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The solar mandala

A beautiful solar mandala, with 9 outer petals in a Buddhist Lotus style, and two "floral" circles with 18 and 18 petals, creating the number sequence 9-18-18, which I mentioned at the beginning, when that ANGEL crop circle appeared, with two wings of nine "feathers" each, creating the harmonic sequence 9-18, which, in musical terms, is related to the pure tones of D (in the corrected scale of 432 Hz), according to the formula D = 9x 2 ^ n

And today, the sequence was repeated, with the intention of revealing a pregnancy (9) in the course of flowering (the double sun in the form of a flower, like a sunflower), forming a perfect geometric progression in the details of the crop circle.

Sun, Buddha, the inner divinity in the process of gestation and birth. These nine-petalled borders in the shape of a stylized lotus are common in Tibetan art. An example is in the OM mantra (AUM) within a hexagonal mandala.

A symbol that I start by interpreting positively.

And if there are two suns out there, and if all of this generated energy is shaking the planet, we have to know that part of that energy is good, it is renewing, it is directed towards the awakening and spiritual birth of those who are looking to align themselves positively with the force of the changing Universe.

Mandalas express in their abstract geometry the concept of a perfect and dynamic universe, balanced movement, symmetrical and integrated in the parts involved. And we are part of that universe.

This is the Second Birth solar mandala.
The sun outside shining.
And the sun in here too.
Ps: look in the center of the mandala, there is an inner sun.
He desires to be born in the mornings of his renewed thought and to shine in the luminous actions of his life aligned with the Divine Truth of every Sun and every light that is out there. 

Solar Lotus

In 2015, a crop circle lotus appeared in China, different from this one, with twelve external and six internal petals (totaling eighteen, as it appears in the external sun of this new crop circle).
And this 2015 crop circle with a remarkable peculiarity: a perfect BUDDHA profile drawn on one of its petals (see the slide).

This Lotus appeared in Beijing, capital of China, on May 8, 2015, repeating an earlier and identical crop circle from England, in 2009.

Atual crop circle combines the expressions of flower and sun in a Tibetan style mandala, and represents the expanding heart of energy and power.

Just as the flowers bloom in the presence of sunlight, the devotee's heart opens and spreads its beauty and aroma of wisdom and holiness to the world in the presence of the Divine Light, the outer Sun, which thus communicates with the inner Sun of the heart, by resonance.

If it weren't for the presence of these stylized petals around the two suns, I would interpret the crop circle in a strictly cosmological sense (namely, the meeting of the two suns).

But I chose to start with this message.
The hour of meditation, communion, preparation, the second (internal) birth motivated by the Divine Light, which is not in the plagues plaguing the world.

God does not move in plagues. Pests are only the effects of the wrong human causes. Karma. This is also a strong and solid concept of Buddhist doctrine.

God moves in beauty. And where there is beauty, there is God. If you meditate, pray and enjoy the tremendous energy of the moment we are living in, you will be reborn in every inner transformation.

It will bring down its mountains of pride, it will empty its oceans of fear, it will eradicate its chaff fields, and it will see that circulating divine energy that terrifies the weak and makes the unbelievers teasing, it will awaken the inner sun.

And you will begin to understand what the Buddha taught about inner annihilation as the key to the Enlightenment that liberates.

God moves in beauty.
And there is nothing more beautiful than Love.
All beauty came out of the Love of God.
And God wants us to recreate ourselves through Love.


The Secret of the Saffron Cloak

The saffron colours of the robes to be worn by the monks were defined by the Buddha himself and his followers in the 5th century BC. The mantle and its colour is a sign of renouncing the outside world and a commitment to order.

Saffron is a very intense shade of orange, almost reddish. It represents the noblest virtues of Buddhism. But it is not the exclusive color of Buddhist, Tibetan or Oriental mysticism.

The origin of the name of this spice is in the Arabic language. Saffron derives from As-safra-a (الصفراء) which means Yellow. Its colour was the origin of its name.

Saffron-colored fabrics are believed to have been a tradition among Celtic peoples. Pipers from certain Irish regiments of the British Army and the Irish Republic's defence forces wear a saffron kilt. This garment is also used by some Irish and Irish-American men as an item of national dress. Its colour varies from true orange saffron to a range of pale mustard and brownish-yellow hues.

In Hinduism the deep saffron colour is associated with fire, which is considered divine and necessary in many Hindu rituals. As the bodies are cremated according to Hindu traditions, deep saffron is seen as a reminder of the world's mortality and is often used by sacred Hindu men and women.

Buddhist monks of Theravada tradition have a tradition of wearing typical saffron robes (although they can sometimes be burgundy). The saffron shade used by Theravada Buddhist monks is lighter in colour. Sikhs use saffron as a background colour for Nishan Sahib], the flag of the Sikh religion, on which the Khanda appears in blue.

The Secret of this colour is in the harmonic relationship with the musical note D, related to the planet Mercury, the ruler of the mind, and its saffron orange colour. And that means that mantras emitted at this frequency (calculated exactly by the series exposed in the crop circle 9, 18, 18 or 9 2 ^ n) have a phenomenal power to expand the powers of the mind, and that is what monks are very dedicated to time in their monasteries and meditations. Enlarge the faculties of the mind knowing that only the expansion of the mental vehicle can allow the construction of consciousness, which is different from intellect.

Intellect you cultivate by reading or studying external sources, but the conscience you can only build when you experience the realities as a direct, lucid observer, taking part of them.

Saffron vibrates in the noblest band of Mercury's mental ray and its frequencies of multiples 9, one of the most sacred numbers (because it represents pregnancy, birth, the nine heavens of ancient cosmology, etc.).

Note that the same series 9-18 appeared in the crop circle of Anjo, the first of the season, exactly one month before today's double sun, 25.06.2020. And that a lightning bolt connects the head to the Angel's heart. The guiding thread of the enlightened mind.

The Angel's wings are symbolisms of the divine energy bundles that the devotee emanates from his mind when meditating or when his intelligence is in the process of creation, especially spiritual creations.

Watching and praying, in the Christian expression, is the same as meditating and contemplating, in Buddhist philosophy, detached from everything, observing everything from a distance without taking part in the confusion of the outside world, but learning every day with all situations, even with other people's mistakes. Which is also a sign of wisdom. 

Two suns

Now, some astronomical analysis. The Solar Mandala has two suns in its composition, which brings us the message of the binary solar system and the inevitable meeting of the two suns soon.

And the date seems announced: nine months from now. Because, according to the estimates of the astronomers involved with the object P 7X (Nemesis) it will reach the solar perihelion in nine months, in March 2021. (Nine external petals, two suns united in the view of the crop circle). What, astronomically speaking, is when the two suns come together in maximum and total strength.

We are following the studies around the P 7X. Hoping astronomers are wrong ...

The rebirth of the stars Betelgeuse connection

Another interesting astronomical information is that these days, the Sun aligns with the Orion region and the direction of the star Betelgeuse, studied by astronomers around the world because of its variations in brightness, magnitude and size, which is believed to demonstrate that the star is in the process of becoming a supernova in "soon" (considering that the "brief" of the stars can take a long time on the Earth's time scale).

So the crop circle metaphor is worth it, which associates two suns with a "Buddhist" process of rebirth: because new stars are born from the cosmic dust of dead stars in endless space. The same rule can and should be applied in our daily teaching of spiritual rebirth.

The old man reborn by the power of Truth. The new man. Like a new star in the sky.

"If the grain does not die, the wheat does not germinate" (Parables of Christ)

Jonas Passos (25.06.2020)

Codes crop circle

A pattern identified in several crop circles, since the last formation in 2019, and in four formations of this year 2020, allow us to elucidate two codes sent by the aliens in the messages. Things that humans would never do ... because they don't have the knowledge for it. Knowing what these codes mean ...

See more (link): o-codigo-da-vida-e-do-contato-estabelecido-na-temporada-crop-circle-2020? 

Jonas Passos (27.06.2020)

Crop circle in Indian astrologer's predictions about Pandemic

It appears that some crop circles are CONFIRMING the predictions of the young Indian astrologer who predicted a pandemic in 2020 on August 22, 2019, on his YouTube channel. And he talks about something worse ahead because of humanity's KARMA. Something that will convulse the Earth. Read more here:- ele-previu-a-pandemia-e-agora-ele-fala-de-outra-catastrofe-global-que-comecara-em-dezembro-a-terra-vai-convulsionar-alguma-relacao-com-o-crop-circle-de-25-de-junho-2020   

CONTACT! Trying to establish a REAL CONTACT via crops circles!

We have already identified the numerical pattern 9-9 in at least five crop circle formations since 2019 and the Alienigena face, closing the season in August of that year. And now, in 2020, four crop circles appear between May and June, repeating the same numerical pattern 9-9, in different models, and that is enough to establish contact. That is, you identify standardized messages in repetition AND ANSWERS THEM! And wait for the answer. If the pattern is correct in its identification and explanation, it will be REPEATED again in the next crop circles. So, if this same numerical pattern appears again in some (or some) new crop circle ahead, we can be sure of a contact and an established communication. And new messages can expand the meaning of this code that we started tracking since 2019.

Let's wait. 

Jonas Passos (28.06.2020)

The numbers of the spirit - a call to the construction of conscience


gathered some crop circles with the same theme repeated in numbers that are highly familiar to us in the matter of measures of spirit.
Highlight for the last crop circle, scheduled for August 9, and all the numerical connections printed there (24, 48, 72, 144) etc.

There was, before this triple sun, a double sun, with 18 + 18 = 36 rays, half the count of that triple Sun (72), and its total rays then add up 36 + 72 = 108, a powerful number in the Eastern mystique, the number of beads of the Buddhist third, Japamala, used for counting mantras and terms of repetition in prayer.

In addition, the numbers 9, 18, 36, 72, 144 ... form the numerical series 9. (2 ^ n), which, in the pure musical scale (corrected for the values of Lá-432 Hz) is equivalent to the note D, Mercury ray and that fiery or saffron orange color, typical color of the Buddhist and Tibetan monks' clothes precisely because it is the Mercurian color, the tone of the mind - because the disciplines of the mind are at the center of their activities.

In fact, the crop circle of the two-layered Sol, on June 25, brought an external ornament typical of Eastern art, in mandalas and other compositions, which demonstrates this relationship between these numbers and the repetition patterns of mentalist practices. These patterns have a direct relationship with neuro-linguistic programming and the power of repetition of mantras or even claims of healing, victory, confidence, etc.
So, choose your number and your musical tone, and invest in building awareness.

Because nothing falls from the sky, especially spirituality. If you do not open your windows stuck in your flesh and blood abode, the Light of the Heights will not enter it, illuminating it fully.

If you want to speak in terms of quantum physics, that's fine. Our misaligned thoughts, mixed with impure emotions and unrestrained instincts, left our soul quantum fingerprints completely disfigured. And all these ancient practices suggested by the crop circles, worked in due time and in the right way, have this intention.

Want more?
Two crop circles by Angels appeared with the same spiritual numerical theme. On July 25, 2001, England as usual, a stylized Angel, Sun and Moon in the body (Androgyny, which starts from the mind with the two brain hemispheres connected) and 72 rays shine from it (you can count!) And this year, on the 25th of May, an Angel with a huge heart and a ray of connection departing from his enlightened mind. On the wings, 9 feathers in each, adding up to 18. The same numbers, anyway. And therefore, the same message!
All of these numbers converge to 144.

"And he measured his wall, a hundred and forty-four cubits, according to the measure of a man, which is that of an angel."

Revelation 21:17

One of the seven angels had a golden cane to measure the city and its departments. And 144 was announced as the measure of man realigned with heaven, the same measure of the Angel. Because, in this numerical symbology, 666 was the number of the Beast, and of the man marked by the System of the Beast. Everything is a matter of number and frequency. And the Apocalypse teaches us that the musical note of the Angel vibrates in 144 units. A pure D, saffron tone. Mind control tone of Tibet's Monks. This is because only with the control of your mind will you be able to realign it according to the Light of Divine Truth, and only when your mind achieves such realignment through the exercise of control, will it be able to join other minds vibrating on the same note, if attracting from the astral world in that Egregore that the Apocalypse calls the Future Kingdom.

So don't look at Revelation as a book of destruction anymore. It is, first of all, a survival manual and guide to the roads of the soul in the end times ... 

Sun 2 Sirius 3

Two crop circles with the same solar style combined, the first on 25 June, and the second, 9 August, 45 days apart, showing the same structure, but with a difference: the first revealed two layers, and the second , three layers. The first, on June 25, showed the sun in two layers, each with 18 rays. And the second, August 9, showed the Sun in three layers, each of which had 24 rays. (counting only the clear projections in each crop circle).

Since 1990, pictograms began to appear in the United Kingdom, the first being two circles connected by an axis, and side by side, 11, forming the pattern 11-11 that we all know. He appeared on May 23 of that year. Then, other pictograms of the same style appeared, until, on July 11, the largest of the astronomical markers (because that is what such pictograms were and continue to be) appeared there, and twice, that is, repeated, with light modifications.

In the diagram, you will notice the use of two runes to represent that one of these objects was represented by 3, and the other by 2 (forks with two and three projections). In the same way as these two Suns of 2020, 30 years later. The double sun and the triple sun. In the diagram on the slide below, I highlighted in red this meeting of the two star systems, a double and a triple. We know that Sirius is triple, it remains for official astronomy to unveil that our Sun has a sister star.

And to reinforce the 11-11 pattern, the pictogram appeared on the 11th (July) and duplicated (thus creating the 11-11 effect).

They insist that all synchronous triggers would begin to appear on Earth (currently) as the binary solar system (ours) enters the approach path with its second Sun, and at the same time, according to the beings in the triple solar system ( Sirius) to resume the lost contact with humanity, via open contact, and that contact started precisely with the crop circle phenomenon and all this astronomical and other information being sent to the world, until our days. Even the numbers used in these two solar crop circles 2 and 3 of 2020 add harmonic coordinates and frequencies of a spiritual nature in our origins connected to Sirius.

Sol 18-18 and Sirius 24-24-24, Sun 36 and Sirius 72. Now 72 is twice as much as 36, and 24/18 = 1.3333, the ratio of F, the green tone of nature.

These numbers can contain the harmonic relations of field frequencies in an interaction between the two connected systems, Sun and Sirius, not only by distance (the distance is too great for any gravitational connection), but especially by resonance frequencies (which transcend the astronomical distances in their eternal attunements).

They are harmonic keys of resonant harps since the beginning of the solar system, and before, the Sirius system.

When you are going to emit your mantras in the specified notes, and the octaves of the pure D (9, 18, 36, 72, 144) ... don't forget that, even without knowing it, you may be coming into mental resonance with the intelligences of those distant stars ... which justifies the reason why they are giving these harmonic keys to the world.

It is a system of contact with our mother star. Sirius ... and it is no accident that the robes of the Virgin Mother of the Son of the Blue Star of Bethlehem ... Mary ... are also blue!

(By the way, the term Mother in Hebrew is spelled AM and reads EM ... almost OM ... the invocation of the cosmic Mother).

Listen (Pure D 144 Hz):- 

Jonas Passos (11.08.2020)

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Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

In the center the circle is divided into four parts, suggesting the relative sizes of future comet impacts. The circlemakers have taken the four chastising comets plus the Sun Comet (with a major fragment according to some prior circles) and have divided their components in two classes - large and small, each containing 18. The components would be B = 12, C = 5, D = 10, E = 7, plus 2 for the Sun Comet for a total of 36, the number of flashes or partial light lenses in this crop circle. The nine figures on the outside rim haven't been seen before, but somewhat resemble birds in flight. From prior circles, birds will be significantly affected by these comet strikes (Section 13 - Effect on Biosphere - page 163 of my free ebook at

Taken as a whole, this circle resembles a flower in bloom, an allusion to the new species of plants and food crops which will be eliminating famine and hunger during and after the Cometary Era.

Kenneth Heck








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