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Updated Monday 24th  August 2020


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The E.T. crop artists drew a picture of “Trinitramide”, a super-efficient rocket fuel, near Patney Bridge on August 8, 2020, because they are headed for Earth in a super-fuelled spaceship: 

By using some kind of “super fuel”, they can travel through space very fast, like for a “speeding bullet”. Not even the metaphorical “Superman” can stop them from getting here soon:

What jokers these friendly E.T.’s can be! And whom might they be exactly?

In Book X of his History, the 16th-century chronicler Fray Bernardino de Sahagun described a departure of wise men, who had been the attendant priests of Quetzalcoatl at Teotihuacan:

"Those wise men carried off writings, books, paintings, crafts and castings of metals. Before they departed, they summoned others whom they had to leave behind, and told them: "Our lord says you must remain here. He goes far away, and we will go with him. He goes, but he will come back to do his duty. When the world becomes oppressed, when it is close to the end of the world, he will come then” (adapted from

Because he was so humorous, the Mayan people revered Quetzalcoatl as a “jester god”.

There was a spectacular crop picture near Fabbrico, Italy on June 20, 2012, which suggested that they were leaving the Pleiades for Earth, on a matching date in the Mayan calendar of (12).

We can expect more clever humour and useful information to be drawn in crops soon. Watch the skies.

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



The Mystery of the crop circle molecule - secret of UFOs, stellar DNA and travel in hyperspace!

And then, the contact circle 8.8 crop appeared, as we said some time ago. Another crop circle planned, and this time, with an unexpected shape!

Molecules and patterns

The first challenge here is to find out what molecule - or fraction of a molecule - this is. An open chain, with three simple structures, at two right angles and an angle of 120 degrees. Ten circles (atoms) in the total image, and I checked the first pattern that leads us to 88.

Arrangement of the circles in groups of 3 and 5 circles in the symmetry of the molecule. Standards 35 and 53, added up, 88, today's date, 08.08 (2020) And interestingly, the number 88, in computer ACSII, is equivalent to the letter X. X, enigma, the solution of the equation, the X of the question! Recalling that the proportion 5/3 is biblical, the proportion existing in the measures of Noah's Ark and the Ark of the Covenant of Moses.



Consulting Chemistry, the design is practically in line with Trinitamide's molecular formula

Trinitramide is a nitrogen and oxygen compound with the molecular formula N (NO 2) 3. The compound was detected and described in 2010 by researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden. It is made of a nitrogen atom attached to three nitro groups (-NO 2).

Previously, there was speculation whether trinitramide might exist. Theoretical calculations by Montgomery and Michels in 1993 showed that the compound was likely to be stable. Trinitramide has potential use as one of the most efficient and least oxidizing pollutants of rocket propellants because it is chlorine free Wikipedia

Rocket fuel, association with UFOS and the Hyperspace described in other posts Which suggests a contact with the UFO SHIP ... on stellar day 8.8.2020 of the explored contact.

Between the obvious and the non-obvious.
Exactly like the Trinitamide molecule, the crop circle is not. If you notice, there are two crop circle structures with 90 ° openings, not 120 degrees (all) as occurs in the T molecule. An obvious interpretation would say: "Aliens are giving the formula for a new fuel for NASA rockets." However, this obvious form of interpretation is wrong.

Crops circles are never obvious, and the first suggestion is that this crop circle is related to space travel, in the case of UFOs, who do not use the propulsion system by burning fuel, but rather jumps into space through movement technology. hyper-spatial, which opens the way to the geometry solutions presented in the same crop circle (crops circles are always interconnected sets of interpretations).

And so, another piece of the puzzle is revealed!

Does the name of the molecule, Trinitamida, coincide with the letter T? 

Truncated geometry


Connecting the ends of the strange molecule, and noting that there is a perfect tetrahedron in the center of the image, we can contemplate here a truncated geometry, in a three-dimensional view of the object that appears.

I put a truncated cube (or hexahedron) on the side, for comparison.

Archimedes solids or semi-regular polyhedra are convex polyhedra whose faces are regular polygons of more than one type. All of its vertices are congruent, that is, there is the same arrangement of polygons around each vertex. 

 In addition, every vertex can be transformed into another vertex by a polyhedron symmetry. There are only thirteen Archimedean polyhedra and they are all obtained by operations on Platonic solids.

That is, we may also be contemplating a transition geometry of dimensions.Detail: the crop circle centered a circle and placed nine circles in an almost symmetrical arrangement around it, and this highlight of the nine may be taking us to tomorrow, August 9, and that sky scenario, planetary distribution already mentioned before... New crop circle!

The Key to Molecular Teleportation


I had to rotate the image to find a point of symmetry, and by tracing its edges, we can see that this image is a fragment of a solid with symmetry that seems to represent a type of cubic tetrahedron, or a transition between the third and fourth dimensions.
Yes, I would call it a cubic tetrahedron, the solid that represents the transition between the two dimensions, as suggested by the famous Tesseract or Hypercube.
Joining the vertices, the resulting solid appears with two square faces and three triangular faces, and an incomplete face that, completing the outline, makes a pentagram, a point of symmetry of the resulting solid, whose perspective makes it look like one of the solids Platonic, in their style.

Because the cube represents the third dimension, while the tetrahedron, the fourth. I wrote many posts about this, that the key to teleportation does not mean disintegrating molecules and then recombining them elsewhere in space.

Teleportation is involved with changing dimensional coordinates.Just transport each atom and molecule from any body to another dimensional coordinate system. In this case, for the tetrahedral system, which is related to the plane of the fourth dimension or Hyperspace. Therefore, this strange figure represented at the same time a model of an organic molecule with a geometric solid.

And as today, 08.08, he talks about stellar connections, perhaps the final solution of this geometry is really to reveal to the world how extraterrestrials move among the stars and transport bodies and ships through the shortcuts of Hyperspace, which modern physics has recognized since Einstein, as being the fourth dimension.

And speaking of stars, as today is one day numerically speaking of stellar tuning, using a little imagination, this "molecule" pattern also suggests a design of constellations. It is not far from looking like Canis Major, the star constellation Sirius. All ends then fit into this cosmic symphony of many instruments playing together!

Our stellar DNA


Almost everyone saw a similarity between this beautiful crop circle and an organic molecule. It is the first idea that strikes the eye. Some saw a correlation with constellation drawings, and I saw 3D models of solid geometry, and two solids stood out: first, a kind of cubic tetrahedron, representing the transition from 3D matter to the state of 4D matter, or hypermaterial, which explains Alien technology for teleportation and travel through Hyperspace.

Another solid appears in the resemblance: a Dodecahedron, symbol of the Universe, the Cosmos. Well, yesterday we had a crop circle that reminded us of the eight-petalled flower, the well-known Cosmos Flower (Cosmea) an idea that tried to associate life with the dimension of the stars.

Where do I want to go?
Yes, our DNA from the stars, and the crop circle molecule is incomplete. It does not have a closed internal chain of molecules (forming the Hexagram) and it needed an extra circle to compose this similarity, at least, with the four molecules of the internal chain of our DNA: Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine and Thymine.

This means that our DNA is incomplete, flawed, broken, compared to the stellar DNA of our origins. Today, right on the 8th, a number that reproduces the helical design of our DNA, this crop circle appears. Combine everything, hyperspace geometry, Cosmos, molecules of life and incomplete chains. What message bounces?

We were created by God but worked by cosmic intelligences, especially Venusian and Sirian, in a kind of accompanied biological evolution. And today, the beings of the stars have given us this notification. We need to complete our DNA to become like them.
We need to insert a missing atom, the eleventh atom in the final crop circle account. Eleven, again, because Eleven (11) is the arcanum of strength. And when our 10 becomes 11, then we can create the 11-11 connection bridge with them.

Awaiting tomorrow, August 9 (although new crop circles may appear today). Against all statistics, because there was no crop circle on this 8th of August for four years.
And today, he appeared!


Star signs and the code 9-9 reappears!


In the past, astrologers used certain symbols to study the best known fixed stars in the constellations, in a table known as Behenian.

Fixed stars that are a selection of fifteen stars considered especially useful for magical applications in medieval Astrology in Europe and the Arab world. Its name derives from the Arab Bahman, '' root, "as each sign was considered a source of power.

Today's crop circle, in addition to molecular and geometric connections, finds a pattern of similarity to the symbols of fixed stars, where Sirius is one of them. As I said before, the angles of two structures of the comparative molecule of Trinitamida are not correct, but have been changed to 90 °, which does not correspond with the structure of the molecule.

And this is where the detail makes all the difference, because the two angles of 90 degrees create an axis of symmetry in relation to the drawing, forming the pattern 9-9 of other crop circles, several, previous to this one, in a pattern that I have already had identified before.

In addition, the crop circle has a total of 9 edges connecting 9 orbital circles, connected to the central circle.
Another 9-9!

There are four axes, three around a central axis, and a total angular sum of 

4 x 360 ° = 1440 °, a very familiar number, which refers directly to the 144 thousand sealed and the measurements of the sacred Jerusalem, according to Revelation 21.

The final symbol, with the symmetry considered, shows a symbol that seems to be associated with the mystery of the tetrahedron (the geometric ruler of the fourth dimension) and the hyperspace connection of UFOs with distant stars - the indirect relationship with rocket fuel in the Trinitamida molecule !

About the 9-9 standard and the contact models previously proposed, see everything here: contato-tentando-estabelecer-um-contato-real-via-crops-circles 

Jonas Passos (08.08.2020)

The Crystal DNA Code in crop circles

Then, a crop circle resembling a molecule appeared, and the first most visible within it was Trinitamida, an Oxygen and Nitrogen compound that could be linked to efficient rocket fuel, and the crop circle then, by association, talked about travel UFOs in hyperspace, as we saw earlier.

However, in a three-dimensional view, this crop circle design is very reminiscent of a flat image of the crystalline structure of Silicon Dioxide, or quartz crystal, which takes us directly to the response of Chilbolton, 2001, when an August crop circle responded to the famous message of Arecibo, 1974.

Because, in this surprising and unexpected response that the crop circle sent in relation to Arecibo's message, when, in a spreadsheet in binary code, scientists sent a summary of the identity of the human being in their solar system and planet Earth, the Aliens sent their own identity and star of origin ... and the answer was a system of three stars, Sirius, and a fifth planet orbiting one of them (Sirius B, according to the Dogons).

And one of the strangest parts of the response message was that SILICON (the atom that is part of the quartz crystal, one of the most abundant in the earth's crust) was included the element Silicon (14) in the table that contained the fundamental elements of human DNA. In the representation of the DNA strand, there is an additional strip on one side and the number of nucleotides has changed.

As well?
DNA silicon?
What kind of beings were those?
And what is the relationship with the crop circles, and with this model of molecule, perhaps the lost part of the stellar DNA, sent to the world precisely on 08.08. are numbers related to stellar codes?
The answer lies in some crop circles associated with images of the crystal skulls, at the end of this study.

See more: o-codigo-do-dna-perdido-e-revelado-nos-crops-circles-o-humano-cristal

Jonas Passos (11.08.2020)

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Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

All comets tend to fragment as they approach the Sun due to uneven heating of the internal combination of ices and solid material. The nine fragments leaving the central circle suggest Comet D  with its 9 fragments. T790, page 20, and T809, page 21 of my free ebook illustrate the fragmentation for this comet. 

This crop circle can't be authentic for several reasons: 

1. The comet, the central circle, is smaller than any of the nine fragments; the reverse is true for any real comet.

2. The formation suggests that each fragment derives its coma from the coma of the central circle, the true comet. The comas of the fragments originate from the Sun in the same way as for the comet itself. They are independent of the comet, so there is no reason to have three parallel lines when one is sufficient.

3. A simple formation such as this can't contain small details, so should be fully symmetric, but here we have different angles and line lengths, indicating only partial symmetry. 

This is a well-executed man-made crop circle.

Kenneth Heck


Magnificent beauty of four concentric levels and ways of flattening crops at the same virgin place, something technically superior to the best human productions of our time, only met by a deep silence from the impotent authorities, scientists  and media's side.

Image  Hugh Newman Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved

Gilbert Hassid


PATNAY BRIDGE CROP FORMATION on the 8th August 2020 

An amazingly constructed and detailed circular central design with three equally space paths from it. So 360 degrees divided by 3 – the 120 degree spacing of the paths. Each path goes to another circle. Each of these circles then has two paths that go to two further circles to complete the design. But whereas one of these final branches replicates the original design, with 120 degree spacings, the other two branches are different forming 90 degree squares but not aligned symmetrically , so the bisect of the 90 degrees angle is not demonstrated in the design. But what if it were, by rotating the two 90 degree squares to achieve a closer symmetry in the design? If we do this it then demonstrates the 45 degree angle as a bisect of the 90 but also the rest of these circles, 360 -90 =270 degrees divided by 2 = 135 degrees. Why might the designer(s) of this crop formation want to encourage us to consider and create the angles of 45 and 135 degrees? 

Maybe some very interesting reasons...Firstly back in 2014 there was a formation which consisted of 135 small circles and can be interpreted as highlighting the key numbers demonstrated by the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt. The comment posted then explains how this worked:- forest hill comments 

So are the circle-makers flagging Ancient Egypt ? Why the number 45 ? In a comment on the Preston Candover formation last year it was shown that there was a general alignment of 5 formations last year from deep in France to Trowbridge in the UK at 315 degrees, 45 degrees west of True North with a further 3 UK formations flagging the north south longitude of Trowbridge. Crop formations this year, 2020, have reflagged these lines – Warminster 30.5.20 (2.2192W), Cley Hill 11.7.20 (2.2299W), Yarnbury Castle 26.7.20, a repeat marker of the 315 degree bearing from France. Plus another West Knowle formation – farmer destroyed – position unknown but must be very close to the Trowbridge longitude, averaged longitude last year at 2.2192 West:- Preston comments 

Is there a particular reference to 45 degrees in Ancient Egypt ? Yes.

Anyone who takes a look at the Giza location of the famous pyramids will soon encounter what is called the Giza Diagonal which goes from Giza to the ancient spiritual centre of Ancient Egypt at Heliopolis, the biblical On, and believed by the AE to be the ‘place of origins’ and home of the sun god Ra or Amun-Ra. The only remaining marker of Heliopolis today is a lone obelisk. From Giza this obelisk has a bearing of 45 degrees from True North. To be more precise the great Pyramid (G1) and the Khafre one (G2) are both very close to this 45 degree bearing with the smaller pyramid(G3) being slightly offset. The closest, only a tiny fraction off line is actually (G2), the middle one. Looking at the Giza necropolis construction and layouts this message of middle or half is often repeated in many ways and notably in sunrise positions on the horizon through the solar year. (G3) causeway azimuth replicates the gaze of the Great Sphinx looking due east at sunrise on the Equinoxes. (G1) causeway is aligned to sunrise not at the Summer Solstice but at a point half way between that position and the Equinox due East position. Similarly, just to prove that this is not a coincidence, the (G2) causeway is aligned to the mid-point between the Equinox position and the Winter Solstice position so also a half message.  Like many aspects of this necropolis the links between the causeways and sunrise positions has been known and discussed for many years but nobody seems to have found a good reason for the sunrise link. The ‘half message’ is very often present in crop formations expressed geometrically as a bisected angle, in circle diameters, or in numbers of features in the formation which can be found in the majority of crop formation designs just this year, so far. A classic example of this is the Easton Clump formation on 10th July in that the two inner circles have 8 and 4 features, and are at a ratio of a half, and the outer circle diameters also conform to a ratio of a half. Hardly a coincidence it would seem. 

Just one more point on the Giza / Heliopolis area ancient sacred sites. Professor Magli in his very interesting paper - Magli.pdf - points out another alignment just south of Giza he calls it the – Zawiet el Arian Diagonal – which seems to have been created or reinforced by Pharaoh Niuserre with his pyramid and sun temple. This runs about 45 degrees south of east so about 135 degrees from true north, at a right angle to the Giza Diagonal. If this ‘diagonal’ was extended a little north they would cross just west of (G3) the Menkaure pyramid.  

 There are interesting proposals that there was a fourth smaller pyramid to the west of (G3) which would have been very close to where these bearings cross. There are rumours that this possible (G4) was destroyed after it was reported by Captain Norden from his Egyptian travels back in 1737/8. He wrote that it had a cube stone on top and maybe a marker half way up like (G2) and (G3) 

The Niuserre sun temple and Abu Roash pyramid makes Giza on another bisect line from Heliopolis, a place of equality and balance in accordance with the Ancient Egyptian principles of Ma’at, also demonstrated by the Warminster Yin Yang crop design on 30th May this year.

This may seem rather tenuous evidence for crop formation links to Ancient Egyptian sites but this year a massive crop circle was created in Bavaria – Ammersee near Munich on 26th July and at Latitude 47.9260N Longitude 11.1342E the 135 degree bearing from that circle goes to Egypt, not just anywhere in Egypt but to the major sacred site of Thebes, which was the second most sacred location after Heliopolis to the north. It is well recorded that many temple sites in the Thebes area were, and are, aligned to sunrise positions on the horizon at the Winter Solstice. Here we find the Valleys of the Kings and Queens with Pharaoh Hatshepsut’s amazing temple nearby also very carefully aligned to the Winter Solstice sunrise like the Temple of Amun and other sites in the area. Is it just a coincidence that the Ammersee crop circle was placed to show a 135 degree bearing to this important ancient Egyptian location ?  

Other comments have pointed out the links to Sirius this year, the Egyptian  5 pointed star seen so often in crop formations, particularly this year, and whose heliacal rising, in July this year, was so important to the Ancient Egyptians. The Hackpen design on 23rd July this year has many 5 pointed stars. In the centre are two, one rotated to the midpoints of the other, a half sign. The circle diameters also indicate a half ratio. The appearance of the planet Venus (8), Sirius (5) rising before the sun had great significance in AE. Two ‘Tree’ linked crop formations appeared this year on 29th July Nr Houghton, dead, and 4th August  Nr Devizes, alive, and at the circle centre. The Ancient Egyptians had a sacred tree that was believed to grow at Heliopolis across the River Nile from Giza. 

The last formation this year, so far, on 9th August at Woolstone Wells has 72 features half of which is 36, the angles of a regular 5 pointed star, circle diameters point to a half ratio in the design. A bearing from this design to the Houghton dead tree circle is 137 degrees, 2 degrees off 135 degrees... 


There are further strong indications that the Circlemakers are flagging the angles of 45 degrees and 135 degrees which have the proposed links to sites in Ancient Egypt 

The Patney Bridge formation was reported on 8th August 2020 and the previous reported formation was the day before, 7th August 2020, at Norton Plantation near Heytesbury, an 8 design with half vesicas   and the half shown in circle diameters. It is difficult to be completely accurate on the position of these two formations but the Great circle bearing from the Heytesbury circle to the Patney Bridge formation is about 45 degrees and the approximate distance between them about 22.5 Kms. This number is once again indicating a half, half of 45 being 22.5. 

The final item in the previously posted comment mentioned that the last crop formation to be reported so far this year at Woolstone Wells (51.5838N – 1.5758W) near Uffington Castle on 9th August had a bearing of about 137 degrees to the ‘Dead Tree’ formation that was reported on 29th July near the South Downs Way and Houghton at about 50.8965N and 0.5710W. The relative longitudes of these two formations stands out since there is 1 degree of longitude difference and a bearing close to the significant 135 degree bearing suggested. Is that intended to draw our attention to these longitudes? 

This seems very likely as at the Houghton formation latitude of 50.8965 but moving east, at that latitude, to reduce the 137 degree bearing down to 135 degrees from the Woolstone Wells formation, this occurs at almost exactly 0.5 of a degree West, half a degree west of the Greenwich Meridian. Another half message and it seems to confirm that the Circlemakers are fully conversant with, and using, Latitude and Longitudes in the placement of some of their designs.

Mike Stewart  August  2020

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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike