Easton Clump, Nr Easton Royal, Wiltshire. Reported 10th July.

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Sky coordinates


Instead of starting with atomic models involved in the new crop circle formation in England, I went on the opposite side, the macrocosm, because octagonal symmetry is also another form of representation of stars since antiquity, since Sumeria itself.
So much so that the eighth sky was associated in ancient cosmology with the stars, and eight was the number of rays of the asterisk, a symbol originating from Aster (Star). In addition, the two orbits with 4 and 8 aligned circles may not only represent electronic orbits at first glance, but cosmic, planetary orbits, in alignment or conjunction.

I found here the relationship with the model of the wind rose and the four cardinal points, which become eight points when we consider the intermediate directions (North, South, East, West, Northwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest).

Reference number 84 can be found in a global positioning procedure, WGS 84:

WGS 84 (World Geodetic System) (aka WGS 1984, EPSG: 4326) is a standard used in cartography of geocentric origin used by the DoD GNSS, and by the Global Positioning System - (GPS), defined in 1984 and whose last revision was in 2004. It consists of a coordinate system for the Earth, a standard spheroidal reference surface (the base or reference ellipsoid) for altitude data, and an equipotential gravitational surface (the geoid) that defines the average sea level .

In this first analysis, we can face a pattern of stellar coordinates and something suggested by the 4-8 arrangement and the sum 12.
Twelve days? Now, in twelve days, an important astronomical (or rather, astrological) event takes place: the Sun enters the sign of Leo (on the 22nd of July) Another fact: On July 22, 2020, Mercury will be at Maximum West Elongation. This will make it possible to see you in the sky for longer.

Considering 4 days since formation, two other astronomical events occur: Opposite Jupiter, that is, the Sun, Earth and Jupiter will form approximately a straight line from the point of view of space. Or, on the night of the opposition, Jupiter will be at a 180 ° angle to the Sun. And on the same 14th of July, Uranus and waning moon in conjunction!

Anyway, this crop circle may, among other evaluations, be talking about some cosmic event in the next 12 days. It has happened before, crop circles show events that happened later, such as discoveries of galaxies, activity in stars, solar, magnetic, seismic changes, etc.

We will then underline the date of July 22 and the implications of this new message.
Suddenly, a new crop circle that day with something very significant to say. 

Coronavirus mutation?


I say this because, on May 28th, the coronavirus crop circle appeared in England. Then, 44 days later (4, and 4 + 4 adds 8, numbers from the current crop circle) July 10, this apparently "atomic" or molecular model appears, but it can also be biological, representing a new virus mutation, with potential for a second wave. pandemic.

The first wave represented in the smaller circle, the second in the larger, outer circle. And also, suddenly, a modified virus, which previously had a circle (8), and now has become double (8 + 4), God knows what that means at the genetic level of the disease ...

This was what predicted that young Indian astrologer, that the pandemic would suffer a second wave, starting in December this year. He said the pandemic would end in December but would begin again in December. If he got it right the first time, he can get it right the second time. Adding 4 + 8 = 12, we have that December is the 12th month ...

Compare the images of the two crop circles.

The crop circle of the virus showed 9 tentacles, and one of them, just one of them, had a perfect circle of eight points in its matrix. And the same 8-point circle appears today, involving a 4-point circle.

This could represent a new mutation of the current virus. At the time of that crop circle by Covid, I said that these tentacles represented at least two things: the ability to duplicate the virus (and the speed of propagation) and its risk of mutation, incidentally, as with any virus.

By the way, we recently published about a swine flu virus that has mutated in China and has been identified by researchers, with pandemic potential. It was named G4 EA H1N1. That is, index 4 (G) with 8 characters. As the drawing suggests in the numerical relationship (4-8) Whoever saw viral mutation in this new crop circle, got it right. 

Aztec Stone Clock of the Sun


I knew that I had seen these two rings somewhere, inner ring 4 and outer ring 8. And it is very precisely in the Aztec Stone of the Sun. Direct and clear symmetry.

It has an external octagonal model (8) and an internal disk with four suns (4), representing the four races or four suns previous to ours, in Aztec cosmology, centralizing the Sun of the fifth current race, ours.

Tonatiuh, governed by the 4-Caban seal (which means earthquake, movement).

A direct model of the basic structure of the Aztec Calendar on that famous circular stone, why? Clocks and calendars point to the date. In general, it may be reinforcing the fall of the current fifth Sun, marked in its west after December 21, 2012.

And speaking of the deadline of the Mayan Aztec calendar, do you know what your original indicator was?

The "creation date" for the current cycle of the fifth sun is 

4 Ahau - 8 Kumku. According to the most common conversion, this date is equivalent to August 11, 3114 BC in the Gregorian calendar and September 6, 3114 BC in the Julian calendar. That is, our sun, age and race, started in 4 AHAU - 8 KUMKU.

The 4-8 pattern of repeated start here, in this crop circle. One of the many indicators of the end in progress. Because the snake bites its tail and the end has to touch the beginning to trigger the restart.

Jonas Passos (10.07.2020)

Coordinates of the new comet


C-2020 F3 (NEOWISE)
The new comet, which passed through the perihelion on July 3, now moves and, on July 22 to 23, will pass through the closest point to Earth, when it will become brighter in the northern skies.

Another equivalence of this crop circle tells us about a signaling model (eight-pointed star, wind rose, cardinal points, etc.) and mapping another important astronomical event 12 days from the date of the crop circle (4) +8 circles, 12 total circles) we have the maximum approximation of this beautiful comet from Earth.

A comet that seems to be related to an important Hopi prophecy. Theme to be published soon.

Atoms and stars


Analyzing the recent 10 July crop circle from a chemical point of view, we see that it does not correspond to any particular atom, but rather to at least two atoms combined.

The nucleus of mass 4 belongs to the Helium atom, noble gas, 2 protons and 2 neutrons, atomic number 2, atomic stability with 2 electrons in the first layer. The first atom with 8 complete electrons in the second layer is the Neon, atomic number 10, with 2 electrons in the first, and 8 in the second, which means atomic stability, that is, another noble gas, like Helium.
Therefore, they are called noble gases, not reactants.

This crop circle model looks like a combination of the atomic configuration between the two gases, the core of the first, the electronic layer of the second. Both are noble gases, both exist in the reactions of the stars. As in the Sun. On Earth, they are much rarer to find.

Some reactions that take place inside the star nuclei between carbon and oxygen give rise to the neon, and some of these stars explode giving rise to new or supernovae causing the neon to be present in clouds of interstellar or nebulous gases.

What I found interesting is the crop circle count, 4 + 8 = 12 circles in a kind of atomic structure. And counting 12 days from the date of formation, July 10, it falls on July 22, when the Sun enters the house of Leo, astrological dignification of the star-king.

Combining this information with the crop circle coordinate system (compass, compass rose, cardinal points) and important astronomical events this July, it may be another clue, addressing us to new phenomena in the sky, the Sun and the stars , where these two atoms combined in the crop circle are found.

The T Signature by crop circle


When the beautiful crop circle star appeared on Allan King, on June 29, 11 days ago, we investigated the Venusian connections of the symbol and found many signatures with reference to Venus, starting with the star itself. Other references appeared in the numbering of that crop circle, the 360 degree cycle divided into 15 sectors, angle 24 °.

And today, a double ring with 8-4 circles (from outside to inside) aligned, in addition to other extracted patterns, take us, via ASCII code (used in computers) to the letter T, the same letter T that has appeared for decades in several crop circles, as an additional subscription.

The most recent happened in 2017, when the same pentagram brought 15 shapes of letter T in larger and smaller circles, as shown in Slide. In the ASCII code, the binary number 01010100 is converted into letter T by the decimal numbering, then marked by 84. This letter T is an important pattern within crop circle messages.

Jonas Passos (11.07.2020)

The code 888


First, a crop circle appears in Poland, with the perfect three-wave vortex, each with eight circles in progression in size, symmetry and code that we know (888) to have a direct relationship with the stars, especially the Sirius System, which is a three-star system, so 8-8-8 (***).

And shortly before, a crop circle with a double ring appeared in England on July 10. He brought an eight point outer ring. As there is no atom with this configuration, be it four particles in the nucleus and eight electrons in the first layer, or four electrons in the first, and eight in the second, we think it is a combination of atomic elements. Because the first layer stabilizes with two electrons, and the second, with eight.

Then came a second crop circle with an eight (octagonal) pattern, and in Germany, the mysterious land of Bavaria ... a model of the internal solar system, Sun and three orbits, and a ribbon connecting the two and three orbits (Venus and Earth) in such a way that one of the interpretations I made at the time was that (the ribbon being the symbol of DNA ) that Venusians and terrestrials share a common DNA from the Sirius 888 system.

Because that’s what code 888 suggests. And the detail: this crop circle from Germany appeared on the predicted day of Sirius' heliacal birth, July 26, alongside two other English crop circles, composing another 888 triad, because three times the 26th creates 26-26-26 = 888.

Finally, the third crop circle with 8 elements appeared, composing 888 in the group of these three, and satisfying the signal from Poland back there.

An eight-petal flower, which actually exists, the Cosmos Flower, which in the East is called the flower of happiness. And the name Cosmos for the flower is a way of linking the idea of life with its stellar, cosmic origins.

The most interesting thing about the geometry of this crop circle is that the petals were drawn with circles that encompass two small circles on the edge, in a perfect tangent: eight total circles on the edge, and two circles covered in each tangent curve of the design, this is a direct relationship with the internal structure of the atom, two stability electrons in the first layer, and eight stability electrons in the second layer.

Therefore, atomic, molecular and cellular codes being associated in this triad of crop circles 8, or 888. However, they are trying to tell us about an atom, substance or biochemical link missing from the atomic chain in our DNA, loop or ribbon of stellar ancestry. What element would that be? Chilbolton already talked about him in 2001 ...

See more:- o-codigo-do-dna-perdido-e-revelado-nos-crops-circles-o-humano-cristal

Jonas Passos (11.08.2020)

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Due to the lay of the flattened crop and the unequal distances between the interior circles, the crop circle is quite likely man-made. The outside ring represents the Earth. The interior circle would be a conglomerate impact area for the 12 indicated circles. Comet B with its 12 components might be the comet involved. Here the split nucleus plus two fragments are discriminated from the remaining eight fragments. However, it is unlikely that any of these fragments would impact in the way the crop circle indicates, due to their relative lack of momentum and the rotation of the Earth. These fragments will follow behind the comet and impact more to the south and west of Comet B..

 Kenneth Heck








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