpretation coexists with the prophecies about ancient astronaut gods, who also promised to return to the world on the day of the great harvest, bordering the end of the Great Cycle.

In this way, the mystical and UFO concepts converge to one: the signature of the gods of the stars on the cross, through great signs for the world, an increasingly troubled world.

Many Sumerian symbols placed GODS associated with these winged solar crosses, deities endowed with great power. Ezekiel's Merkabah is another famous UFO object, and entirely composed of CROSS symbols:
Four wheels, four creatures, four wings.
See how all these mystical and UFO symbols converge to the same sign, the Cross.

And if you think it's over ... did you notice the training day?
Day 17.
Arcane 17 means THE STAR, or the star sign.
Do you know where the word Estrela comes from?
From Ishtar, Venusian deity from Mesopotamia ...
IShtar, Ashtar, Star, Stella ...

So, I do not rule out the possibility of large UFO signals in the sky, perhaps in the glorious solar eclipse on Sunday, or afterwards ... because the harvest is imminent.

And the revelation of everything that has been hidden until now, too! 

The great harvest is approaching

"Immediately after the torment of those days, the sun will darken and the moon will not give its light; and the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly powers will be trembled. Then the sign of the Son of man will appear in heaven, and all the peoples of the earth will mourn and see the Son of man arriving in the clouds of heaven with power and majestic glory. He will send his angels, with a powerful trumpet sound, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other. "
Matthew 24: 29-31

And it seems to me that the Messengers of Christ are already notifying the world of this harvest with dates ... because they are part of the Angels in the service of God. 

The Sign of the Chosen

The Christian interpretation of this magnificent symbol with a Templar cross in the center (and the Templars have always associated themselves with the Christian cause) and which leads us to the sign of Christ's return in heaven, also speaks of the election of the 144 thousand, because it is written that, with this same sign, they would be sealed by the Great Angel of the Sun, and after that, they would be gathered by the four Angels in the four directions of the Earth.

Do you remember the Exodus of Moses, when all the children of Israel, freed from Egypt, had their houses sealed with lamb's blood to prevent the passing of the Angel of Death?
This seal is the TAU, the Cross, the letter 22 of the Taro, which adds 2 + 2 = 4

So, what do we have in the crop circle?
The sign of the Cross (Christ, Templar) in the center, and four circles in the four cardinal directions, just as Matthew 24 announced:

"Then the sign of the Son of man will appear in heaven, and all the peoples of the earth will mourn and see the Son of man arriving in the clouds of heaven with power and majestic glory.
He will send his angels, with a powerful trumpet sound, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other. "
Matthew 24: 30-31

And in Revelation 14 we have the account of the chosen ones:

"And I looked, and, behold, the Lamb was on Mount Zion, and with him a hundred and forty-four thousand, who on their foreheads had written the name of their Father"

Revelation 14: 1

And do you know what the Father's Name is, according to the ancient Scriptures? IHVH or Tetragramaton, the Name of the Cross.
Or the cross in the form of a four-letter sacred name.

And look at the crop circle again. It finds 1.4.4. there?


Jonas Passos (17.06.2020)


Signs and events in the solar eclipse? The crop circle appeared exactly 5 days before 6/21/2020 

Jonas Passos (18.06.2020)

Magnetic field deviation

As this theme is recurrent in the crop circles, it may be suggested in the new crop circle of June 17, if we interpret the larger circle with four circles in the cross as being the cardinal points, and the central templar cross as being a compass that is misaligned in relation to the cardinal points or traditional marking points of the magnetic poles, by about 25 °.

To the side, that larger circle in the orbit, with a ring, can represent the source of the disturbance: P 7X, the approaching star.

According to the most recent research, the magnetic north pole moves faster than the south pole, and that one moved from Russia to Canada, which, in terms of angular displacement, can correspond to the deviation of the crop circle cross orientation in relation to the four cardinal points indicated.

The speed of displacement worries scientists, and a possible magnetic inversion ahead would cause unimaginable impacts. Many of these partial impacts can already be measured today.

The image of the central cross misaligned with the four cardinal points may also be indicating disturbances in the Earth's rotation: because the magnetic field gives us the North-South, while the Earth's rotation defines the East-West axis, thus completing the four points cardinals based on astronomical and geological phenomena, all undergoing alteration because of that larger object on the side, invading Earth's orbit (because Nemesis or Nibiru is the one that CROSSES the Sun's orbits). 

The Templar Treasure Map

Who hasn't seen a movie, cartoon or book where the classic treasure map was marked by a large X in a circle or map with the four cardinal points marked?

Since the central cross of the crop circle is of a Templar style, and like the Templar Order, Royal Cavalry of Christ, it was involved with many stories about treasures of great value found in the ruins of Jerusalem during the Crusades, so this crop circle can, among others interpretations, ALSO showing the X of the great Templar treasure.

Solomon's Lost Knowledge? The Ark of the Covenant? The Holy Grail?

I have reported several times here that the Templar Masonic Order sponsored the construction of a circuit of Gothic cathedrals in northern France in cities that, seen from above, form the design of the constellation Virgo in the sky. And all the cathedrals are in honor of the Virgin, Our Lady, Notre Dame, in French.

Paris is the capital of France and is home to the most famous cathedral. However, on the map drawn up by the Knights Templar, it was not the Cathedral of Paris that was chosen as the center of the codification, but the Cathedral of Chartres, west of Paris.

Taking the map of Northern France, with the cities marked by the Gothic cathedrals built in them, we can create a parallel with the images of the crop circle.

The Paris Cathedral would be the largest circle marked in the circular orbit, and the four smaller circles, four cathedrals within that circuit on the map, and we have more than four inclusive: Rouen, Lisieux, Alençon, Beaumont-sur-Sarthe, Orleans, Meiun, Dreux ... and in the center of the great circle, marked by the X, is Chartres, the most beautiful and enigmatic of them all, that the Knights Templar, with their Masonic science in the beginning, made correspond to the main star of the constellation Virgo, the blue giant SPICA, the Espiga - which the Virgin harvests from the earth (meaning the Church as a spiritual harvest).

From everything I have studied and still study about this magnificent Cathedral, I do not doubt that there is a great hidden treasure there. What treasure? The Holy Grail? Lost scriptures, science of Solomon?

Perhaps a treasure that cannot be found by modern man.

This was not the first crop circle with references to the Templars.
Recalling that, on the 14th of June, a solar model with 12 petals appeared that accurately corresponds to ornaments and stained glass from several French cathedrals, and mainly, corresponds to the rosette of the main entrance of the Cathedral of Chartres, as we saw before by the technique of overlapping of images.

But let us not think here of material treasures, they are of little value in the face of the real treasure that the Templars hid from the profane until death: a treasure of Higher Knowledge that transcends all dead letter religions and blind guide beliefs.

A Knowledge capable of leading us to the lost path of the Tree of Life and its fruits, which give eternal life.
A treasure called TRUTH.

"Know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free!" Jesus Christ 

Jonas Passos (18.06.2020)

The acceleration of the transformation of the System

Two crop circles repeat the same theme, the flow of the four elements within a chain needs energy flowing.

We know that the relations of God in the Spirit are represented by the number three, or triangle, and the relations of God in the material and energetic world are represented by the number four, or its supreme sign, the Cross and its numerous variants, such as the Templar cross. , the Celtic cross, the Christian-Latin cross, the Greek cross, the edged cross (Parravicini), the swastika cross, etc., all derived from the same secret of energy operation on matter based on the balance of the four elements in polarized balance of energy circulating in any system.

The Earth always receives these inflows of energy with each new alignment, and I am sure that the annular eclipse of tomorrow (21.06.2020) will inject large amounts of energy into the Earth, because it is a cosmic polarization (Sun and Moon) affecting the four material elements, or four states of matter, in the terrestrial system.
Very strong energies that the Earth dissipates in the form of cataclysmic events, and humanity unfortunately dissipates in the form of violence and wars.

Wise is the man who uses these forces to circulate for positive transformations of his whole being, body and mind, opening doors to the Spirit and using energy as a source of consciousness!

I believe that tomorrow, Sunday, day of the eclipse, a new and beautiful crop circle will appear to deepen all these illustrations. 

Jonas Passos (20.06.2020)

Crops circles 2020 and the December cosmic event Rereading of images and messages

Templar crosses

Another pair of crop circles that seems to identify that moment of gathering cosmic energies in December, four massive systems that will promote a great wave of energy for the Earth, from now on.

The Templar Cross appeared very significantly on two dates, one in England and one in France. The French crop circle cross (bottom) is more emblematic, while the English crop circle cross (above) looks more like an astronomical diagram. I interpreted it as a diagram related to the eclipses of the time when they appeared (including the French crop circle appeared on the day of the lunar eclipse, July 5, establishing a relationship.

So, the crop circle in the diagram (above) seems to bring together astronomical events within a larger event that, in addition to the astronomical and cosmological aspect (generation of a great wave of cosmic energies) brings a kind of very strong spiritual signature, as if it were prophetic. Something with a second spiritual birth charge, of course, for souls that are mature and attuned to the moment.
A cross of energies that begins to spin with force and to purge the Earth of its evils. Notice how the French model really looks like a sphere of energy being generated by the cross (the four gravitational events of December 2020)

One thing seems certain, and confirming itself every day: In the same way that the spiritual energy increases and nourishes the sacred wheat of the Earth, the negative and opposite part rises with equal force, and leaves all that crazy chaff of hatred and confusion, in a state of violence and disturbance so great that they barely notice .

Worse, they do not know that they are being separated from the wheat to receive the sickle of time on the day of the harvest. Or do these people think they will continue to follow all the caravans of the delirium without any consequences? As if this were no man's land, without order and without law?

Whoever does not align with the Law of Love, will continue to suffer the law of return until it is extinguished from the face of the Earth. And if not even the law of return can teach any truth to these evil-possessed consciences, what will you teach?

Jonas Passos (25.11.2020)



Comet C begins with two major fragments and ends up with four after passing around the Sun. The crop circle predicts where the comet and its fragments will be hitting according to an advanced computer simulation by the aliens. The outer ring is less than a complete hemisphere of the Earth. The clue is the cross in the centre. It bears some resemblance to a Greek cross and refers to the city of Istanbul which will eventually become the headquarters of the new United Nations according to prophecy. Looking at the globe, the extreme right (where the comet's nucleus strikes) lies in or near the Arabian Sea when the cross is seen upright. The ring around the nucleus denotes the area of greatest damage or destruction. To corroborate the location of the strike see T372 on page 112 of my free e-book. For the estimated date of 2199 AD, see T449 on page 131 of the ebook.

Kenneth Heck

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Happy Self-Generation ;-)!!

Crop Circle from 17 June 2020 at Hunt's Down nr Wilton, Wiltshire, UK

According to the Mayan Dreamspell calendar, 17 June 2020 is a day  with the Solar Seal Yellow Sun with Tone 2,  in the Blue Storm wavespell, in the White Castle with major energy Yellow Warrior. In my opinion, on the crop circle are depicted following energies:

Yellow Sun – Enlightenment, Ascension, Universal Fire, Life
Blue Storm – Activation, Catalyzation, Energy, Self-Generation
Red Moon – Universal water, Flow, Purify
White Wind – Spirit, Breath, Connection, Communication

On the outer circumference we see a big circle and for smaller circles.  In my opinion, the big circle represents the Sun and symbolizes the energy YELLOW SUN.

Each of the four smaller circles represents the Moon and symbolizes the energy RED MOON.

The four Moons represent also 4 lunar months, each of 28 days (Kins).
In the 13-Moon calendar, the lunar month is called Moon.

4 x 28 = 112

On 17 May 2020 we have Yellow Lunar Sun, Kin (day) 80 in the Tzolkin calendar.

80 + 112 = 192

Kin 192 is Yellow Planetary Human with Tone 10 – the Planetary Tone of Manifestation.

So on 17 June 2020 we have Kin 80 - Yellow Lunar Sun.
And exactly 4 lunar months later we have Kin 192 – Yellow Planetary Human.

Kin 80 is the last day of the 4th column in Tzolkin, corresponding with Tone 4 – the Selfexisting Tone of Form and with Yellow Seed – Solar Seal No.4.
During the days of the 4th column occurs the process of the end forming of the Seed.

Under “Seed” we understand new potentials, new ideas, new programs for development.

In the first Red Castle occurred the birth, the planting and the initial development of the Yellow Seed. At the end of the Red Castle from the Seed grows the Yellow Warrior – the major energy of the second White Castle.

In the first wavespell of the White Castle the Yellow Warrior becomes Red Skywalker, he builds a vertical connection, he is like a pillar which connects Heaven and Earth.

In the second wavespell of the White Castle, the Yellow Warrior becomes White Worldbridger, he builds connections (bridges) in all 4 directions like a CROSS – a vertical connection to the Heaven, a vertical connection to the Earth and horizontal connections to the other people and to the Nature. These are very important connections for energy exchange.

Now we are in the third wavespell of the White Castle, this is the wavespell of the Blue Storm – the energy of Self-Generation. We have to keep in mind, that the Tzolkin calendar helps for the development of the new Seed to a new Human. Tzolkin is a calendar of 260 days, these are nearly 9 lunar months, this is the gestation time by the human.

So with the Blue Storm wavespell begins the Self-Generation of the Human. “Self-Generation” means that we ourselves take part in this Generation of the new Human through our thoughts, words, dreams, intentions, actions etc.

And this crop circle shows that the process of this Self-Generation ends with Kin 192 – Yellow Planetary Human. The Yellow Planetary Human is a “finished” human, who has finished the necessary preparatory development and can act wisely.

The Cross in the center of the formation depicts the actual status of the human – like an embryo at the beginning of the fourth lunar gestation month.

Besides, this Cross resembles also a propeller, which shall be rotated by the wind. This propeller symbolizes the energies
Blue Storm – the energy of Activation and
White Wind – the Occult Teacher of the Blue Storm.

The Blue Storm activates the Self-Generation of the new Human.

The Helper in this process are:

Yellow Sun – the Supporting energy of the Blue Storm
Red Moon – the Challenging energy of the Blue Storm
White Wind – the Occult Teacher of the Blue Storm

Now everybody can begin to shape himself to the best human of his dreams.

Happy Self-Generation ;-)!!

Heartfelt thanks to the authors of this fascinating formation and to the photographer Nick Bull!!

Maya Todorova






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