Allan King Way, Nr Cheesefoot Head, Hampshire. Reported 29th June

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Venusian signatures - repeated patterns

In 2017, two special crop circles pentagrams appeared. The first, on June 9, made a connection between the image and the full moon, and appeared at the time of the full moon, on the day of the full moon, and was also predicted in my analysis.

But the crop circle pentagram that unveils today's object, June 29, 2020, by repeating patterns, appeared on May 28, 2017, with the same number 15 on its markers, in addition to the mysterious signature T.


(Text that I wrote at the time, and that serves for today's crop circle)

Last year, 2017, on May 27, at Summer’s Lane, a pentagram similar to the last crop circle of Stonehenge appeared, with the same numeric code 15 exposed. The 2017 pentagram showed 15 circles and 60 points. Now, in Hebrew, the letter Samek (15) has a value of 60, and with it we write the names Serpent, Stonehenge, and also of ancient Venus deities, Sukra (planet), Sanat Kumara (and Ushanas). And at the edges of the pentagram, the dots and circles formed the letter T!

Many other crop circles have shown this T signature species before, not the usual Q de Quetzalcoatl. In fact, in the Netherlands, this year, on the 9th of June, a pictogram from the 1990s style onwards, appears with circles and dots forming the letter T, in addition to the letter F that we usually associate with a key, but which can represent Friend ( friend), friend T… Venusian friend T!

In addition, if we do 15 x 15 = 225, we will have the orbital period of Planet Venus, 225 days! (~ 224.7 days). Detail: in that pentagram, adding 15 circles with 60 points, we have the value 75, which is the exact value of the ancient Hebrew word that defined the planet Venus: "Hilel"! (HILL = 5 + 10 + 30 + 30)! There are many coordinates for the same direction: Venus!

Now compare with the current crop circle. He, the pentagram, was inserted in a mandala of geometric division 15 (angles of 24 °) and ornamented with 60 geometric sectors. They are the same numbers as that crop circle pentagram of 2017.

And I attribute it, in addition to the spirits of Venus (U-S), to a self-declared leadership of Captain of Venus, who signs with the letter T, and who was in the North American "Pentagon" between 1957 and 1960.

Valiant Thor is his name.

Venusian signatures - the language of the symbol

Pentagrams appear almost every year in the crop circle seasons as a kind of signature. And of course, they are images apart from the others, which must be interpreted as such.

This wonderful and very elaborate crop circle appeared today in Allan King Way, Nr Cheesefoot Head, Hampshire.

A very well designed pentagram, within a mandala of floral geometry, angular division 15 (360 ° / 15 = 24 °) In a total of 4x15 = 60 external geometric compartments.

Symbolically speaking, in ancient culture, the Pentagram represents Venus, among the Mayans, and for the Egyptians, it was the symbol of the star Sirius, and also of the stars in general (represented by pentagrams).

Tradition has added to this symbol the image of Hierarchy, as well as Hermetic, Esoteric and Occult Orders to this day.

The Maya inserted the pentagram as a symbol of Venus for knowing the planet's synodic cycles in relation to Earth, drawing, in their alternate positions in the sky over the years, a cyclic pentagram. Because of their equivalent orbits, for every 8 years on Earth, 13 years are spent on Venus (orbit years) This arrangement in 13/8 = 1.625 (Golden number and numerical root of the Pentagram) is what conceives this special geometry of the planet Venus. Therefore, this pentagram is a signature of VENUSIAN IN THE WORK CROP CIRCLE.

Almost every year it appears, with some patterns that are repeated.

The first pentagram appeared in 1993, with the star surrounded by two internal orbits (another reference to Venus, the second orbit of the Sun) and ten petals (reference to the Venusian chakra, Manipura, which has ten petals).

However, one of the most interesting models appeared in 1998, in England, with two pentagrams juxtaposed and inverse, and signatures of an EGYPTIAN character around, like the cross Ank (Ansata), confirming that it was Venus, the star's Hiearchy, because the Ankh cross is extremely similar to the astrological symbol of Venus.

An incredible pentagram resembling the American Pentagon appeared in the English countryside in 2008, referring to Valiant Thor, a Venusian's leader who was staying at the Pentagon from 1957 to 1960. Another indication to Venus and its intelligences infiltrated the world.

The name of the region where today's crop circle appeared, Allan King Way, suggests this notification of Hierarchy or Venusian leadership (the path of King Allan).

Adding the date, 2 + 9 + 6 = 17, is another illustration of the Star among the arcana of Taro. Arcane 17 also represented Venus and Sirius in the hermetic secrets of the past, our spiritual and divine ancestry.

The patterns of numbers and shapes, with recognized identity in the hold of ancient wisdom, are one of the main tools to decode crops circles. 

Jonas Passos (29.06.2020)

The Splendor of Venus

Many crop circles have already used special geometries, some in fractal style, to express the famous Splendor of Venus, a star endowed with such luminosity, and with the peculiarity of positioning itself in two distinct horizons, with different meanings, the morning star and the star evening, or the Light that is born and the Light that falls ... angels and demons, Christ and Lucifer, etc. Lucifer was the name of Venus for the ancient Romans, when morning, and Vesper, when evening.

Jesus himself declared, in Revelation:
"I am the bright star of the morning" Revelation 22: 16
This was the profile of Venus in antiquity, the symbol of the Sun's nuncio. Venus is to the Sun as Christ is to God, the Son opening the way of the Father's Light.

These geometric representations of the pentagram in the crop circle try to show the resplendent Astro, radiating its light. Venus is the light-bearer, and her image is always associated with the messengers of light.

We have already seen the numerical relations with 5, 15 and 60, displayed in this crop circle and linked to the identity of Venus (Shukra) and the Angel of Venus (Ushanas // Uriel) according to the Vedic records, very old, much before Christianity and to the statements of Jesus in the identity of Venus.

"When you win, I will give you the Morning Star" Revelation 2: 28
Thus the message from the Fourth Angel (Miguel) to the fourth Church (Tiátira) is concluded. Which means spiritual seal of resemblance to Jesus Christ.

For the Maya, Aztecs, Hopis, and Incas, and other peoples of Native America, Venus was the home of the first civilizing gods of mankind. The Mayan calendar has, in the orbital relationship between Venus and Earth (synodic cycles) the main axis of its complex linked astronomical cycle calendar.

For them, the Christ who returns is his Quetzalcoatl, his Kukuklkan, his Viracocha, his Pahana. And for christians, Venus that shines again in the morning sky after the evening period, is the Christ that returns.

Fanatics always interpret the five-pointed star unilaterally, as a Satanist symbol, and generalize everything in the luciferic sense.

And for them, UFOs are also all Satan's stuff ... there's no way to debate. They contradict themselves with the Word (Bible) that they defend, since Jesus Christ calls himself "Morning Star" in the Apocalypse, Venus. However, it is true that the INVERTED STAR, which represents a goat, has become a real Satanist symbol. What we cannot do is turn everything into Satanism, which, in fact, rhymes with fanaticism.

And to end the message of the splendour of Venus, it is called the Temple of heaven, the tabernacle of heaven, where the elect of Christ, the 144,000 sealed ones, will be taken. And Allan King Way's crop circle gave a precise coordinate. It has an angular division 15, and the star 5 in the centre. Then read Revelation 15: 5:

"And after that, I looked, and, behold, the Temple of the tabernacle of testimony was opened in heaven"
Revelation 15: 5

The Vedas already mentioned Venus as the capital of the Great White Brotherhood in the solar system. The perfect Heavenly City, whose measures will be passed on to Earth (Revelation 21). They are very profound knowledge, but unfortunately the height of a few, very few. The same intelligences that brought these and other symbols of High Knowledge in the past to the world, are that they return to the world with the same symbols to speak about spiritual crops coming.

But most just don't believe it. And just scoffs. I would be surprised if it was different from that.

The Temple Call

Bright Venus, and in general, all the stars in the sky, were considered spiritual temples by the sages of the past. Venus, for example, in Hebrew, was called Hilel, a word related to the verb HLL, which means PRAISE, SING (in honor of God).

They believed that the brightness and the light of the stars were originated by the Word of the Angels in celestial praise, from the declaration of Genesis 1 and the generation of the light from the Word of ELOHIM (GOD)
"The Light be made. And the Light was made" Genesis 1: 3

Therefore, the association between the stars and the Angels, and the image of spiritual temples in the sky are abundant in antiquity. Today, astronomy studies the stars only in the form of balls of heat and radiant plasma, having long since lost the spiritual identity of the stars, which the sages called the temples of the Angels, and each Angel had its star-temple.

This crop circle brings all these impressions.
For example, if we add its 60 geometric compartments to the 5 points of the star, we have 65, and that is the cabalistic number of the Hebrew word HIKL, which is Temple.

In that June, Venus has appeared very bright in the morning (since its alignment with the Sun on the 3rd of June), and it transits the constellation of Taurus, which is one of its zodiacal domiciles, according to Astrology (the other domicile) is Libra).

Venus is passing right in the centre of the Taurus constellation in the current period where the crop circle appears, shining with full force (the splendour of Venus in the Taurus temple).

But the shining star also has another important equivalence in the spiritual mysteries of the past: the Sirius Star, the star of Bethlehem, a sacred star for many ancient peoples and cultures. And precisely on the 7th of July (in the range of 6th to 8th of July) every year, the Sun aligns with Sirius in the Zodiac. Annual crops circles always mark these and other dates with outstanding astronomical character. Further proof that our messengers are not from here, but from the stars.

For if, here in this materialistic world, the cult of the divine light of the stars has lost all its value, in the spiritual universe it continues to exist, and will last forever after the entire Earth has returned to dust.

These stellar crop circles, therefore, are always a call from the Temple, and from all spiritual temples to congregate the luminous spirits, or Angel-messengers in the service of God.

Because every light is a thought and contains a revelation for every mind that knows how to listen to every light that shines around ...

Cathedral Style (Amiens)

Many cathedrals in the Gothic, Neo-Gothic style etc. have magnificent stained glass windows with geometric mandalas, called Rosettes, as a characteristic component of those architectural styles.

The Cathedrals of France are a reservoir apart from all that Masonic and Templar knowledge written in stone, in the architectural lines and geometry of the temples, wisdom from Solomon and his Temple, with strong resonance with the secrets of the Old World pyramids.

Some crop circles this season are making an analogy with these Gothic cathedral patterns, as was the case with the Wiltshire crop circle on June 14, with its twelve petals perfectly aligned with the twelve-petal rosette that adorns the main entrance to the Cathedral of Chartres, with a stained glass window entitled "The Last Judgment", enthroning Jesus Christ in the center of several scenes described from the Apocalypse.

However, I found a stained-glass window with a pentagram, which, although inverted, has 15 well-marked sectors in its mandala.
It is found at the north door (north transept) of the Cathedral of Amiens, northern France. Interestingly, close to that city, in Cottenchy, was where that "star map" appeared, on June 2, later attributed to a local artist. But the crop circle seems to have made a stellar connection here with this "human" work on the star map.

Returning to the rosette of the Cathedral of Amiens, we will hardly find another one like this, which contains an angular division 15 and a pentagram in the center, such as the crop circle model, so the symbolism of the Cathedral of Amiens should be considered here. It is one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in Europe, in the extreme north of France. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Amiens (La Cathédrale de Notre Dame d'Amiens is the tallest Gothic church of the 13th century and the largest in France of its kind. Its highlight starts here.
Jonas Passos (30.06.2020)

Parallel codes of the Sunstone

A large numerical code is hidden in the Mayan calendar and in the Aztec stone. For those who like the mysteries of the Mayan universe, this study should not be missed. You will finally understand the code of the pentagram inserted in the centre of the Aztec stone (suggested by the recent crop circle) and you will know that there is an exposed path: from the Creation of all beings until the ascension of beings, the Light of the divine Face revealed to the possessors of the seal 15, eagle wings.


Jonas Passos (01.07.2020)

Energy field waves ... the communication of the star

Looking again at this beautiful crop circle of the star, and considering the central pentagram as a star emitting light, radiation ... and signals ... we can also understand that this geometric mandala around you represents waves of energy in a determined field, field magnetic, gravitational field ... or even frequency field of waves (of communication)!

Or who knows, a large UFO emitting energy, light, signals, communication and contact. Because, in ancient times, UFOs were seen as "intelligent stars" moving in the sky, and the Star of Bethlehem is one of the best examples in the event's UFO context (apart from other events).

The term Astro for Star was quite generic in the past, as it is today. There were not as many distinctions of objects in Astronomy as there are now. And isn't it true that we confuse many UFOs with stars and other objects in the sky?

This crop circle with the central star undoubtedly represents a large star emitting energy around it, in a field geometrically defined by the 15-angle angular mandala (24 °) Geometric mandalas can even be used for very accurate wave field diagrams.

Anyway, we can suggest that this star, star, planet, UFO, object P 7X, in short, is giving off a strong field to the world. In the previous interpretations, I found several resonances with Astro Venus. And I just found another one, related to the geometric division of  360 ° / 15 = 24 °

Extracting the 24 ° cotangent (the inverse of the tangent, or 1 / tg X), we have to: Cotg 24 ° = 2.246 ... multiply by 100 = 224.6

Compare to the "Venusian year" Orbital period Venus =  224.701 days Which is practically our trigonometric account of the geometry of this crop circle in particular. This is another extraction of Venusian identity from this crop circle, alongside the others.

Anyway, this star field can be understood in several ways. And all of them, an energy coming from that star towards us. Even from the second Sun, P 7X, Nemesis and its intense gravity disturbing the sky.

But radar signals from UFOs or extraterrestrial intelligences also fit the model well, at a wave frequency that may also be encoded in the symbol's mathematics and geometry.

see more- o-primeiro-pentagrama-crop-circle-aparece-em-2020-venusianos-assinam-a-obra

Jonas Passos (01.07.2020)

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Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

The five-pointed star is a common symbol in crop circles. Here are some simple examples from the early years: (the page numbers are from my free e-book)

GBR (94/07/05), pg. 123; GBR (97/07/13), pg. 123; GBR (98/06/20) pg. 123; GBR (98/07/04), pg. 124; GBR (98/08/08), pg. 124; GBR (00/05/21), pg. 124;
GBR (02/08/08), pg. 126; GBR (07/07/25), pg. 127; GBR (00/05/26), pg. 144; GBR (02/08/26), pg. 148; GBR (03/07/06), pg. 149; GER (07/07/01), pg. 127;

The star may denote a visible star in the sky, or a nation with one or more stars on its flag. If the star is composed of only five triangles it is an artificial  construct, most likely representing a satellite or space station. In this crop circle we have a pentagon with a star inside and a pentagon inside the star at the  true center of the circle. Pentagons are also seen in crop circles frequently with or without stars, as in these examples:

GBR (98/08/08), pg. 124; GBR (99/08/04) pg. 144; GBR (03/07/06), pg, 149; GBR 03/07/09), pg. 149; GBR (14/06/14), pg 285; GBR (16/05/06), pg. 300;
GBR (16/07/23), pg. 303

The central pentagram represents the earth orbit or area under surveillance by the large satellite or space station. The outer pentagon represents the country employing or owning the satellite. The 15 half-lenses around the pentagon represent the impact areas of Comet A (3 components) and Comet B (12 components).  The 15 four-sided figures represent 15 teams of space vehicles, one for each of the 15 impacts (these aren't 15 different teams, only that there is always a team  of two triangular space vehicles for every impact.)

Taken as a whole, the circle is warning that numerous satellites and even space stations will be damaged or destroyed by Comets A and B. The country losing  the most from the impacts would be the USA if the outer pentagon is an allusion to the USA's Defense Department' Pentagon.

Kenneth Heck




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